Thursday, 13 June 2013

Another Week 21 - Royal Baby., Aloha., Hola., Places and


Banana Boat

Daylight come and he wan' go home
Day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day-ay-ay-o

Simon Templar
The Saint


Pull up a chair and let me talk to you..

Somewhere out there


Oh., and make sure both ends of your cell phone cord are plugged in when you need to charge your phone

Is there an e-mail length etiquette
I don't know if I can get there
I heard a new sound

The Stone's version of Little Red Rooster was the first song I ever learned all the way through
Route 66 from Chicago to LA is under my skin baby

Late nights., sunny mornings

"Finding the right work is like discovering your own soul in the world"
Sir Thomas Moore


I revealed a lot..; I recently sent a note and revealed a lot.. I had no clue what I was writing.. I didn't edit it.., nor did I go back and read it.. and sometimes I wonder how these words just appear along a line that becomes more commonly known as 'a sentence'.. I have no clue.., seriously.. It seemed that my fingers just moved and expressed something my insides were feeling and needed to share.. I wrote a note.. I said some THING..  There was a fear.. and yet a sense of freedom when I hit the 'send' button.. I can now move without restraints.. It's truly freeing.. Scary (at the time) as that fiery furnace that lies deep beneath us.., but as freeing as that place above us.. I simply wrote a note.. I'm happy I've written it.. It doesn't change the world., although it is now out there in the universe.. and will become part of it.. and it's become part of it because it's also been read.. It's been read as it was written..., I believe.. I'm happy I've written that note.. I'd have handwritten the note to make it warmer., but technology tested me and also rewarded me with it's immediacy.. I love words.., I love them because everyone of them is written.. and written with letters making up those words.. and letters that have been thought out, considered and then put down for someone to read.. Mine appear instinctive., but I put some letters out there for someone to read.. and they read them.. I know how I was feeling when I wrote them.. and the deal is to then try to make them read as I felt them.. I think they were.. and that's what's cool about letters., words., sentences.. and stuff..
There is no reward and it wasn't done for reward.. It was done because I was feeling selfish.. I tried to consider the reader, but let any control over the words I'd written 'go'.. It was going to be up to the reader to determine what those few words meant.. I can now 'go away' and contribute to a situation without fear now.. I made a step towards tomorrow and broke a chink of yesterday's chain.. Tomorrow isn't written yet of course.., but the right now is.. I can look forward to tomorrow's voice much better., because it knows where it now stands with me.
 In the end., I wrote about a shift, a light., a colour that moved..; I wrote about a moment.. and I wrote about a hesitancy.. I wrote about a sneeze., laughter and double doors.. and as a result, I now know about grades.. It's good to learn that Unforgiven is beautiful... and it's cool to share three things.., but the game's now on baby..

Two halves


Jack Vettriano's, “Dance Me to the End of Love.”

If you know you're in the wrong place., how do you know where the right place is..?  I feel like it's thataway.. ., or maybe thataway.. I've got some new Yahoo page thingy going on.. Sometimes tech' change takes a moment to digest after the living with the old.. The hills are exhausting around the 9 mile marker..

Broken Wings

This is the deal.. After going for twenty or so years 'somewhere else' dude., I'm now being asked for loose change everyday.. Today, well in about 15 minutes actually,  I was asked three times by three different people 'all' within 150 leisurely meters.. I had to move on in the end as it was all becoming too draining for me; the third one didn't recognize me from the last time he asked me the same question and shared exactly the same story of how he had run out of petrol and he needed a pound for gas to get him home to another 'city'.. This time I asked him about his car and where it was parked and offered up an enthusiastic "hey sure, let's go man..; you can take me to your car and I'll put some gas in it for you so you can get home.."  He 'umned and argh', telling me he had a brand new Ford Fiesta before shrugging his surprised shoulders, turned away and walked off shaking his head..  and I was only trying help the guy.. Ahh., hmm., maybe he didn't actually have a car.. - Truth..

Question Marks

Showcasing .. and watching the world spin round and around.. I'm content 'staying on my own path and sticking to my own plan'. . I've opened and shut the window so many times that even it's confused.. You can only watch a tree being blown around for so long

I seem to be governed by a green light coming on before I can function.. I wonder if I should write properly.. Today I'm not into distance and time difference.. and I've just moved something back forth so many times, that I've just now noticed..

I dreamed of chasing a baseball down in an agricultural field.; the dirty ragged brown ball turned into two butterflies that flew off just as I got to it/them, but I had still had to catch them both; two friends got one, I managed to gently envelop the other in my two hands feeling it flutter around my cupped palms.. - What does that mean.?


I can't go there., I'm here.. and here IS there..

People actually enjoy shutting their windows

 Haha., I read some funny stuff man.. Mine's just plain weird., unless you're on THE 'list' of private receivers., but man, there's some funny sh*t going down out there.. Facebook and minds eh..!

Talking Heads may have sang about it best.., a couple of different times..; "we'll take that ride.." - inflictions..

People are sleeping

While friends are hitting the gas pedal., sharing inspirations and putting together respectful cards for a warm memory.. Muses are working their magic and putting in some overtime.. and this time., time differences are working as they should.. Artists are working and paint is flying.., subjects are dancing and I'm filling a bag.. 

Patience and Gas Pedals 

I've taken a couple of wheelie bins down a gravel drive., waited for the electronic gates to open and fed a Lab'.. I've said 'hello'., pushed up, crunched out and tapped my feet.. - I've laughed., watched a rope swing dance around in the wind and eaten breakfast.. There has been a tech' glitch., a new and different car seat to sit in..,  mirrors to think about, dishwashers to empty and guitars to strap on and air out.., man..


Things To Do Places To Go

Thanks this week go/goes to 1:11 - Natalie Holt - Mr.Mister -

Jack Vettriano - Bourbon Creams - Yellow Fields and Gravel Drives

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