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Image 52 - Week 41.. How To Retire By 50., America's Best Cities., Living Without a Cellphone.,

False eyelashes, VPL's

Dead Leaves

and color..


.. and can't you tell that Ashley Cole comes out of the same dressing room as John Terry..! Freddie Starr's apparently NOT the third man.., or so he claims.. an' I've been humming The Troggs - With A Girl Like You for far too long..

The Kinks

SO., I did it.., I wore my gloves for the first time this 'season'..; the heavier duty wardrobe had to make a comeback too .., but I am going to have to find some stylin' waterproof trousers to fight off the drenched look I had going on today..
GO Outdoors

I chose wet..

 Dedicated Follower of Fashion
The Kinks

 I could be in big trouble next year with A.M's. stunning new Vanquish due to be released..; "6 litres of angry V12".. and the sexiest looking set of four wheels evah.. I just hope my bank manager understands when I knock on his door.. an' me not particularly a car guy either.. - but..
Can 'we' start a petition to have Coronation Street cancelled..., please.. 


I'm not sure what 'we're' doing here., but I am sure it doesn't feel right.. and look, some folk have allergies., some phobias.. an' I can deal with all that., no problem..; I happen to not particularly 'dig' walking on wet leaves, broken twigs and hidden puddles.. Aesthetically it may do it for you., however., for me., it's kinda like a bad meal that's supposed to be served hot, presented well.. and enjoyed with a nice glass of vino plonko.., but in actual fact is served on a chipped plate, is cold and looks as though it's been thrown onto the plate.. and to top it off, the server's chewed finger nails are touching the food as the plate's clunked & rattled down infront of you just as you notice the wine glass has dried lipstick on it's unwashed rim..; not a good experience..


Yes dear.., lovely..

Who's Britney Spears..? Where is paradise..?, and how high has the hill got to be before it becomes the mountain to climb..?

"San Francisco Nudity Ban Would Prohibit Streaking In (Most) Public Situations."

 George Dalmon
Andy Miles

The Griswold Family

The Box Tops
The Letter

I just had some Marmite on my toast.., looked out of the window., and left a 'tweet'.., or tweeted., or left something on my twitter account..; I still don't get that whole thing, but I'm leaving the few characters that I'm able as I attempt my continuation of documenting this ole journey..

Vitamin D, fresh air and open windows

This age old double take's kinda creepy

Something's happened to the air..; it's almost as if from one day to the next, something has happened to., in., to the air.. and the change is pretty dramatic..; my skin's done it's usual yearly 'dry' thing.. and packed in.. As soon as the layers start, the gloves come out and just as the leaves begin to fall, my body begins to shut down.. 'Hate' isn't a great word for me, but it's not a strong enough word for me to use as I indicate how I feel about the 'itch' I'm going to have to deal with for the next several months.. - Suffering starfish Batman.. It's the sides of my shins/calves., my 'biceps' (don't laugh)., both sides of my bloody nose.; well, my nose isn't bloody, but rather, my damn nose.. and the back of my left knee..; which is also a damn knee.. I guess the air has gone 'suddenly' dryer., even though there's so much moisture around, 'something's' happened..; an' I don't like it. At least Noah was advised and prepared..
The stores have turned their heaters up to unnaturally high levels, with blowers over the doors kicking enough power out that feels well able to knock you off your feet as you enter them.. and thank God I have my own hair..; oops, disregard that last bit.. It seems that other drivers prefer their car heaters turned way up too.. Windows are closed and the indoor heaters are switched on. .. Yip bloody ee.. 

Life's moving that fast.. and..

 I don't get it., obviously

I'm off to check out just how many blue rinses, perms, comb-overs and matching outfits I can find today.. and what's with the whole Wrangler jeans deal.. an' why would you..!

Isn't it an eraser.?

I've noticed something else too while I'm scribbling this week's ramble ., however, I'm not able, prepared to share it with you..; for one, I'm not a writer and two., there are two., or three people who've stopped by to read this every so often who will and are, actively encouraged to 'retort'.. and thirdly., well, there must be a thirdly..; there's always got to be a thirdly..

It's like a military exercise when  you do your laundry here..;  the whole deal has to be planned well simply because it takes so effing long.., both to wash.. and then of course., to dry.. and despite the rooms being much smaller, making storage (and space) a really precious commodity, one needs EVEN more clothing in order to satisfy the minute by minute climactic challenges.. Socks have to be thicker, sweaters woollier., sleeves longer.. all of these things require more drawer and cupboard space.. and then there are coats for this, jackets for that and brogues and wingtips for this, boots for that..: Don't even get me onto the whole glove scene., 'cause there are woolly ones, leather ones, fingerless ones., thin ones and thicker ones..,  but then there are scarves, snoods., beanies - where do people put all this crap when they're faced with a 9x9 that's got a 'container' in the corner with sticks and brollies stuck in it fighting with the ever present and stylishly overflowing coat rack full of blue anoraks that greets guests at the entrance., or front whoopdy do door ...? and do 'we' put the mat inside., or leave it redundantly for the 'weather' to claim outside..?

To chat

Space and time
 or should that be
Time and space

I've never had a chain on the back of a door., but I can't help noticing how 'popular' they are judging from the doors I've gone through and closed.. I guess it further goes to prove that there's something very wrong with me.. and backs up the written observations I get daily overloaded with..

The Beatles
Nowhere Man

He's a real nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.
Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, please listen,
You don't know what you're missing,
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.
He's as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?
Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's going to,
Isn't he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, don't worry,
Take your time, don't hurry,
Leave it all 'till somebody else
Lends you a hand.
He's a real Nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.

Without mentioning, thinking about, or seeing., I had this dream from nowhere, man., with Jennifer Anniston in it..; we had lots of innocent fun.. and enjoyed a great flirtatious chemistry without as much as seeing an inch of her naked skin.. and just as I was about to, I woke up..; damn it.. I need to jump on that and find out what it all means in order for me to rectify that issue ASAP..' can't 'we' switch off Spotify.., please..;
  I have this amazing view., sometimes.. On a clear night, I get to see the very same bright star I used to enjoy looking at from the end of Onyx on SBF when I'd take in a midnight/early A.M. walk.. and then, if I'm even luckier, when I wake up, I get to open my eyes to...
Why I don't like waking to drapes..
"Have a cup of tea and a biscuit.." 
I don't want an expletive cup of tea and a biscuit.. 

and 41 out

and that's the long and the short of it.....

I have a strong  feeling that I've repeated a point, or subject .., or two.. and if I have, I apologize, however.,  I am on 41, so it's highly probable..

Thanks this week go/goes to  Instagram - Jennifer Anniston - Richard Pryor - William Klein + Daido Moriyama - Halloween Cupcake Decorating Class - calculators - water bottles and lists..


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