Friday, 13 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 28.. Today's Hot Topics., The Dark Knight Rises and Winter's Not My Season, but Saturday's looking good.....

If you're up for it., then hey., the door's open and I'm around..

Walking through life armed with a plastic bag and style....

The Great Motorways of Life..

Taking a ride
it's just a fleeting moment..
Driving through the seasons is kinda like living the Notting Hill movie scene where Hugh Grant’s character walks the market.. and hey., Ain’t No Sunshine baby.; I drove the M1 and M25 during which, I should have introduced myself to the other drivers who accompanied me for miles and miles and miles at various times, ‘cause I felt as though I was getting to recognise one or two of ‘em., along with the distraction of an endless river of brake lights and intermittent wipers doing their thang..;  so why do drivers think that all that lane hopping is going to take off hours, when in truth, you may be lucky to shave off a whole minute or two., at the most.. and if you're real, real lucky, maybe as much as five whole minutes..-  Ahh, 'life' and those minutes., eh.., so I tend to look and find a lane and car (with clean windows) to follow that seems to be able to drive smoothly and not ON their brake lights.. and then I can then sit back, observe, think and create.., innit..

Oh.. and hey, all I’m aware of is that the night turns into morning by simply getting lighter.., so when’s this ‘sunrise’ thing supposed to happen..!

Creatively creating..

Walking in the rain

I’m also wondering, without getting either wet, or frozen, how to enjoy driving with my window actually open. I know it’s just a very  basic desire, but not being able to enjoy some fresh air is kinda a downer really and more so now I understand and totally get that it appears to be a luxury;  I’m now familiar with Evonne Elliman again..and keeping my finger on the seek button, I attempted, with a vengeance, to find a radio station that provided me with something other than the Bay City Rollers’, Bye Bye Baby.. and Jackie Wilson. In the end, I started writing my own lyrics (and tune) and feel I have another new album ready to record..- I also believe I have the beginning of a new Shades of Grey, but my effort is a little different.; based on rejection, I’m tentatively calling it Not Getting Any.. It’s a work in progress and while sat on the motorway waiting for the wheels of life to go round, I’m able to record my creative thoughts..., or I should say, basic thoughts..

My horoscope for the day indicated that I should approach the road from the right

I also completed a painting inspired by a colour and shape I drove by.., but the thing I'm most looking forward to attacking, is the idea for another new project .. You just gotta love those drives when your mind is bouncing all over the place and full of ideas.. 
.. Three hours just flew by..


Funny thing about drivers..; they all have their idiosyncrasies, as indeed, I do too.., however, I try to be a little more discreet when and how and where I chose to pick my nose.. and what I do with it’s contents., not to mention how I squiddle (?) my ears.. I’m not huge on applying my makeup while driving either, however, it does appear as though that’s a popular motorway past-time. Business commuters have a different routine., with the whole banned phone usage thing not really applicable from my vantage point.., but hey, actually reading your Kindle is far out man..

My Shades of Grey

Today is Wednesday and not Thursday
nor is it Tuesday, jus’ Wednesday
I’ve hit the keys and pedals too
now it’s a case of finding a new direction
and that’s not S Club Juniors
it’s mine

So rock 'n roll...

So now I've got this new tune on constant rewind.. and thanks to Jack White for doin' Little Willie John's "I'm Shakin" and come to think of it., thanks to for the pure rock 'n roll Beth Hart brings to it all..

Friday 13th and bring it on man.. while Saturday's Bastille Day always reminds me of my days in Vanuatu and that Greasy Pole..

I came across an inland waterway completely by surprise this past week..; jus' don't ask.., but hey, I saw it with my own eyes.. and right by Coachway too.. 

Oh geez., now I've had another thought.. and dunno why, but now I have a General De Gaulle experience..; probably because of the whole Greasy Pole deal.., which now brings this funky mind round to the Duke of Kent.. and that whole island experience.. "Hmm., so this is how the mind works eh.?"

I've driven through a quaint and very old English village that was obviously in readiness for the visit of the Olympic flame.; there were No Parking orange bollard thingies everywhere, as well as Union Jacks, bunting and empty streets.. I was kinda worried at one point as I drove through the deserted village that I might be the only person alive that was actually driving these roads..; perhaps everyone was 'getting' ready and infront of their mirrors doing their hair and stuff.., but it appeared as though I was all alone driving through life...
A couple of wrong turns due to ignoring my satellite navigation a few times, I came across the same roundabout, for the third time as I back pedalled in my attempt to leave this place..; a blind and very sharp left got me back on track and the tiny and undulating, twisting country roads took me through dark clouds, blue skies, thunder, blinding sunshine and from temperatures that ranged from 14 to 22 all in the space of a journey..  I had to come to a complete stop once on the narrow roads as I had to share the moment with a wide load that caused me to retract my mirrors, such was the space I was allowed..

I didn't see Ronnie either
However., however., the stones suddenly and completely out of nowhere, jumped out at me once I rounded the uphill bend and there standing in that familiar circle to my right was Stonehenge..  NO, not Mick, Keith or Charlie, but the Stonehenge stones.., Hmm, I know that sight, so I took the right turn at the dip, before driving into the dusty coach filled car park where I was immediately directed to take my parking place in the adjoining field.
This was the third time I can recall seeing them, although the second was by accident as I was flying down the country roads in my little go-kart at the time at sunset., a very long time ago.; I didn't stop then.. and the first.?, well, when I was in school, I think.. This time was different., I'm going to remember it., if just for the many foreign accents I heard.. and actual people - ola.., by the way..
The 360 views were/are breathtaking (FYI), as was the cloud activity.. I definitely lucked out weather wise..
Dude, I swear I think he's looking at us..

The sound of the long dry grass under the car kinda spoke to me too.. Ok, that was plain weird., but really, driving onto a field seemed like an adventure too..; look, I've told ya that I don't need or require much to entertain me. Now, it's a darned field..

... How did they get those stones out there..?

Direction - I think I'm 'finding' IT..; shape, open space, air and a big sky..; cliffs are cool to visit., but I need a 360 and a middle from where I can see that effing horizon of life..- I know I've told you this, but I found that this week.. I found a middle from where I could see the journey.. It's got to be about the circle of life..; thanks Elton.. Yep., I know there's a middle.., an island and a strip.., anyway..

I took photos, wandered the green grass of an English countryside while taking in a few deep breaths, checked for messages and found that I had a great one., from afar, which was full of the kind of writing and intrigue I love.. Sharing a life brings us all closer and that's where I'm at baby.. Kudos to vulnerability and the enormous  strength and courage it requires to share it.. It proves (to me) a sense of trust..; thank you..-  twas a good day..; so good that I actually made a call.. and from that call I saw another English thing., a hidden waterway complete with canal barges, bike paths and lakes.. and this just a spit from my first market in a long ass'd time.. The best looking fruit and veg' stand in a while too.. 
Feminine vulnerability rocks (for me) when you get to enjoy it.. It sucks when some clown/loser takes advantage of that gift, but to me, it's like looking into, really looking into, a Masters Painting..; it just moves ya.. and I love brush strokes..- they tell a story.. 
Do we really look and see what's going on.?
I've gotta a bloody dry cough..; not sure why, or how, but I have one.. I'm remembering dreams a lot these days, even though I'm not sleeping great.. I was also met by a site that shook me when the ole man opened the door this past week.. At some point while I've been adventuring, he fell, collapsed, fainted, blacked out, tripped., or something while out in the rain.. Fortunately a good samaritan made the call, but cuts, stitches, bruises and swellings make him look as though he took on the gang and lost; 20 minutes for an emergency ambulance seems far too long to me.. - I'm thankful for the diminutive and unassuming great guy who's constant inspiration is evident by the life resume he's managed to put together.. 
and hey., 
he also happens to be my dad..

I guess it's all about changing the channel.., so just change the thing..

So there..

Week 28's deal is done.


Thanks this week go/goes to Nerina Pallot - Beth Hart and Jack White - Stonehenge and 360 - Nature valley - Plumb - Gas Pumps and Milk Chocolate Digestives - Tegan and Sara - Amanda Marshall - KT Tunstall for Girl and the Ghost - London 2012, 14 days to go - Henry David Thoreau.. and the Mistakes for getting me this far..

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