Thursday, 18 October 2012

Image 52 - Week 42.. From The Hip.., Klein & Moriyama., The Barbican Art Gallery and

Here's a new one for ya

♪♫♪"Uno, dos, tres, catorce
Turn it up loud, captain.." ♪♫
Lyrics:Bono & The Edge
 "Lights go down
It's dark

The jungle is your head"
I don't understand this world when it's supposed to be in color.. and yet appears so black and white...
Conversations with a deaf person..
"What did she say.?"
"She said what.?"
 "What she say.?"
 "ahh., G.?"
"phobia.? How do you spell that.? F.O.B.E.A.?"
I'll wear mine if you wear yours dear..
Sounds through the floorboards of a man out of tune.., sibling rivalry.. and 85th birthdays.. 
I drove around in circles trying to find some warm wet weather gear.., a donut.. and some color.. and came up with nada.., although I did eventually find a parking space at some point..

I always get this weird & uncomfortable feeling when I'm out and about and walking behind., catching up and eventually passing a lone female.. I decided to take in the scenic walk to the ocean and ended up kinda closing up on a young female walker.. and totally sensed how uncomfortable she was with my quiet even footsteps matching her stride.. Her pace noticeably altered and her shoulders tightened up., so I gently drummed out a tune on my water bottle, tried hard to cough noticeably (but gently) so she knew the someone behind her was a guy., me (with hopefully a gentle sounding cough and trying to sound as 'safe' as I possibly could).. and decided if I continued at the pace I was comfortable with, I'd continue being behind her.. and so chose to speed up, but as quick as I tried to walk, she then sped up too.. She never looked back and chose to walk in the middle of the quiet path..; now, as comfortable as I am on here 'blabbering' away., I'm not comfortable with saying "hey, hi., there's nothing to worry about.; it's just me and we have a similar walking pace and sorry to have made you feel uneasy"., so the few minutes it took to finally catch up and pass her seemed like an eternity and with every stride I took, I was as conscious and becoming even more uncomfortable as she must have been.. and then there's that moment when you're alongside the stranger and those few strides it takes to actually pass take another eternity AND then to add avoiding noticeable eye contact., 'cause she was a cutie too and any verbal stuff would have added to the whole uncomfortable deal, I buried my head in my phone and eventually got past..; I did the gentle and calm 'excuse me' bit., but other than that, what's a guy to do..!
just a moment
I could also tell ya how I tried to 'give' my umbrella away and was met with total suspicion, 'retreat' and negativity..; it was an umbrella... and it was raining.. and I simply wanted to give it away to someone who looked like they needed it more than I did..; so much for wanting to pay it forward..
It was this wet..
with 3D reflections
  I wonder how many movies Bruce Willis has made without him having to fire a gun in them.. and I wonder how many helicopters Martin Sheen has climbed into for his movies.. and I wonder how many times Julie Roberts has been scripted to laugh in hers..?
I'm a fan of romantic comedies.. ; there, I said it..
Chocolate fondues are really messy.. and please tip your toaster upside down (occasionally) to get rid of the crumbs.. and as much as I make the effort to discard my plastic bottles separately., I don't always.. ; sorry..
From the Hip..
Over the past month I've been adding sentences for., to, for my final 'Image'., although I'm sure (obviously) I'll 'tweak' it (lots) when 'we' get a little closer to the witching hour and #52..; I've enjoyed doing that one 'cause it all made, makes sense to me..
Bucket Lists
 'A cult of personality'
people we know
 I simply must start believing in myself more -- after all, if I don't., who will.?
jus' gotta open the door, I guess.
  The National
Conversation 16
An inspiring cultural visit to the Tate and the Barbican this week..  to catch up with a couple of exhibits and a much needed injection of art..; the Klein & Moriyama photo exhibit at the Tate and the photographic 'Everything Was Moving' at the Barbican.., a couple of others included a globally collaborative project., called 'The Sketchbook Project' that originates (and lives in) out of Brooklyn Art Library.. and finally a London gallery where I took in some original paintings,  chatted to the artist and  even (after encouragement) 'arranged' part of the installation.. Art rocks.., not to mention lunch at a Borough Market pub and the day spent with inspiring and generous company..
The Tanks
 If in town., make sure you take in the immense Turbine Hall., if only to 'take it in'.., but also, don't miss the spectacular 'Tank' rooms and exhibits...; it all makes for a welcome change from the balloon..
The day after

I found some new music this week too.. , but man, when that wind blows, it goes right through my shoes..; obvious bias is a strange thing..

I drove by an accident scene on the motorway and one in which the driver didn't make it after driving into the back of a truck..; my thoughts are with those who were on the end of that phone call and visit..
With that, I'm out of  here...

42's a done deal

The participant

Jus' places that work
  Thanks to a film maker, an artist and the return of a transatlantic road tripping director for the moments you've shared.

Thanks this week goes/go to Mohammad Latif Khatana - Mena Suvari - Liz Hurley - Preston Deener - The National and that bottle of vino..

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