Monday, 23 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 16.. All our yesterdays.. , Shinji Kagawa.. and tomorrow..

and I've got nothing but rain for ya this week..; rain, rain, rain.. and choices..

Left., or right..?

that and Brook Benton's Rainy Night in Georgia.. and "Here Comes The Rain Again" by The Eurythmics.., "November Rain" and Guns N' Roses.. and then again "Purple Rain" by Prince.., The Beatles' Rain.. Clapton's Let it Rain..; One Rainy Wish by Hendrix.. and Zeppelin's The Rain Song.. When it finally gets to Monday, I suspect it'll be a Stormy one.., but when Friday comes around, the eagle's going to fly.., apparently..

The L.A.Times Festival of Books no doubt enjoyed their normally great weekend .. and I #*@^ing missed it.., but if you get chance to ever check it out, do so 'cause it's a fun couple of days.. and it's a totally free festival baby.. 

Missed the kick off to the Ensenadas too., geez..; come to think of it, I've missed a great weekend, but I have managed to change drenched clothes, which tested the contents of my wardrobe more than once or twice.. Hence the rainy blues.. and 'those' dark clouds.

I'm trying to work out how I can better my written sarcasm.. and take in some of Manet's work next week to celebrate his April 30th's passing, while enjoying some much needed culture..; I was also reminded this past week that a piece of my work hangs in a friend's home..  Thanks 'J'..
Then I remembered something about choices..; I'll come back to the whole choices deal later.., but first..

I was standing next to a Mum on the boardwalk/prom', a couple of feet from the sand.. and watched as she bent down to her buggy sized toddler and (heard her) say.., "we'll go to the beach ONE day when it's sunny"..! Now., is it just me., or..?

Gimme some of that inspiring shelter Mick..
I thought of a Stones song as I looked for some shelter from the rain... and found something from all our yesterday's..

I also overheard the following question.. "What you've got to do, is hit the backspace."... and the response., hmm., "and what's a backspace..?"

.. and really., is all that tacky stuff necessary to have a good time, or to celebrate.? and what does 'inactive' mean (?) 'cause I'd like to delete it's ass if that's ok..

Choices.. and simply liking to drive with the darn window open.., but having the luxury of not wanting to basically freeze to death, or get soaked.., or have some nasty heating blasting out of the vents..   and when will I be okay to leave my gloves behind..? I think I've been wearing them since last September.., almost 8 months.!! Yep, choices..; I'd just like them.., but.. HARK, I do have them..; thanks 'L'..

and if it's gotta be that difficult..; why.?

Missed NBFF celebrating Earth Day in the Upper Bay too..; drat.. and will miss NBFF's fantastic week long celebration that starts middle of next week.. I just hope I don't miss my birthday.. 
Hang on., I need to pencil that one in before I forget.. Ok..; done..

How people's choices affect others.. and make your mind up already will ya..

Oh and yes.., well, no really..; oops, nearly let the cat outta the bag.. Such is the way my fingers work when they don't think..

Frumpy too..; I've been reminded of da frump baby.. and surely there is a choice.. and what is it with all these butt cracks..?  I mean, I know and can feel it, so why can't the other butt cracks..?

Left or right..?
A rainy day choice of whether to go left., or right.. and is the view, really the same..? There are almost identical puddles either side..; the paths appear to be the same.. The end result appears to be the same.., but one path leads you to the left, while the right one, leads you er.. right..!! 
How do we know which is the 'right' path..? Choices eh..!

Well only if you understand it is on a public path..; but it's a choice.., I guess..
I have absolutely no clue what this week's Image is about other than choices.. and the choices we have to make every day.. and the ones I've made this past week have included deciding to delete a few Facebookers and hovering over a couple more.. 
Choices have also been whether to stay indoors., or to get wet..; I choose wet everyday 'cause I have a feeling that I'm going to be a long time dead.. and who knows then..? 

Looks like I'm going to be late posting week 16 as it's 11.55.., unless I chose to hit the post button right now, unedited and unspellchecked..; now there's a word..'unspellchecked'..

So that's my effort done..; I've made the decision based on the choice I have..; blues rather than pop., man..  Oh., and right rather than left..

Ready for action and without a choice..., or.

I was introduced to Diane Schuur this week also.. ; well NOT actually introduced introduced, but simply the kind of listening introduction that one gets to do when tuning into YouTube..

Thanks this week go to the two people who had a choice and decided to return the favour ...; thanks also goes to Buddy Guy, a pair of dry Levis, a set of great windscreen wipers., my faded Addidas baseball cap.., the plumber... and Mandy...

.. and I'm late posting...; it's 12.33 a.m.... and unedited., unchecked..., but who's reading about choices anyway..!
It's just a simple seat and view that I chose to enjoy..

So., did I tell you that I love your smile, nervous chatter.. and the way I feel when I think of you..

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