Saturday, 3 November 2012

Image 52 - Week 45.. The Dead Weather., A TV Pilot.,. and Beck




I'm sick
I'm tired
My phone broke
My dog was sick
I had a busy day
X-Factor's on TV
My kid's homework
I've had a busy week
My car wouldn't start
I'm still feeling weak
I'm in bed with the flu 
My children needed money
I had to go somewhere first
I'd have needed to catch a bus
I'm just recovering from a cold

You draw your own conclusion
I simply didn't want to go

I had a dream last night
Doom & Gloom
and all is darkness
Baby take a chance
Hear a funky noise 

Boom boom boom

The Rolling Stones


Conversations with people

I just caught my first evah 15 seconds of Girls Aloud..; I didn't make it to 16.. I had a life before cables.., it was called a phone box.., but now I have chargers for this, for that.. and even for the other.. I also had a Motorola car phone once, about 99 years ago.. and thought it was the coolest thing since an ashtray on a motorbike.. 

two for...

I've got to stay away from old photographs..; some of that stuff I can't even remember., but if I knew at the time, I'd have done something with that wardrobe..

Random thoughts, randomly thought..

There is an outside beyond the door

On tour and legless


Why choose to be stressed out about things you can't control... and generally., do what it takes to live more authentically..

Little Black Submarines
The Black Keys

You know how those conversations go when you say 'white'.. and the other person says 'black'., so you then agree and respond with 'black'.., only for them to say 'white'.. and no matter what you say, the other person continues to respond with the complete opposite..? Well, I had one of those exhausting exchanges today.. I tried so hard to offer up solutions, but all to no avail.. and exasperated, I resigned.. I'm totally exhausted now..

Studio Art

I looked out of a window today..

.. but this could be a long night..; I've got a headache and not ready to turn the light off..

I've never been around more negativity than being around obviously 'anti' United people.. Even walking out of the tunnel seems to cause  viewers to vent a draining opinion..

I couldn't give a flying Batman whether Jordan has split from Leandro.., however, I believe I'm ready for Skyfall.. and speaking of Skyfall., watching it from the front row was an experience.., especially when that screen opens/widens another few meters..; I mean., all ya can do is laugh..


The Wind Cries Mary

I don't want to sound unkind, or unthoughtful,  clever or smart, but I understand that Tony Scott died from 'multiple blunt force injuries' when he jumped from the Vincent Thomas bridge., according to the L.A. coroner.... The bridge is 365 feet high..!! Now.., I'm not an experienced L.A. qualified coroner., but.., hitting the water from 365 feet isn't going to be a soft landing..; hence he died..

Standing by the gate

I did a bad, bad thing..; kinda rebellious really., but I submitted a couple of pics for an assignment, a challenge, without editing them.. I'd seen so many over manipulated, highly edited pics that bore no resemblance to the original, that I felt kinda weirdly offended to be honest with you.. The fact is, you can use the tech' to alter so much that now, the ART of 'documenting' just what the eye sees, seems to have gone.. I don't see blurry water, but the camera stops it, or 'smooths' it out.., then you can 'clone' objects out.. and before you know it., what I saw., I didn't.. and what I didn't see, I now see..; Me.?, I just like to share the journey and document what I actually see.. and if I simply went out and used the morning's golden hour, or the evening's golden hour, or the tripod's night time.., who'd document the rest of the day..? SO., I did the bad thing and just submitted an actual photo.., of what I saw..
 Blazing Trails


A Quiet Box

Jus' doin' the thing

The Dead Weather
I Can't Hear You

Onto 46 now
'cause this one's a done deal



This past week, I drove in with the Director and Lead Actor.. and came back with the Director and Producer..; somewhere in the middle, I climbed on and off a train as an SA

That's another story altogether though 



Modern Guilt

Time to get moving

Thanks this week go/goes to Sky TV - Corfu - Antoni Dobrowolski - Heidi Klum - The Dead Weather - Dr. Charles Eugster - Debra Tupper - Halle Berry - Pussy Riot - John Cusack and Ratatat

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