Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Image 52 - Week 40.. #The Foo Fighters., Sir Richard Branson., Manchester United's Leaky Defense and..

Frayed collars, cuffs
and scuffed heals




First Impressions

Of what's in the cool wardrobe.. and damn it, I obviously need to cool mine up after seeing what frayed stuff's out there on the damp Riviera streets ..

I had a dream about Liz last night..; my skin's losing it's elasticity and how long does it take for a new toe nail to grow out and replace the old blackened one.?

I plugged my phone in for it's usual daily charge this morning and picked it up ready to go out only to discover that while I plugged the lead into the phone, I'd NOT plugged the 'other end' into the bloody socket.. Suffering Scooby Doo Batman..!

It's the way to park., but four..!
Herbert Lom was 95.., did Leonardo Da Vinci paint another Mona Lisa.?  and the last words of Alex the Parrot to his caretaker was “You be good., see you tomorrow., I love you”.

I woke up on Wednesday morning and it totally felt like a Saturday..; I don't get cold in my California fleece.. and I'm in a quandary..

I love movies, but can't seem to sit through any at the moment., but I saw one with a story that promised so much an' yet the script, acting., script.., acting., script AND acting left a little to be desired.. but man., I enjoyed the corny idea..

Former 1864 Police Station is now a KOPSHOP..
I'm not sure if there's a rule that's an 'unwritten' one as to what time is too early for chocolate..; is it kinda like the alcohol one..?.. Before noon., or five o'clock somewhere.?

Hmm., dunno if it's going to rain today..

One man CAN cause a ripple effect..
Took in a deeply moving and extremely disturbing sight and experience this week.. and yet at the same time, had two of the most inspiring days.., evah.. Time is really precious.. and the Reel stuff was a privilege to be around..., but I learned about forgiveness in a big assed kinda way.. an' I learned about Five Minutes Of Madness.. I learned about the Ripple Effect.. and I felt the result (and power) of opening a blue bin in church grounds.. I was also granted the opportunity to better understand more of what 612 is all about.. Kudos to projects with sensitive teeth in 'em..
.. and while I know my right from my left., I got totally confused with those directions baby..; is that straight left., or..?

Oops..; it's what happens when you close the door a little too hard..

I checked out the program for the local festival's events.., taking in the full opening day that promised so much, but in the end (in my unprofessional opinion), lacked focus and direction., ending with a fizzle rather than the promised.., offered.., "climax" and "disappearance" it used in the advertised handouts....  The next day HAD to be better(?), surely, but where was the next day's stuff.., or the next, or even the next..! The advertised month had finito'd., all in one fizzled out day man..; hmm.., I'm just a spectator., an observer and punter..; don't mind me.

She must be in., the window's open..
If it wasn't for Ray Davies' dark blue 
t-shirt., it would've been a total bust..

What one question do voters want answered at a presidential debate?


People appear cuter in dreams.. and I feel the 'conversations' in them., rather than actually hear them..; I'll never look at her the same way again - I also don't know the one person I see around, never met them, never been introduced, so I absolutely don't know the person.., but I do have an opinion based on observations.. Not good dude..; sorry..

Do you really care., I mean really care..?

I watched four guys spectacularly pop a cracked/broken coffee shop window out, and install a new one in seconds., two minutes tops..; they took the shop's stickers off the window, put them back, packed up and... came inside for a latte..(!) and the fingerprints remained for all to see.. Standards uh.., tut..
Cutie and the  fingerprints..

In many ways it could be considered 'emotionally', a tough week., however, thanks to Ray and Vi, it proved inspirational.; there was no disguising the power of their voice, or the blue bins., and so, onward.; the journey continues..


40 and out

Begins and ends with a message

Special mention to MVKH for the generous hospitality you showed and a vision you shared


Thanks this week go/goes to Chris Donovan - word 4 weapons - 612Media - Reel Lives - Fleet Services - Kingston-on-Thames - Ray Davies - Waterloo Sunset and all the people who are making a difference..

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