Monday, 30 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 18... Sa-Wad-Dee.., ain't no sunshine ..

.. 'cause it's the middle of Spring..; hmm., 's'not good enough..

thanks to D. W...
.. so., cover your eyes.. and listen to the end of April...

I just don't know, but I guess people want to really rest it out with a pot of tea, or decoratively placed inflatable things.. and why.. (?).; probably., I suspect., because of how instinctively inviting the alternative isn't..

It's just another abstract kinda day..

..or maybe it's simply me and just my imagination..; you see, my papa was a rolling stone.., so fiddely dee, fiddely dum.., look out baby 'cause here I.. ; geez., you know that all this is is basically a temptation or two.., or., I wonder, if it's all nothing but a simple superstition.., however, I'm thinking that Nina knows, 'cause she's feeling good..
contrasts., colour and shape... 
Yep., it's about da music baby.. and my inspiration is coming from a bunch of lyrics.; from raindrops keep falling on my head, to going to California where there's an L.A. woman who's not called Gloria, or Layla.. and neither does she have green eyes, but on a perfect day when I'm a sharp dressed man in my cheap sunglasses, she's simply irresistible.. ; oh well..

Other than the music, it's about shape  shape,   contrast and the purest of primary Colours.. and how THOSE 2 cees and an ESS continually inspire me., as always..; red and yellow yellow because they make me think of sunrises, sunsets, sunflowers and the colour of heat..; hot, hot, hot baby. Midnight blue because it reminds me of a clear night-time sky.. So what does that tell ya other than I love being able to take in the outdoors from morning, 'till the end of the day..- thanks Ray and The Kinks..
.. oh.. and I love day-time moons too..
But.., of course.. is that red, 'Simply' red..? IS that yellow a Coldplay yellow and is THAT sunrise an Eagles Tequila sunrise.. OR ., is THE sunflower., Paul Weller's Sunflower.. and finally, is that Midnight blue., ELO's..? Colour AND music..; coincidence or inspiration..?.

Then there are sounds
 the sounds of magic and of being in another place
Manet kinda works too.., as does Byron, but
 crossing the International Dateline..
 waking up in a room filled with sunrise and
sleeping to the sounds of the waves distantly and hypnotically crashing
Watching dolphins play, whales migrate and
paddling by while seals laze on the bell 
Ferries travelling back and forth in the dying evening light
A cocktail on a deck. A boardwalk I can ride;
gas stations without lines and Aisles I know
Mountains, desert and beach., all in a day.. and
glass, light and space
Galleries, performances and escalators with views 
The midnight hour and last harbour ride
The first flight and island alleyways
Parking, barbecues and s'mores
The 1, 55, 215.. and 405
first Thursdays and eyes that smile
Yes., when and reasons
Garment bags, growing families, mansions and a grotto
 Words, legs and open windows..
Square feet, lbs., lots and tips
Greetings, salutations and even permutations
subterranean and enough inspiration to fill the ole cranium..

 .. ahh, I'm seeing how this thing works..; I'm looking through a few pics and along with them comes flooding back, the memory of a moment which is now causing this miserable old face to break into the biggest, cheesiest smile..evah.. and to think it's all because I carry a simple lil' camera around..
I'm forever motivated by the indifferent 'street' inspired images I collect.. , by the indifferent words I write and by the experiences I'm., er.., experiencing.. and in the words of Michael Wolff., "I've met me a lot..; I mean I've seen myself for 'a number of years'." .., "but I don't know what I look like to other people.., so I have to package myself authentically..".. "I have three muscles.., first one is curiosity"..; "second is appreciation of how joyful what you see walking down the street can be".., while the third being, whole, which is greater than the sum of the parts, and knowing that certain things have certain textures, colour.. and am obsessively interested in everything..".. "and that gets expressed more through my eyes".. - thank you Michael..

Geez., I passionately love texture.., great vocals and integrity..

"I crossed a bridge I've never crossed before today
I walked a road I've never walked before
I learned that Lucas is already talking at 17 months 
and I could see for miles and still not have a view"

I dreamt the same dream three times this morning.! Second time was to remember the first one...; while the third time was to tell someone so they could remember it for me..
I knew it was this morning 'cause as I was dreaming the third one, I could also hear it raining... and woke up immediately after it finished.. I dream best in the mornings incidentally..

Pardon..; oh I should go 'where'.., to the what.. 'bell'..? Oh., NOT the bell, but to... Yep., probably..

Seriously.., for real..? But, but, the grammar, the spelling..! and why do the 'locals' repeat themselves.., repeat themselves.. and why do the 'locals' repeat themselves., innit..? and hey, could you pass me a boiled sweet (!) please..

Inspiration..? Hmm, well for me it's in everything I see, hear.. and come to think of it., notice..  A squirrel fell out of a tree near the tennis courts in the saturated middle gardens virtually within a stride or two of me.. and almost within my unbroken stride, I saw it thud to the ground, shake it's stunned self off., look at me as if to say.., "duh., that was pretty stoopid uh.?"., then jump off almost in the same movement while checking me out.. and all I was trying to do was eat an M&S cheese sandwich in the rain.. That tiny accident prone squirrel reminded me about balance, nature and time..
The moment also kinda reminded me just how quickly something can happen that has the potential to change  and impact your day.. 

.. an' seriously what's the big deal with potatoes..?

Yep., lean back...; put your foot out there and hey, it's pretty easy 'innit'., on land..!

or you could lean forward., put your foot out there and brace yourself..; innit..

Ahh., inspiration to try something new can come in any second and at any age, shape or size..; an' while I've just been open and inspired this week., I can't help being motivated by the thought of.. spring somewhere else..

Yes, it's an ocean.; yes, there's a sky.. and yes, that's a pier..; yes there are waves and YES there's a beach, but truly, ..they're different..

Domo arigato
 お 疲 れ 様 

.. and thanks (this week) must go to Danika W for the great pic I've sadly butchered during editing but yet correctly shows me in the thoughtful mood I approve of..; I just shaved a year and couple of lines off, if you must know.. Thanks also go to the memories... and a library of street  motivated pics I've drawn on..; to Michael Wolff's great and truly inspirational Intel video that JD 'introduced' me to and from where I 'got' a few words.... Thanks also goes/go (?) to a couple of people who'll remain nameless, but whose grammar and spelling  proved mine ain't so bad after all.. and finally, I'd like to thank David Ruffin, The Temptations.., Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Ray Charles.., Bill Withers, The Mansion, Balboa Pier and Monkey Mia.. and of course, the rain on my window..; oh and the cheap red I'm enjoying..
.. and if you're lucky enough to have been forgotten this time, have no fear, I'll unintentionally no doubt, embarrass you next time., or the next.. and doesn't the spelling of 'embarrass' look wrong to you..?

JD's influence has already been mentioned, which brings me to Lisa M., Sandra W..; Bobbi.. Mel, Rebecca, KU, Ms. Baur.. ; traveling Jenn., Jazmine, Ess  and a whole bunch of painters., artists, writers, designers, performers and musios who all believe..

Don't think however., that you Dann G, Ray N, Peter L., Brock M., the 7 C's., Erin. Greg/Laurie LaR, James F and Ruthie H..., Liz., Raven Rave., Nancy W., Faith, Nina De., Carolin, Christina B, Steph an' Jon, Julie., Kristen, Teri M and Tawny feel you are beyond escape this week, 'cause you've had every moment of breathing influence on my week too.. and I'd like to acknowledge your roles.; thanks guys..; any inspiration I've gained wouldn't be the same without the thoughts of you that occupy every part of my soul...

Long live rock and roll..., eyes that sparkle.. 


Mr. Charles' - you don't know me.. 



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