Thursday, 26 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 17.. Breakfasts, a new day.. and Pep Guardiola..

honesty can suck sometimes., but.. "g'morning., your car has been found.".

One Weetabix., some Sugar Frosties and a handful of berries sprinkled on top accompanied by none fat milk and OJ., is all I need.., until the water.. an' I've already completed 10 sets of 10 sit-ups alternating with just 5 sets of 10 push-ups .. and I can get my 'old' day movin'..; it's that simple..

There was a time when at 10.20 am you'd have already completed an hour and a half's worth of work., at least, whereas now, you're posting, liking or responding to something on Facebook.. and trying to convince us all that there simply isn't enough time in the day..
Excuse me, but I have to take an hour's break from my two introductory paragraphs AND heading, while I take a coffee shop break, check my phone and text someone to see what they're doing.. ; phew.., it's looking like I need another break now...

Ok, I've had a stretch and yawned a couple of times, looked out of the window, seen a puddle or two and am left wondering how I can better inflict the levels of sarcasm I'm trying to convey...; oops, hang on, I'd better add those two 'friends' ( I have no clue about., but) I just met last night; after all, I may need a light bulb at some point.. , oh and while I'm at it, I've got another 50 likes to add to the list of 1500 I've never looked at.. Shoot, I'll be back in another hour after I've signed onto my Twitter account, left a handful of witty (?) anecdotes.., checked up on some daily and trending news I can plagiarise and socially arranged my evening out..

Coffee time..; geez,  I have no clue when I'm going to find the time to do my laundry, or grocery shop.., damn it..! These apps on my touch screen 'roid are great aren't they..! I can chat, play games, keep up with the world soccer scores, even find out where the nearest public bathrooms are..
Amazon..; I need to buy a battery..: Oh shoot, before I forget, I also must research cheap flights and the exchange rates.. and pick up a couple of bottles of red..

Not again..
 Oh great, now a Facebook event invitation I have to respond to.. ; time for tea.. and a sandwich.. Hmm and while we're at it, I see the Tate has an interesting gig going on..- Abstract Expressionism meets Minimalism..; did someone mention work..?  
Can you believe it, now I've lost my signal., for a split second..; what am I going to do now.; sniffle, sniff..! ..Tops up the tea and reaches for the cookie jar..

.. and back to the ole Twitter account because someone I don't know and haven't met responded to my plagiarised tweet.. and now I have to engage in a 140-character limit (?) conversation., unless of course I post a Twitpic or use an additional content hosting site which will allow me to leave a longer piece of  literary fop..

To think my morning's not even half over yet and I'm exhausted with satisfying my online social network.. Just not sure when I'll actually get back to work because it's creeping ever closer to lunch and that means heading back out to that coffee shop.., for another hour.. and besides., it's raining and I can't find the inspiration... All I can say is that it's a good thing I managed to get my crunches in this morning..; I'm shattered with all this thinking.. It's no wonder my clients are chasing me for an update on their project.. and to think., I haven't even had time to say 'hi' to my neighbour yet..
Aha, time to procrastinate..; sorry.., but I'll get back to you in a minute.. Thank goodness for Caller I.D. I say...; I'm far too busy to want to talk to you..; more tea please..

That's jus' plain weird honestly.., but you've been warned..

 Otis Redding - Sittin' on...

But hold on., now I need something, so I'm going to have to make that particular call..; another bum on the seat will inflate my commission., so.. "Oh hi., just wondering how you are..?"..- "Yep., I know.., it's been a while, but I was just thinking of you and wondering how you've been..; oh and hey, what are you doing on Saturday night..?".. - "There's a great new (fill in the blanks), that I thought you'd really enjoy.".. - "and I sincerely .., oh and yes, the tickets (?), the tickets are so much to you.."  ..- "but, but, it would be great to see you too.." - "yeh, later.."

Now, where was I..? Ahh, more tea bags, caffeine and .. enamel staining liquids.. and get that butter knife filled.. Geez, I'm actually going to have to pick up some more tea bags and milk.., but let me take this important call first..- "yes, yep.., busy., swamped and chasing dead-lines dude...; infact I haven't stopped all day so far.."

No, no., I don't watch TV..; of course I haven't got time for that stuff., but that Reality show is hilarious.., oh and that girl on the Apprentice is nuts.. and while I'm at it.., that goal was fantastic, but there's no way that John Terry should be allowed to lift the trophy if they win; he gave up that right., in my opinion, but as I said, I didn't watch it.... and just in case you weren't aware of it.., Britain is in the throws of a double dip recession..; NOoo..!! Thank goodness for those experienced and uber qualified experts.., 'cause I had NO idea.. I just thought those empty high street shops were being displayed how they're meant to be.. derelict.. and ready for Damien Hirst to make another 10 mil.. ; but no, NO, I don't watch any TV.. and of course I don't play games on the computer either..; me..(?), never.. I simply don't have time for that stuff..

Wind burn excuses..
Lunch time.. and the day's running away from me..;   I've now got wind burn and I haven't even touched on the adventure I had when I booked a ticket and didn't know where I was going until I paid for it.. I made it by the skin of my teeth which all added to the anticipation..  and I got to see the light..

Now., what has all this got to do with inspiration and my Week 17..? It's kinda easy really..; well, to me.. and..

..yep, sure.., I've rambled on with my feeble attempts at written sarcasm and my guess is the one or two readers who stop by and are hanging in upto this point have no idea what this has got to do with inspiration.., but.., my inspiration this week is simply about integrity, sincerity and that all exciting deal., truth.. I'm inspired this week by truth..; having heard, what I think to be, a fist full of excuses., I've come to the conclusion that it's inspiring to tell the truth and be honest from the moment you wake up and with the first things you do, to the last thing, for example, hitting the 'post' button.. and revealing oneself.. and I've attempted to do that with this weeks images that, to me, tell a truthful story....

.. and finally., I have to say that I've also been inspired this week by the written words of a talented and extremely creative stranger who consistently posts obviously courageous, alive and funny Facebook headlines when in truth, she appears to have a tougher challenge to deal with.. Unknowingly, she causes me to smile and wince (jus' a little) when I read the very public honesty with which she shares her days, cats and lucky pants.. , but hey, I'm a mere guy an' I wince baby.., but thank you...; cut...

The black hole's not quite what you'd expect it to be..., in all honesty... an' I got to see it this past week..; honest.

Now, I really must go..; I've got to cut my nails, trim my whiskers and floss..; truth.. 

Oh crap.., I just had a thought.;  am I repeating myself here..?

My thanks this week go to Susan Tedeschi., Grace Potter.., Alana Davis., Ingrid Michaelson..,  Sara Bareilles., Erin McCarley., Colbie Caillat., Dressy Bessy., Adelle., Missy Higgins., Psapp and Jango for providing me with the background distraction..

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