Sunday, 8 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 14.. Grrr., Red Wine and

Throwing it around..!

Ohmm.., ohmm..
SO., what's a little inexpensive French red wine splashed all over the place anyway.? It stains, of course.. and requires cleaning up, but with a lot of soda water and patient dabbing, there are worse things going on to worry about...; I heard the Titanic went down...

.stylin'.., for someone.; jus' not me..
I've liked the word 'exemplary' this week.., seen a lot of pink, purple and wacky checks, stripes and watched the tide roll in..

Hmm., even walked up and down a few stairs, including those that smell.. ; I got drenched at some point too.. and all for what..?

Easter, spring and indifference.. I actually intended putting together a 'dirty, trashy' kinda blog this week, complete with pics of said stuff, but in all truth, I can't.., or can I ? Sure, there's a mountain of chewing gum left on the sidewalks, discarded trash left by the road and patched up tarmac seemingly with every stride I took.; I'm not sure why the smokers have to throw their empty packs to the ground, nor why the drinkers have to leave their beer cans and bottles for me to notice.., but in truth the trash is mostly made up of crushed cigarette packs, beer cans and chewing gum.., which proves who the folk are who don't really care and take little pride in where they live.. I guess I notice just where the trash bins are and can make it to one of them when I've finished with my choc', or blown my nose, or drank my coke.., but hey.., instead., I'm going to share with you the adventure I've had looking for a shirt..; I think I could climb Everest, or complete a record breaking marathon with no training whatsoever before I find a bloody shirt I like.. I don't want a darn rainbow striped shirt, nor a button down one..;  I don't want a spring one.., or a skinny one..  
Prints are also a no no..
and I don't want a flowery one with a funky collar, I just want a casual long sleeved white shirt without a structured collar  (that I can wear with my jeans) with perhaps a faint/faded blue stripe or even, dare I say it., a faded blue 'check', but that's predominantly white ... I want to be able to wear it tucked in, or out and with a t-shirt under or not..; just a bloody shirt.. I don't want it to look like it's been starched and I don't want it to feel like a packet of crisps.. and I don't want a short sleeved one.. I just want a shirt without those nasty cheap buttons everywhere, pockets everywhere and those awfully shaped collars..; just a shirt.., that's all..!

Some people use a public restroom...
See., it's good to moan..; no it's not., yes it is.. I could look the other way (duh), of course.., but then surely I'd be choosing to ignore the obvious.. and then perhaps, accepting (?) the way it is.. and I simply refuse to condone trash ignorantly strewn around, chewing gum spat out, or pink, purple striped shirts and sweaters, no matter how soft the sweater is..; so what's a guy to do.? .. whine, moan and whine some more about it..; yep.. it's all about a shirt guys.. an effing SHIRT..and because I can't find one, I'm seeing chewing gum, empty beer cans and crushed cigarette packs..!! Oh and don't get me onto the subject of the guy changing into his swimming trunks right in front of the packed holiday weekend beach bar.. His old and obviously faded grey boxer briefs were doing nothing to contain his solidly  'rotund' physique.. and this is while I'm walking by after seeing rows of bloody striped shirts..!! 

They all managed to look the other way.., but I simply couldn't..
Not my kind of day.. and you'd say something like, "look the other way then".. and I'd say something like.., " I bloody tried"..

Switching off, stepping back.. and conscious decisions..; how old is old.. and when does a friend become more of an acquaintance.? 
Doing things one wants to do is selfish (?), or focused.. and would I ever have gone into that place otherwise.. and do I need to now..? 

There is a point to all this (?)., I'm hoping.., although as it looks right now, I'm admittedly clutching at straws and for an image that will bring it together for what I hope will be a reason to publish the week's flashbulb moment and moment of inspiration..  
Whine, wine, trashy shirts and trash..; hmm., where's the epiphany ..?

More wrong stuff..
Tea and sandwiches too..; flasks, silver foil everywhere.. and while it's 5 o'clock somewhere., here it seems to be always lunch time.., well unless it's tea time.. and what's tea time anyway..?

Bus Stations, job centres and airports..; been there too, but I haven't been to Memphis.. 

Did I mention my stiff back..? or that I overheard some guy this evening ask his buddy as they walked the beach.."and where in the world could you see and have this.?" as he pointed west towards the rocks...; so I turned to look at what he was pointing at as I passed him and thought., "hmm, you've obviously not traveled much or far.."  

A gate to.... a story..

Shirts.. and is it really all about a shirt.., or is it about Easter and making peace with my 'whines'.., so I'm kinda thinking that this weeks 52 isn't about the moans as much as it's about understanding I can mop up the wine using some soda water... and holy cow, epiphany moment guys..; it's there, right there.. 

I started this blog referring to red wine being spilled and ending it with a pic of a guy appearing to walk on water while fishing.. and all over the Easter weekend.. 
If that were a sign, I'd say to heck with the whole shirt deal and focus on the signs  that are all about us..

So, as it's Easter and I was thinking of a guy who walked on water and had a few fish handy, I saw this guy and thought.., "hmm., what's this guy got in his bucket.?"..

So, proving my own adventurous journey is a spiritual one, I'm once again reminded of the signs I see in my everyday walk of life.. and this week, it seems what's important isn't a shirt, discarded cigarette pack or crushed beer can, it basically comes down to some red vino, a gate to somewhere and a guy who appears to be walking on water..; now, where have I heard that one before..?

"There you will see him, just as he told you."

Thank you to the United Kingdom, United States., California, Germany, Latvia, Indonesia, Cream, The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony,  Galaxy Chocolate, The Midnight Rambler, Sandbanks, The Dolphin Center., Bournemouth Gardens Annual Easter Duck Race., the Mayor, Elvis., Coke Cola and cheap French wine for this weeks inspirations....

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