Monday, 30 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 31.. Auteur Theory., Michael Phelps, Guor Marial and Team GB..

Sometimes this is how it begins..

"Yep., I know the ocean's there somewhere..; I think I can hear it.."

A word., a line and a past

Baywatch, Benidorm with a lack of tone

 So., someone I sat next to answered her phone exactly with an abrupt, 'so.,didya want  me.!'

20% of the entire world's CCTV cameras are in the UK

I'm sat in the middle of two people greeting one another on just the third day of summer and this is how it went.. - "it's too hot., innit.?"
"can't complain."
"no., no..; can't complain., but phew.., it's hot innit.!"..

I just made myself laugh.., but everything's ok., I'm better now..

Oh and hey., I didn't win the lotto this week.., but I did take my socks off at the beach.. and now I think of it., I have a question for ya..

I'm definitely noticing more and more punctuation do das when I look around..

Instead of performing for rivals, focus on developing your own talents..

something to look forward to
Then it grows into this..
The local 'thing' has shown it's hand for the Fall and will, as expected, be showing dark, weird stuff again, for the most part..- no great surprises there and I'm sure the paying masses will be overjoyed with the calendar of highly fun events.; I jus' dunno where the color, life and 'soul' is, but that kinda energy obviously ain't coming from that triangular library.. - I did try ., once upon a time., to bring fun, color and energy to the masses, but hey, we still have Coronation Street on the TV with dialogue to match..: Pass the salt an' vinegar please.., I wanna sprinkle them over my cheese, onion and cucumber crisps and make believe I'm in an Arteur film..- tut, 'some people' and their agendas.. For some, they won't do unless they get paid, while for others, being paid allows a title to be exploited. Both are exposed to me as being a none starter as neither satisfies the community I'd love to see improved..
Passion and belief
Same set-up., same act., same place - 2012
 There's a place for everything, but sadly., not everything's in this place.. variety is dead., long live Auteur theory., Bruce Forsyth and Brass Bands..

Do ya know.?, I went to school with girls., grew up with them.; even married one., but at no time what-so-ever did I evah experience any teachings that suggested 'no' means 'yes'..; so when did this thing happen.. and is it a secret learning..; was it part of gym class., or.. maybe it happens when the two's go to the bathroom together..? 

I managed to breath today thanks to two people, a BBQ, a baseball cap and a pair of binoculars.. 

Oh crap., I forgot to pick up some multi-vitamins today.. and yet another phone call came in bringing news of yet another death.. Old people seem to get this news a lot.. and it spreads like a wild fire .. - they also look out of windows a lot, sit down and discuss in minute detail, every little piece of information.. Watching the world go by, waiting for the end, really is a sad deal..

Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity..
For the customer service 'rep' who took my emergency dental call ten days ago, HELLO, I'm still here and on hold...; you did a great job on me. I believed you, 100%..; yep, you totally had me and took me hook, line and sinker.. NO question.. and shame on you, but, BUT., BUT.. , the truth of the matter is.., you've lied to me.., sadly..  I wish there were another less offensive word to describe you, but.., only you and I know this for a fact however.. and I'm quite sure you couldn't actually in truth, give a damn,  but as long as I know.., that means someone out there knows... and you did a bad, bad thing.. and sorry, but NOT respecting you for it.. In the meantime.., when you get a moment.., I'd certainly appreciate you actually getting off your ass...

Hands up anyone who knows the importance of a calendar and commitment..; yeah, thought so..
"So., which one are ya gonna use dude..?" - "I dunno man; they all look the same to me."

How can you see out., or, see in when the curtains are closed? and hey., 1 billion people got to see an extravaganza broadcast from London..; We have the very rare global opportunity to show the world in a few hours a way forward, that we're leaders with a vision and what do we do., we.. "now come see and enjoy our chimneys, take advantage of our NHS" (I'm still waiting, by the way) and get to experience the quirky confusion we're all living under.. We have Benny Hill tunes being played where the Guards normally parade their shiny shoes, even a Mr.Bean fart noise being heard globally and it's all part of our glorious past acknowledged for those visitors we hope will be seduced by a B rapper.. and as for the future ?, well, I have no clue as there doesn't seem to be an exciting vision to share..; but hey., that past totally rocks., man.. We brought to the world smoking chimneys and an Industrial Revolution.. Viva La Revolution., long live the revolution - 
Proudly 2012..
P.S. Hasn't the USA put men on the moon.?

I'm totally inspired now.. and a nice 82 million quid well spent

Other than that., the women's road race was fantastically excitedly attacked by the Dutch team who showed us/me they wanted to win Gold., real bad.. Kudos to the courageous and superbly talented Lizzie Armitstead for keeping my palms sweaty til the end..

Dragonflies and blueberries

quintessential.,  brogues, kippers and Morris Dancers
Tea., sandwiches and  airing public laundry..

I tried to find some colour, so I went into an Art Store and looked through their paints..

So hey., if I pack my lunch, towel and beach ball into a bag along with my sun lotion., where am I likely to be going.; Hmm., tough question.., uh.? Here's a clue.; close to the water..
So., given where it appears I'm going.., why would I need to then start struggling with changing in and out of 'my' speedos in plain view of the world.! 
Ahh., another British past-time.. 
keepin' clear
 The good ole knotted hankie was evident this past weekend.., along with the rolled up trousers, socks and brown sandals/shoes; gotta love it when, walking down the boardwalk., someone yells out, "so, where're ya going girl.?".. to which the response screamed back was., "the bog., for a slash"..- THE Riviera.. and style..
Of course., I could turn the other cheek., blind eye., or simply share my truthful observations and experiences of a culture.. 
Am I really being negative sharing the truth.? I know it kinda reads that way., but hey, I'm seeing this stuff.., EVERYday..!

"Opening my eyes to High Definition"
I've been forced to end my faithfully long and very sexy affair with RayBan and will now begin a new one with Oakley..; thanks to RayBan for being so fantastic to me over the years., but wrap around frames don't seem to be your bag as much as they are with Oakley and now I have sun damaged my eyes, apparently, those curves have proved a little more seductive to me.. and besides, they are the ones who seem confident of satisfying my progressive prescription needs.. Bells and whistles too..

Oh puh-leeze.., yet another brass band.. 
The audience

31's a done deal

I think I'll go into the big city tomorrow and take in the atmosphere five giant rings offers up

If all you want is a Penguin biscuit., you can get one of those from Tesco., but it you want to see a Gold Medal, go to the Olympics..

Thanks this week go/goes to Marianne Vos - Hammadou Djibo Issaka - Yun Chol Om - Hype - Specsavers - Vision Express - Flip-Flops - Jada Pinkett Smith - Madhura Nagendra - Dana Vollmer - Helen Glover - Heather Stanning .. and beach volleyball hand signals..


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