Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Another Week 17 - iPhone 5., Samsung Galaxy S4., Tour de France., The Lions and Wimbledon Men's Final Day Tickets..

 That's  This is what they look like

4th July
Harbor Parades

c'est l'affaire

There's a fly buzzing around in the lamp shade.. and the biggest spider evah, was in the shower.., but now flushed down the drain..; sorry Mr. (Boris The) Spider..
I've been tootling around in the veggie patch... and discovered that twisting a rubber band around the hose pipe helps eliminate the drips that were soaking my shoes.. I learned too that not only turning off the tap is needed, but I should've let the water out of the hose before removing it from the tap connector thingy dobreedo, 'cause that wet stuff gets ya wet..

I took in Brancaster., burgered in the Jolly Sailor., the Fens and a windmill without the sails.., before checking out a grid system that brought back happy memories.. Even the light's different.. There's a lime green flying machine parked now.. and those seats are way cool, but also a wee bit on the low side for my taste and as they're fixed., they would need unfixing..

I heard a new word today..; my handwriting is deteriorating.. and I haven't seen the gardeners at all.. I woke up today and it's the first time I've ever woken up today.. today.. - I made a mistake., I think., and hey, mistakes can be made, but I feel good about it..

At the Grid

This has been a long and really enjoyable visit.. I managed to wear my shorts.. and park on the roof of Debenhams.. A bottle of champagne was opened and I was introduced to another cell phone..

People are getting older by the day..; well, those who're getting older certainly are..

I'm thirsty but don't want to move from the cool view I've got right now.. : Hmm, water or stay..; that is the question..  I just had another thought.. "Champions."
Mediocre is only mediocre to those who have an experience and knowledge of other stuff  'cause otherwise the other stuff appears to rock.. I can see one area of mediocrity.. and the more I write mediocre the more it looks wrong ..

 TVR Night

I'm ready for a taco and Corona with a margarita chaser.., or I would be if it didn't feel like November in the UK.. My mind's also at a memorial I've missed and a letter, an e-mail I can't seem to open..

Deeply Flawed Protagonist

All Day & All of The Night

 Ray Davies

The Kinks



Chords for "Sunny Afternoon"

                            "Sunny Afternoon"
                              (Ray Davies)


        Dm  /C   /B  /Bb  A   /G   /F  /E       [2X]
        / / / /  / / / /  / / / /  / / / /

Verse 1:

             Dm             C
        The taxman's taken all my dough
             F              C
        And left me in my stately home
        A      /G   /F    /E    Dm
        Lazin' on a sunny afternoon
        And I can't sail my yacht
              F           C
        He's taken everything I've got
        A         /G        /F     /E   Dm
        All I've got's this sunny afternoon
Kitchen Moment
 Well, I'm back., for a brief moment before flying out again..
Fortunate., lucky.. and plain ole blessed
I looked out of the left hand window again.. , popped a beer and know 'we' have four seasons.. One long assed  cold dark one that's otherwise known as Winter..; one best known as Spring, while one best known as Fall ,Autumn, Fall/Autumn. The fourth is a combination of the above.. and in any ONE day there may be a Winter's morning., a Fall afternoon and a Spring evening.. "We" may get lucky and get ONE whole hour of summer., but mostly the forth season is a combo deal.... I didn't notice anyone I know wandering in the drizzle  either..

I saw strawberries virtually growing before my very eyes..; I tied some vines/grapes..; drank some too as it happens.. I broke a branch, an angel and A glass.. THAT'S 3 things; oops.., I hadn't thought about the three (!) thingy jobbies.. The angel went in the bedroom., the glass in the dishwasher and the branch., in the garden.. BAM..

I had a chicken sandwich for my lunch..; my cases got written on .. and I don't like that..  My coat's still hanging there.. and the world's still spinning round and round

Back for a Day

It looks like I'm going to a new coast, traveling on new roads and visiting new fields as the adventure continues going from here to there... I didn't see ONE beach hut being used.. , but I did see a very cool pic..

Elvis Presley

I've got a cough.. and an itch on my left collar bone.. and I laughed at My Key., or is that Mikey..; Mikey.. I've been asked about my Elvis caricature, so here goes..; you've gotta shut your eyes and just imagine cause it's a totally visual impression.... Ok, ready.?  "uhh uhh poke., a poke salad.. Uh a poke salad annie... Veevuh., a veevuh., a VeeVuhh Los Vagush baby..; thank you very mush..".. - It's one of those alcohol induced moments that only comes out when I'm er.., er.. demanding center stage and/or attention..

I'm done with this one


Keep The Windows Open and the Patio Furniture out
the air's good for ya

Hmm., why do they put braille dots on the keypads of the drive-up ATM

Thanks this week go/goes to The Graduate - Glastonbury - Silverstone - Wimbledon - Mick, Keif and Charlie - The Kinks - Mediocre Art - Tears and Lola

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