Sunday, 22 July 2012

Image 52 - Week 29.. Bradley Wiggins' Whiskers, Sean Yates, Edgar Degas.., and Barack Obama's briefs..

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Gary Barlow's hair
Le Tour de France 2012
5 funky cars you can't get in the U.S.
 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
Holden Ute SS
Ford Ranger
 Chevrolet TrailBlazer
Toyota Alphard

Prepared for a beach lunch in the rain

A Pair of  Trainers and an Open Road..

I just looked at a map for my directions and what was once a direct line, is now a zig-zag and series of ‘squiddles’.. an’ all I want to do is get there..

I'd like mornings if they started later., although I do like private conversations and city lights..

So, I broke a tooth., not that you'd know of course, but I do.; #27, 2nd molar.. and my tongue feels as though it's been ripped to shreds..- if you only knew the hoops I'm jumping through to get it fixed, you'd know I've become quite the athlete..

.. and as simple as I know it is, I just can't get the hang of this parking lot thing and paying a small mortgage in order to leave my car for an hour..

I was also in the company of a real life Olympic Torch being shown round.. and can you believe it, I actually didn't take a pic.. The poor guy was posing enough with it so I took pity on him inspite of the fact that it would have only been one more pic..; there are times whenya gotta leave it alone.. an' I could see it in his eyes, so.., I left it..

I saw a sign today

A bunch of street dancers, performers..  and a rather lame rendition of 'Is This The Way To Amarillo" got me moving on.; now, if it had been "Avenues and Alleyways" I may have stayed for another 3 minutes and 10 seconds.., if not just for the distraction of the cute girl in a tutu.. I got stopped by 11 solicitors trying to get me to join the gym, go 'clubbing', take dance lessons, do a survey and interviewed by two German students for a project they were working on, as well as turning down the chance to carry an Argos catalogue for the remainder of the day., but the second Lifeboat thingy was a little much..; I'm not really into making sandcastles in the rain, but hey, good luck to them..
I was so pissed off getting soaked to the skin for the third successive day on my walk that I gave in and bought the cheapest, nastiest rain jacket I could find, paid for it and asked the cashier to cut the bloody tags off so I could wear the damn thing and headed out to the ..., bloody sunshine.. It naturally didn't rain for the rest of the day while I stubbornly refused to take my new jacket off.. I became sure that if I took it off, the heavens would open up, so for the good of the people, I kept it on and fried.. 

Why are folk rude.? and do you actually think of other people when you decide to suddenly stop in the middle of the crowded road.., or worse, inconsiderately take up the WHOLE sidewalk for your parking requirements..
Yep, I said something, but as you may gather, 'it' was naturally my fault and I was the one being extremely unreasonable.. I'm still in wonderment just how these three ignorant guys managed to navigate their scrappy truck into this position.
an' ignorant..
It may look like a road to you, but to me buddy., this is a path.. and you did ask if there was a problem, so don't look amazed when I answer you with a resounding YES.!

Geez, I'm not good with having to reach behind a cupboard to retrieve something and come up with a handful of fluff..

Thanks to Seasick Steve for 'Walkin' Man"..

At least this ole boy was dancing..

A family that naps.., together..
A wedding born under a dark cloud..
It's just the middle of summer..

I'm jaded., but the images are out there, so I can either chose to ignore them, or 'exercise' my finger.. an' I simply can't look the other way and ignore the real moments..

Just do it..

29's done and now onto 30

Simon Templar

Thanks this week go/goes to Bradley Wiggins -  Pinarello Dogma 2 - Audi R8 - Jessica Biel - Guor Marial - Mariel Zagunis - Go Outdoors - REI - Primark - William Blake - The Saint.. and metal tables everywhere..

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