Friday, 18 November 2016

Another Week 82 - Futurism, the unexpected, Time Lapse

Article 50
it's just mike & the mechanics

the formalities of life
are most likely (?) here simply for those English eccentrics who like their chips
why do we sing in the shower
why do certain things irritate us.. and not others..
Where are people
Who really goes to those places
and Why do people fly kites
What are you doing today
How much is much
throwbacks just remind me


Ground gazers... and 'no', it's not Vegas, it's not New York, Chicago or L.A..; it's not Reykjavik., Berlin or Barcelona.. It's not Firenze., nor Lisbon or Bali.: It's not even Nadi., Sydney, Paris.. or San Francisco either.. It's not Amsterdam or Stavanger., nor Bermuda, Bahamas or Banff..; it's not even Boston., Buenos Aires or Bejing..: It's bloody BOMO..; Bomo.. BOmo.., Bomo.. - "where do you live dude.?".. 
"Oh (proudly), I live in.. (beat.., hesitant cough)... Bomo.." - 
"Oh, really.. and where is (wait for it) BOmo..?"
"Hmm., on the Riviera.., duh.!"
"Oh wow..; on the Riviera uh..?"
"Yep., on the Riviera.."
"Must be pretty cool living on the Riviera..!? This place.. 'Bomo., sounds kinda exotic.?'"
"Oh yeah, sure..; it's got fish and chip shops, betting shops.., a bus station., CCTV's ALL over the place.. aNd there are signs everywhere..; it's pretty cool.. The trains even stop here.."
"But does it have any culture..?., this 'Bomo" place..?"
"Now hold on a minute..; Well., not really.., yet.., but they are working on a 15 year plan to put more signs up.. and they are trying to keep the fountains clean annually.. and at some point they will probably fix the Pier.. - I mean we're not China where massive sink holes get repaired in a day..., this IS Bomo we're talking about an' besides, Rome wasn't built in a day.."
"Hmm., and where is this Bomo..?"
"At the end of the rainbow mate..; at the end of the bleeding' rainbow.."
"ahh., so it's not a 'proper' real place then..?"
"Oh yep., in some people's eyes it's real.. It's really real..; Bomo's ya better believe it's real baby..!"
"... and can I get a pint, meat pie and mushy peas there..?"
"ever heard of Arthur Askey..?"
"Oh geez yeah.."
".. fits right in.. innit.."
scratches head, sighs and 
excitedly looks forward to walking through several months of saturated leaves..

I have a feeling that I've broken one of them little bones in your feet
along with every written rule known to mankind
grammar, structure and punctuation
and I care

"does anybody really know what time it is"

To film production crews everywhere man., nice work.. To those Ice Rink ers.., damnit man.. and to those cabin builders., damnit man.. and to that Christmas Tree.., holy cow, pull yourself together and call yourself a tree..; grow some balls will ya sonny..
I gave in to the cold dark dank.., an' thoroughly miserable day today an' sat alone in a movie theater., for the first time ever..; no people, jus' me and a movie.. To writers, stunt crews., choreographers, directors, editors and dp's.. and the rest.., actors, extras, featured artistes..; to those who throw in the little things, wardrobe, set and colorists..; thanks for all you do..: Really, thank you..
Hmm., not only does our body change, not only our hairlines., but our my mind too..; well, our my choices.; Mine totally has..; what was pretty much once cute., is now annoying., what was once funny., sure is an irritating little phuck... and what was once a cool shiny thang, is a complete waste.. Apart from their, there and they're., were, where and WTF., I do wonder.., but there again, I couldn't do a more complicated math than  1x1= 2 (?).. 

I do wonder though just what we're all doing., 'cause some of us are totally out there..; driven by popularity, by numbers., likes., vanity., control.. - I've absolutely missed that particular Sunseeker boat., but hey., my old and unfashionable boat's simply enjoying the waters from here on in..; oh look, a wave.. A wave's far more fun than any sugar candy kisses Mac..
Cowboy hats and checked shirts tell ya he don't live here., nor on the beach., nor trekkin' man..; there are times when even groovsters have to check their stride.., otherwise it's all a comic book.. and what's wrong with comic books exactly..; absolutely nada.., unless you're a Radio 4 type geezer who reads the Guardian on Sunday and takes your expresso by the drip.. and your vino by the label.. Impressions (john Coltrane)..
It's all about da minds
it's all a journey
they say
We really do think we're individuals
we're not
We follow the leader
we vote for the effing leaders
then we jump on stage center
and preach
our (own ?) philosophies
Who really gives a toss whether Wayne Rooney had a drink
four days before a next match

What do I care 'bout.. I care about whether you kick my cat., I care about your sincerity towards me., I care about your level of integrity towards me., I care about whether you make me laugh., I  care about whether you 'turn up'.. and I care about keeping the toilet clean.. There's a pretty good chance that if you gel your hair all spikey like, I'm not going to cross a packed Art Reception floor to talk to you, no matter who you are.. and there's a pretty good chance that if you have those eye brows (I mean., why.!) ., I'm not going to ask you for your number and if your eyes dance like they're listening to a 70's disco soundtrack., you'll probably not get more than two words from me, "cool., bye..".. If your shirt's open to show your abs., or your cleavage is bouncing around on show, I'm gonna wonder about your sense of security and desire for an understated lifestyle and go off in search of a safe quiet corner.. 

other than that., I care

Thanks this week go/goes to Jamal Hinton - Wanda Dench - Chris Burr Martin - Chris Porsz - Audrey Fox and Cassandra De Pecol

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