Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Another Week 79 - Intelligent apps., Chicago., register to vote and

poppy bans

You know., pretty much every post of those selfies that are all basically the same pose..; there comes a time when..
The several artists., film makers, writers., photogs' and creatives who work it where the sun  shines.., where the mountains peak and where the deserts rock., where the sun actually rises.. and falls and where the night sky throws up it's own work of art.. ; to those where the beer is chilled and the table sociable.. to where the car is clean and space is a gimme.., I'm thinking (of ya'll) with a smile., baby..
For those communicators., to those who share., do you wanna know a secret., oh yeah.
Marmite and Brexit - What do points make..? Prizes.. cuddly toy., cuddly toy.. For realz baby., some people are seriously politically nuts.., an' I know ugly man.. Beach BBQ's., visiting spooky haunted Knowlton and a bunch o'new stuff.; sociability means sitting at tables after dark... I got the chills
parking on different streets., constellations & some Chilean vino..; Sunseeker 131 an' Defender 90 XS station wagon * bespoke edition, margaritas on the rocks, shaken, rocks glass and that salt rim baby.. midnight blue sky, moonlit with ocean reflections and balmy enough not to be chilled..; soft noises/sounds., an occasional wave crashing.. and distant laughter.. Old friends., meaningful conversations., no time no clocks.. and no bloody Trump or e-mails in sight.. Call me.., we can hide.. I'm elegantly wasted
I need to vacuum.. Great inventions of the 20th century.. ; the blues.. Art., the deep south.. and little red rooster., Mick.. - Canvas', brush strokes., born in the USA.. 1865.. Walker Evans., Dorothea Lange., improvise., Edward Hopper., whatever comes to hand., Handy., playing behind., confirmation.. an' what does it mean Kat.. Spears..
How do people know not to read The Sun
if they've nevah read it
The secrets we keep
I mean., what did we use to do when we hung out on the side of the road., when we leant against a wall., when we waited for a bus.; I mean, what did we do when we stood outside the shops, walked through the parks, sat at the beach.. I mean., what on earth did we do when we were out an' about with friends., hitting the bars., ordering our portion of regular chips., man.. What did we do when we tried hard to look cool in our brown jackets around town.. What did we do when the world didn't have cell phones and we were forced to chat ., what did we do when we were forced to exist without Google., what did we do with actual people.. - Those thumbs baby now have taken over our lives.. People., their noses., their thumbs and the squinty eyes showing the world how to do it., modern day style.. Under 'T'., is text.. an' under 'G'., Google.. an' under 'F', is sucker..

There are some almonds out there., some cashews..; there are some salted ones too..., but  my gawd., man., there are some real nuts too.. Yep., we eat loads o' dough., babe..; we drink loads of 'English'..; we pop a load o' chips., loads o' cake.. We down loads o' pints.. and we exhale loads of smoke.. We squish tons of butts.. and we queue up like there's no tomorrow..;  we cuss like a miserably dank day in Fall.. and we dress like a secondhand charity store.. We shave our hair/heads an' ink our necks.. We squeeze our legs into torn stretch drainpipes and we sit around defending our time.. That's what we do.., here.. We're loud an' we don't care.. 
Man., people are old., before they're old
an' we pretty much all talk about.., stuff.. ''so., where are you at now..?''
"whatcha doin' now..?"
"Huh., what you looking at bro..!"

Everybody checks out a woman's butt., even women..
and why would I check in at Halberton
Walking on ground that Edward the Martyr took his last breath on and where Will built his lil ole pad.. and where stories are buried jus' proves there is something other than the latest technology to enjoy.. Take a walk, breath the fresh air and feel da history.. Leave that cappuccino for a real excuse..
I think I'm fatter in my grey t
thinner wearing my blue belt

I think I'll touch base with and catch up with an old friend who's on tour at the moment.. an' gonna be performing locally..; it's been a while, but the gig is full of crazy names who all have done it with tunes that have hit the single digit..

It's kinda funny how one person is to blame for all this..; first it was Maggie., then it was someone else an' someone else., an' probably someone else too; it's Barack now.,  an' Bill's in there somewhere.. and man, Hilary's going to be blamed for something too.., already.. Trump's got his golf course and hotel designer on it though and will have another elevator working the floors before you know it.. I think ole Hills baby is probably to blame for Mourinho being given a touchline ban an'., while we're at it., for my coffee being cold..; she's even to blame for the lousy parking spot I had to take today.. aNd the blister on my little toe.., but man..the leaves keep on fallin' baby.., all around..

There's been mist on the ground
and a run on sunsets
but not my numbers

I'm with Vogue UK
Smaller the better
Can't er wait for the riviera's celebrations this season..; those routines certainly rocK steady.; there will be the usual stuff., in the usual places.. at the regular times.. on offer by the usual people.. It'll be commonly dark and not unusually bloody cold, but the totally usual crap stuff will be budgeted and weakly evented for.. The promise of anything new and different is looking like a bag of broken crisps.. and we all know just how much stale off milk smells like.. Crowded walkways, squares that're like an Old Trafford turnstile.. and food stalls like a queue for night in a homeless shelter .. There will be the groovester singists.. and complaining bankers.. Roll 'em all out, turn 'em on., stand back and drink yer gluvine

hipster days

The mods are out
so am

Thanks this week go/goes to nomads - compassion - Xibipíío - Ondinnonk - Hózhó - Woohitike - Kenshō and the super moon

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