Friday, 26 October 2012

Image 52 - Week 44.. French Fries., British Summer Time.., waiting in line and


\text{GM=} \sqrt[n]{\prod_{i=1}^n a_i}=\sqrt[n]{a_1 a_2 \cdots a_n}.


Average flash-mob., outstanding smiles and laughter

Airplane seats fit me.. Recaro sports seats fit me.., medium sweaters fit me..  and bus seats fit just fine..

I'm right in the middle of my weight graph, and my feet touch the floor when I sit on a regular dining room chair..; I fit onto sofas, find beds comfortably sized and there's enough material on my towels to dry me after a shower..
Door handles are the right height and stairs prove to be no problem either..

I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it

Plates contain just the right amount of food, while a fork fits perfectly into my mouth.., as does a toothbrush..

My pockets contain just the correct amount of space and gloves fit without any struggle or concern..; even baseball caps, beanies and hoods fit the ole head and shoe laces long enough for the perfect bow.. My ties are easily knotted into either a full, or half windsor, depending on the occasion.. and ice cream cones fit alarmingly well into the palms (and gentle grips) of my hands..

Average day

Camera straps seem to enable me to carry my camera without hastle, and my razor works well over my chin.. I can fit into a shower cubicle, bath tub and through a door as though they were specially designed for me. 

My 'puter keyboard appears to accommodate my fingers  eerily well.. Phones seem to be exactly the right size for me to speak into them AND hear at the same time.. and I always find the light switch..

Parlez-vous fran├žais..
.. ich verstehe nicht

Funnily enough, the fridge shelves are just 'there'.. and my glasses fit over my nose and ears comfortably too..

Shop counters aren't too low, or too high.. and I can sip my beer out of the bottle without a struggle.. I can handle a paintbrush, pen and bar of chocolate as though I were born with them in my hands.. and go figure., windows are the right height for me to see out of..

Miracles happen when I drive, cause the pedals fall right where my feet are, but when I reach out and the steering wheel is positioned for me to touch, I'm blown away..


Yep., average..

a single value that summarizes or represents the general significance of a set of unequal values 

I can walk into an elevator without it being an issue, kick a perfectly sized football.. and hold a regular sized tennis racket in one hand while two serving balls in the other..

Footpaths seem to have been designed just for me.., as do mail boxes.., but what I don't get is how do they know how big I am at sporting events when I need to get through a turnstile and sit on a bench..?

Sitting at a desk is much easier due to the correct height of the work surface.. and wine glasses are just right for me to enjoy their contents from..

Poor visibility.., cool boats

I can climb ladders, pick up hose pipes.. and miraculously, my eyes are in the right place to use a pair of binoculars..

Guitars rest in my hands, spades have 'that' length that work for my hands and feet.. and dog leashes seem to be practical for me also. Scissors are another miracle, along with TV remote controls..

Scampi and chips., fish and chips, Fred's Chez
all decidedly average 

Kitchens are specially designed for me with cupboards, sinks and stove dials falling to my fingertips.. Gas station pumps in exactly the right place, right by my car and gas tank, which is truly amazing when you think I've just driven hundreds of miles, often to strange, out of the way stations, before needing to fill up.. and ATM machines providing ease of use.. and bank tellers sitting right there,  actually infront of me when I decide I need to hand in my jar of pennies..

Golf clubs perfectly sized and coincidentally, also right handed.. as indeed are drum sticks too..


My belts have the correctly spaced holes in them enabling me to use them with stunning comfort.. Dentists tools fit scarily into my mouth as do the pieces of choc' so designed for my pleasure..

I can read words and pronounce them.., well the easy ones at least.; some of the longer, harder words are more difficult, which leads me to believe that I'm an average wordsmith too.. I can communicate verbally to a standard that I'm understood., for the most part.., unless you're possibly from a little known village in the Himalayan mountains, in which case, my lack of foreign language skills are probably going to let me down..; sorry.

Presentation., average..

So., what's this got to do with anything..? Well, for one thing, it shows and proves that being average is just fine..; life is set up for us to fully enjoy.. and enjoy the 'little' things we., or certainly many of us, take for granted..

 This week's
    45th absolutely average Image
done, dusted
& therefore
I'm, out

Rows and rows of empty..

Image 52

Faith., locked in..


Friends., positively NOT average..
my thanks to them., positively NOT average

Each one of my gloves has five spaces/fingers in them, for., guess what.(?), my four fingers and one thumb..; geez, I love this life.., it's so easy..; imagine not having either of your four fingers or that thumb.!

Thanks this week go/goes to cake eaters everywhere - Oisin Millea - Microsoft Windows - Electric blankets - REI - Customer service and the new twelve month contract  

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