Sunday, 15 April 2012

Image 52 - Week 15... and Balotelli surely has to go..; he's even disrupting me..

Quiet incentive.. 

from the bridge..

.. and isn’t a Brazilian Blow Dry an oxymoron..?

Hair Removal on Full Legs and Two ‘Other’ Areas.! Thanks this week already goes to Groupon for these pieces of inspirational imagery..; ‘full’ legs (uh) and two ‘other’ areas uh., and why send this to me..?

 I started my day today with the worst kind of hangover evah.. ; not an alcohol induced hangover, but the kind that comes from a lousy night's sleep.- Hah., 'sleep' uh.!!...; infact I can't remember sleeping, but I guess I must have because the dreams I dreamt added to the whole restlessness I struggled with.. Tossed and turned all night, got too hot, too cold., lost my duvet and couldn't relax at all.. I'm totally exhausted now... and why is the pillow never right when you're restless..? And since I had an experience as a child of a night monster placing my right leg back into bed as I slept, I don't like my leg hanging out from under the bed covers..., so there..!

It all started when I bought an island.., a tropical one, similar to Irriki, as I'd been there and played on it as a kid when it was home to the District Commissioner., although mine has three separate and quite private white sandy beaches, a bay.., a hill from which to enjoy the view of the whole island and fringed on three sides by a coral reef allowing one entrance by the Pacific Ocean to the reclusive piece of paradise I intend living on... and after buying it, I then have to develop a water treatment thingy.. and install some solar energy for the power gig, thing, do da....., but first..

There was also the little matter of a Spanish holiday I was on with old friends and an ex..!
On the morning we were supposed to be returning home., I was late in waking and looking across the courtyard towards their room, I found the curtains drawn and while I didn't really want to leave that morning.., as my unpacked and empty suitcase proved., the thought that they'd leave without at least letting me know, kinda shocked me for a moment.. .. and stood looking at.. and trying to figure out why they'd leave.., I noticed a blackbird, trapped and flapping around between the floor to ceiling glass and drapes just before the neutral curtains were pulled back revealing my friends calmly packed and sat around..; I, on the other hand, had just a face-cloth to hide my erm, toned modesty.. - There ain't any pics of this by the way as this all happened in the moment I was asleep last night..: Back to the island and what kept me awake....

I think I'll buy to scuttle., an old fishing boat and a yacht to create the third reef.. the thought that I could provide a deeper, artificial reef for the potential of some additional marine life and for visiting friends to enjoy while snorkeling, also kept me awake..

I watched U2's Glastonbury concert this week.., thanks to YouTube and I've tried to stay with an iPlayer movie for more than a moment., but so far, not so good..; oh and I've developed this pain just behind my left knee and an itchy right forearm..

London's  Groupon is offering me an online accountancy course for 59 smackeroos., but sadly I'll have to decline this excitingly enticing deal.. and of course,  stunning opportunity.. Back to my island.. and oh shoot, perhaps I should take the course..
I've gotta brush up on my adverbs..; now where is Groupon with that whole gig when ya need that one..?
I walked across a bridge this week.., just after seeing a miniature steam train roll by tootin' an' a whistlin'... and after last weeks Image, when I saw a guy walk on water, this time, I saw one walk in the air..

 .. an' isn't Suarez (allegedly) a cheat..(?); who cares about the National and what they're wearing., but Shackalackaboomboom (?) for a name., rocks..

Hmm., I wonder what Skyping is like on a theatre sized screen..?

The vision of an island wouldn't be complete without a beach bar where a perfectly shaken and made Cadillac Margarita on the rocks, with salt and in a tumbler would be the house special everyday.., unless of course, you'd prefer one of those chilled bottles of beer pulled from an ice chest. 
Expect the sounds of the Pacific to fill your ears, 'cause there ain't gonna be no disco musak going down in Ole Shep's Bar.., dude..; jus' sayin' if you're wanting to get on the guest list..  No shoes required baby..

Thing is.., is there a funnier movie to watch than Wedding Crashers..? and why does Ferris still stand up..?  and who rocks more than Billy Mack..?

Moments before it hit the goal..
An F150 truck growled past me yesterday.. and if it's flying., I can see the balloon..,  but the best sight from yesterday was seeing a mum in goal on the beach with her hubby (?) and son..

I read 'power' being used, (in my opinion) as an inappropriate verb.., but hey, there again, I'll read all this stuff at some point and think the same..

Geez, deafness sucks..; I'm not sure how many times that point's been repeated in an attempt to get through, but I've lost count.. and the moment's long  gone and now lost all importance.. Senses uh.. and how can someone's new car choice have anything to do with anyone else..? 

Unsolicited bulk messages and spam, spam, spam = delete, delete, delete.. Does any of that s*#t actually get through and work..? and can I dispose of phone messages without having to go through and listen to them..? Hmm, if gas prices do go up to 7.20  per gallon this summer in the UK, as is forecast., that will equate to about $11.47 in real money as of the exchange rates today..
"ALMOST half of all Britons are “seriously considering” moving overseas, an exclusive survey for The Sun has found"... 48%., according to The Sun's pollsters..!! Yeah, hell yes.., I know it's The Sun.., but imagine for one second if this poll proved to be only a little out and it was a mere 25%.!! Someone's definitely not happy with the ole flask and cheese sandwiches and that's fer sure..

Yep., it's a blogged and opinionated bash this time..,  unless I can find something to smile about.., which may lead me to donkeys.. and J.T., Santiago, I'm fine, thanks.. Two smiles as a result the Southern Hemisphere has on me..; which brings me back to my island., somewhere south and west of the International Dateline and Equator , close-ish to 168E 17S...

 and 'why' exactly..!

Ahh., sigh.., it's come together again.. and what a fluke again.., but in truth it was all about the longitude and southern hemisphere deal..; something clicked, no pun intended.. and my mind went to that place.. It started with me suggesting Balotelli should go.. and it's ended with me being honest..  
Truth... and 'why' exactly..!, as my pic and caption above indicates..; well..because we get found out in the end and I found something that made me smile.., honest..

Dark glasses, hoodie and a jeep..: Who'd a figured that out all these years later...; THE journey..

As close as it gets to the longitude., dude..
. and where it starts., it may well finish..

The End

Thanks and inspiration this week goes to several decades and a basket of old pics, along with the realisation that I have a past.. and that past is shown and shared in truth.., pure truth..  and nothing but the truth..

'Til 16 guys and gals.., au revoir..

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