Monday, 17 June 2013

Another Week 15 - Angelina Jolie., Man of Steel., U.S. Open.. and Today's Couleur



Veuve Clicquot

What Men Really really Want

So this week, I've been moving around a bit from where I've been able  to read a few new road signs.; I like new roads -  I was invited to wear an actual white coat (complete with badge) and checked out a lab with lots of microscopes, chips, lights and boxes..; not to mention THAT machine..

I was also invited to check out a creative film maker's contribution to the arts while the designer gave a totally enthusiastic, passionate and fun explanation before having to leave for his flight to Singapore.. I wasn't really into the tracheotomy so I had to turn away, but there again so did the others.. I just admitted I couldn't first before putting someone in the position of having to pick me up off the floor.. Loved getting a glimpse of something before it's official release.. and playing with the pole/boom proved fun and had my full interest. The invitation is open for me to return and get to know the process more intimately and that's something I'm up for..

There was an issue with a car.. and I'd recommend not leaving yours parked under a tree for a few days in the baking sun.. What could only be the results of a flying rhino., or elephant leaving it's daily souvenirs, has stained the paintwork on the hood causing a few cracks..

A cultural visit to drop off  some transport before the big ride south where I could take in a new resort also filled some time..

(from Greek ὀξύμωρον, "sharp dull")

I guess I'm a
 mournful optimist
who possess'
a lil
mad wisdom


There is also the bit about new coasts., new faces and an exchange I'm going to have to think about before.. In the middle of this stuff was a visit with THE micro manager who drains every desire known from a living thing with a heartbeat.. Infact, I think I've even seen a blade of grass take in a deep sigh before keeling over.


Life happens when I'm around JM - the wheels go round and around.. and speaking of wheels.., I'm using them more for this read which makes it more difficult trying to write.. Oops., that bump caught me totally by surprise..

I've got a night here and there and a current distant view of a field.. I've just had crackers, cucumber, lettuce, avocado.., smoked cheese and a flap jack square deal  type gig thingy all washed down by a glass or two of plain water.. I used a knife, fork and sat at the kitchen island in on., the right hand seat.., chair, wooden stool..

There's this dude I know who came off his road bike while still attached to it and has broken his collar bone.. ; thanks to a plate and a few screws he'll be back on his bike within two shakes of a dogs tail.. Still training on his workout bike too.. 

An interior decorator's stopped by to correct something.. and the boiler dude came and went after spending a few hours with his head stuck in a cupboard while relocating a pipe.. An extra bike materialized and a Director's flying in after a whirlwind gig in the Ukraine.. The girls are out on a golf course somewhere and have no idea the dog is asleep..

I'm right on the healthy money with my BMI, but I'll hit the gym for the second time today to try and tighten up the blue belt..  I've got to work on an e-mail or two, come to terms with stiff keyboard keys and edit, edit, edit..
I've been keeping an eye on a US fashion photographer who's been turning out some amazing and consistently fantastic images reminding me of the cool beach assignment I enjoyed with him and his team.. Juggling batteries around while waist high in crashing waves along with a tide that's on it's energetic ride in was fun, fuN, fuN .. man... The sunset rooftop was a little more civilised, but those waves, rocks and model trouper were cause for a truly memorable deal.. Nice work dude..

Today's couleur


'S funny here, 'coz it's a case of an Arts Festival full of the usual stuff and a couple of artists doing a similar type installation to the previous two they've already done., but hey, as one of them is on the team., it ain't coming as a huge surprise....  There's even talk of trying to bring in the same ole bird to reprise an annual flyby.. Same thing different day.. A change of vision, or at least one wouldn't be a ride in the wrong lane.. ; but all exciting stuff for those who're excited..

At some point I woke up

I wish I could share the view with you that I have right now.. , cause I can see for miles and miles and miles across sunny rolling meadows; I can just about make out one roof.. in all directions..; the ground's dry and the dude with the long assed dreadlocks is doin' his thang with the petrol strimmer man - Groovin'


I'm thinkin' 'bout it





it'll have to wait for another week

because THIS one's

finished baby



Strange Days


It's a rollercoaster ride baby



Thanks this week go/goes to - BMI - The Eagle - Time - Escalators - Trains - Faith, Justin Rose and Rollerblades





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