Friday, 7 June 2013

Another Week 13 - Rafa Nadal., Charles 'Teenie' Harris., Post Impressionism., Arles and Crowd Sourcing

Paris in 1886

Time Waits For No One
Jagger/Richards, Mick Taylor

Well., that was a restless one.. , Struthio camelus.. and time baby., tymMeh..- I didn't know swans had a song, bit I guess they do..

"Time waits for no one.. and it won't wait for me.." and now I've got that tune repeating in my head.. and all before coffee.., wine., or or ponderments.. Charlie just knows where his cymbals area at.. Bah..

The day is what the day is.. and how soon is a day..  Trust isn't something you can buy.. I am the little red rooster..

I'm surrounded by cameras..; which one to strap on.. It comes from keeping promises..  "My my  my.. , oh my.."- "jus' groovin' around..; you know I'm smilin' baby.."

Come and visit..; we can go to the same coffee shop you have back home.. and/or walk aimlessly while trying to look interested in the same ole stuff., man.. Where's the culture.., the variety.. Yep, let's just opt for a mug of something.. : It's safe enough..- hey but., safe is ok.. You don't fall off edges when you're being safe..  

"Memphis for a ride."
"I just don't seem to drink you off my mind."

Knitting.., scarves and old dreams.. Looking for people who colour outside of the lines.. and question.. Behind the scenes is where it's at.. Stale traditions and I need me some artwork..

I love it when I stretch my toes backwards/upwards..; it seems to breath new life into my shins and calves.. Now where's that washing machine (?), I've got to check out that photograph.. Ringo, Def Leppard., Kid Rock., Nickleback and Sheryl Crow know about photographs..

Not everybody makes me smile
I'm still a seeker

Family - Burlesque '72

fan clubs



Floating Docks

My body feels heavy man.. I'm thinkin' fruit., sunshine, heat, water.. and shorts..,  and even though I'm not on the guest list., I am standing in the road.. Nepal.. ooo., it's on the line..



how original is original anymore





Ten Things We've Learned

other people have passions
subjectivity rocks
creativity is a life's work
naivety is to be embraced
spirituality is spiritual
so what
it's ok., really
Art is emotionally moving
Listening is cool
you are you just the way you are and the way you are is
up there with the sun, moon and stars

Milk shakes, sundaes and floss.. I don't like mirrors because I can see myself., and the image I see isn't how I feel.; the two don't jive.., or tango..

Where do we stand with milk floats., milk crates., milk bottles.. and milk men..? Incidentally, I haven't seen a milk woman.. FYI..; dunno why, but I just haven't.

I watched someone walk, but their mind didn't look (to me) as though it was along for the ride.. The desire looked more like fine weather duty.

the forecast is

Looking for a bookstore., Venus.. and  

hasta luego

I like being mentioned

Thanks this week go/goes to Garrigues. J - The Dodgers - Trending Now - Bill Wyman - Kenny Kravitz - Jack White and LA Galaxy


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