Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 30.. The Olympic Velodrome., Eton Dorney...: I See a Red Door and I Want It Painted Black..

This week's musings of

Young love., old love - there's not a great distance between them..

Honesty and Vision
The Curve., Instagram., Wine and Sunsets

I'm in a quandary..; the sunshine and current effort to prove that summer has finally 'hit' is bringing out of the closet, plenty of soft lily white skin.. and a whole lotta red, sunburned skin to observe.. an' all I can say is that I wouldn't be seen dead walking around without my shirt on, but geez, not everyone has that consideration.. and phew., please take a shower.., please, PLEASE..

and guys., please give up the speedos..; they're like bad milk..
yuck and past their sell-by-date..

A KFC box to call out from..
 I also wonder why, when ya bring your 'stuff' and 'lunch boxes' to the beach, you can't take it away with ya.. Trash, trash, trash.. I've seen the usual empty coke bottles, left shoes, as opposed to right one's ?!..; someone's half eaten lunch, fish and chip boxes and augmented boobs..; the augmented boobs weren't left at the beach by the way., but they were pretty darned trashy..  I wonder if the new owners of them think 'we' look 'cause they think they're the 'bees knees', 'cause sadly, I look and wonder 'WTF'..


Today's headlines indicate that the beach volleyballers (Olympic style), are going to cover up..; heavens forbid.. I'm outraged.., OUTraged I tell ya.. I love watching those handsignals..
Ooh., scary ball..!

Tom Cruise's son debuts his Mohawk... and I'm sitting on the edge of my seat for that..; THAT was actually a headline..!

.. and if it's peace and quiet you want on that beach., Venice Beach, Ca gets just 16,000,000 annual visitors..

Bejing's '08 Olympic venues are already in a shambles and all this after pouring billions into them.. - Nooo., who'd a figured that one.. I certainly didn't see that one coming at all..


I overheard a dad (?) shout out to his toddler son (as he was playing in the ocean).., "don't get too wet".. - I'm still trying to work that one out too..

I followed an overly tanned middle aged couple, both carrying a few extra pounds, along the busy boardwalk, who were obviously in the middle, beginning or end of a loud and very obvious cussing match..; he said, "you can effing nag me all you want, I'm still not going bi*ch."
she responded, "I will effing nag you, all I effing want Richard- Head."
Him., "effing nag away you effing C-word"
She., "you're an effing loser and I'm effing going then male hensucker."..
I had no idea what they were arguing about and I suspect, neither did they.., but this went on back and forth for several minutes to the total 'entertainment' of the hundreds of holidaymakers in earshot..

More Brass Bands and Deck Chairs..
and despite the signs, watched ball games being played where they apparently shouldn't have been.., while I heard Chuck Berry's 'Roll Over.. some ole composer' still being played for the amusement rides..

Prime location was awarded to the guy who carves out the exciting names, words and phrases  for us all to hang on the shed door..., unless you want a belt buckle to offend people with, in which case, you can purchase one of those.. -  fab, groovy, far out man, innit.

"Ere, 'ave ya got any taa oos., innit..?"
I heard "taa oos" being pronounced all day long before the green light went on and I realised that the word was infact tattoos..

While the stream runs, it seems the popular usage is for your trash needs rather than the ten strides it takes to reach the overflowing rusting green ones planted picturesquely next to the relaxing bird stained benches provided.. - but none of this is noticed because the sun is shining and "I want an ice cream"..
Do Not Disturb..; it's hot..

Two days of sun and baking temps reaching highs of around a whopping 72 and I'm hearing "oh, sigh, this is too hot"..

Lots of books and Kindles being used.. - lots of sliced white breaded sandwiches wrapped in silver foil .. and lots of baggy/saggy bikini bottoms as years and years of effort to contain said butt have finally given up on their owners.., although., although I did actually get to see a perfect butt., a rare slender 10+ and dressed in a simple, plain black Brazilian cut bikini.. I wasn't really looking or taking much notice, but.., but.., that butt had it going on..
No., not this one., but I was looking..
 Have you ever noticed those people carrying a fistful of melting ice creams back to their families, who always seem to be miles and miles away..? I've seen more blatant licks.. and sorry, but I don't want one now..

Text, text, text.. solitary walkers heads down, frowns in the house.. and fingers dancing across their touch screen phones and hey "hi., g'morning., I'm an actual real life person.; nice to see you".. "w-wh-what.?"

..and I know that top looks great on Kate Moss, duh, but you may want to go a size bigger.. For an unbiased opinion, I am available for all your dressing room consultancy needs and requirements..
Did you know that Byron, William Blake and Will Shakespeare are all dead.. and Austin Powers isn't real..? Oh shoot, maybe it's me, I'm wrong.. and they aren't..

Character arcs and development
Originality and when it's not..- I accept that I'm not.., so

Start Me Up
-The Rolling Stones-

I know there's a smile there somewhere..
yep., I'm on the look out for smiles 
along the coast's miles and miles
and positive sounding words.. and birds

.. and really, I truly couldn't give a flying effing f*#k if you cuss or not, but please just be aware that there are children on the putting course and families on the crowded beach.. and we can all hear you..; thank you

it's 2012 (I think), not 1962.. an' I'm marching forward, ONWARDS, waking up to new days, reading new news, getting fatter, older., not going backwards.; NOT, NO., NEVER - it ain't happened, evah.., well 'cept for Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future.., oh and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button..., but not to anyone I know.., although.., now I think about it., I do know 'one or two' folk who live in another time...

- But shh., I won't tell -

Now off to handle an envelope..

30 out..

Elegantly artistic peace..

Thanks this week go/goes to Sally Ride - Jon Lord - Felix Baumgartner - Steph Houghton - Insomniacs - Great Looking Female Butts Everywhere - Black t-shirts - Coat Hangers - Zambesi Express - The Stones - Beth Feeback.. and Factor 15 ...

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