Monday, 7 May 2012

Image 52 - Week 19.. The smell of fresh., #hot Cinnamon rolls.. and movies..

.. although I do have to say., movies really don't smell.., but some do stink..


.. and.. dude.., really.., I'm still looking for myself..

 I'm trying to find a board, before I get too bored, or even to board
their, there and they're all different
definitely isn't definatly and
while colour is color just as much as harbor is a harbour
the year is different as is to, too and two..
You're your best guess as to why though
so, why all the basic errors
I'd much prefer to stand in a line than to queue
and I can't stand those bathroom air fresheners
I have no clue as to how to
fly a rocket, but
I do now know my no's as I do my nose..
and knowing where I am isn't were I am..
so hi.. it's 19 and welcome...

Simple signs..

"If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito." - someone

I not only helped a stranger log into their emails, but also helped them spell 'thought' and 'based' today...  and received word from afar.. and thanks to the bicyclist who stopped for a great and extremely motivating chat..; to the 'word' from afar and the bike rider, I say., 'do it'.. and do it because you can..

Climbing a zig-zag or two and descending a zig-zag or two proves quite a work-out doesn't it..(?), especially if you've walked all the way to the end and back.? 

It's just all trash., but with a multi million dollar view..
So. we're in the month of May.. and this is how it read for me today.. in part., "Low-brow culture -- such as reality television, pop music and slapstick movies -- are satisfying sometimes, but right now your heart and soul need exposure to a higher level of art." - no kidding..

I booked a ticket to see Cezanne..; I'm just in the mood for a Cezanne.. I don't suppose I'll actually see Cezanne but I'm looking forward to seeing his work and a Basquiat..and this time., a Picasso too.. You won't need to know how I'll get on though simply because for those who know., will just know...

I believe I ate too much chocolate today.. and.

.. I've spent some time dictating my words over the past couple of days., 'cause I'm on an idea.., but that play back is kinda scary man.., however, it's  working..

YOU be the judge..; is this an exciting piece of architecture or..., not..?

.. and the railings are for..?
Now, I don't know for sure 'cause I'm just eye balling it, but I think this builder got it wrong..
Just another trashy view..; or maybe I should simply look the other way and ignore it.
Thank goodness for signs, cinnamon and movies I say..., although I'm convinced that Denzel Washington plays pretty much the same character in every movie he makes..; I'm open to the idea that I'm wrong of course, but it certainly appears like it..
I recognise an Eastwood movie immediately with his great use of low light and obvious love of back lighting.., as well as his relaxed and consistently cool pacing..
.. and I totally dig Echo and the Bunnymen's Lips Like Sugar..

.. just realised that I'm still "it" from a game of tag in 1970..

.. and why is it that some folk make your insides smile when you hear from them..? Hey., I'm feeling adverbs.. and you..?

Wheelbarrows, brooms and tea breaks.. - 2012., UK style..

There are times when you've got to step back, take cover and wait it out.; but remain close
Been a busy week., flying here, there and everywhere.. I've had great meetings in the big city, a little city and two towns.., with a village thrown in for good measure..; I've used a car, a train, a bus, coach, e-mail, Skype and my left and right feet.. Yep., I've got two feet that have been in shoes, boots, a couple of pairs of sneakers and a few pairs of socks.., but I'm most excited by the ...; well., by the developments., thanks to RR..

I'm not inspired by the hiring of  Hodgson at all., sadly..; the end of season promotion/relegation issues are being sorted out with little to keep my interest.. and along with them, I'm hoping to hang up my gloves for a couple of months too.

Cinco de Mayo came and went., strangely enough on the 5th.., which coincided with an appropriately timed and celebratory Margarita.., or two..  There was a whole hoopla about Mariah Carey and her red ski suit, which reminded me of what should have been on my Mexican menu.. and yet, the chips and salsa still totally worked mis amigos..

.. or there..
I've had three late nights on the trot.., the coast's still cold enough to make my eyes water.. and all I'd like to see is just one great pair of jeans...., to follow and oogle at..

It's all I've got for ya this week..

All I do know is approximately 20 years ago I heard a then, (in my opinion), dated Carly Simon and Barry Manilow (on the radio) when a radio caller phoned in and offered up a suggestion to the DJ that it's "about educating the problem areas.." and 20 years later, I turned on the radio to hear exactly the same 3 things... Later, I overheard a few people talking about the 'local entertainment' playing..; the only words I heard went something like, "yeah, they're here every year doing the same ole shit.."..; hmm, I guess that's what ya call  progress for ya..

 So to keep it real..

.., when it comes down to it.., all I'm offering up for an early 19's inspiration is an appropriately called bottle for you to check out this week.. and that's about all I have..; absolutely  *#kola.. , for realz.., but it's early man..

Have a great week.. and hey..

.. thanks worth mentioning this week go to Free's Fire and Water for keeping me company and inspired throughout this sortie..  The Stealer., Mr.Big and I'll be Creepin' played their parts too..; probably because of Fraser's great bass work, Koss' understated Gibson and the solid sticks, a la Kirke..; with Rodgers doing what he does best and fronting the short lived blues groove..

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