Sunday, 6 November 2016

Another Week 80 - Christmas slippers, ski season., cheap flights


flip flops

Looking for bridges.., looking for locations..
songs you used to love
are now as empty as that chocolate wrapper
Looks like hell's freezing'.. If you really do wanna play the song in the key of life., at least keep it in toon.. baby
Rev., rev..., rev
that engine

Isn't TV basically jus' like a tabloid newspaper
performers are underperforming
performing at all
Fresh water to parallel with.., new skies to hide under.. and clink., chink clink.. I don't do stupidity., nor political naivety.. I don't do intentional ignorance., nor pure bloody bias.. I do do da da da.. oh yeah.. I do gets me a lotto ticket an' I do mingle with gentle souls.. I do chat with polite and inquisitive strangers and I smile at smiles..
Mirror mirror on the wall
who is the biggest numpty
of all
aside from me
that is
Those loud people.; the ones you hear before you see their garish and eccentric wardrobe.. The threads you can hear when the wearer walks in the room.. Their bigger than sociably comfortable voices.. Those people who grin from ear to 'ere.. I mean. ''why.?''.. Who needs that energy., man.. There will be stripes., no doubt.; you can almost guarantee stripes and there will be stripes 'cause you see stripes from a distance., you see stripes across a crowded room., you almost certainly hear stripes..., you notice stripes when the door opens and a  mere foot steps into view.. There's this thing about stripes., man.. Some people just need stripes in their lives and they need stripes 'cause then they're more noticeable..  We jus' notice stripes.. I don't like to be noticed.. Have you noticed that stripe wearers usually have white chicken legs (but) with chunky knees.. and they usually have white chicken legs and chunky knees  'cause their legs are usually covered.., with, yep, you guessed it.., stripes.. Stripes though are more likely to worn on yer shoulders in order to make a statement, 'cause statements 'is' what its all about., man, innit..
fingers crossed 
I'm deodorant'd up.., got mah socks on baby.. and look as boring as hell in a basket..; hopefully I won't get noticed.. 
I'll have my peak pulled way down low, my collar pulled way up high.. and will be walking with/in (?) a purposeful type manner along the shadows..; although, I actually usually walk right down the middle., baby.. Hmm., maybe that's where I go wrong..
The UV range is looking at a 1., polution range is 'low' and the chance of using my goretex., is bloody high..; what does that tell ya..

Freaky Friday
The Dark Traveller

So., I freaked out a homeless guy in St.Peter's today..; he was 'napping'., or something when I came around the corner.. He saw me before I saw him, but man, he totally freaked out, jumped up knocking his chair over, let out a scream., grabbed his 'belongings' and stumbled over a few more chairs before managing to run down the church aisle.. again knocking over one final chair as he busted his ass to get out of church.. Nothing was said., I didn't go 'BOO'., or anything., just simply and innocently came round the corner., respectfully quietly.. and BAM., he was freaked.. I kinda put it down to my cheerful wardrobe selection which was ALL black (no stripes)., including my 'waterproofs'..; maybe it was my baseball cap pulled down real low.., maybe it was the way I 'glide' over the ground., or just him seeing his the dark angel.. he just wasn't ready for me or my scythe, I guess.. 
No wonder I can't get a date..; da ladies run
I wasn't even wearing my black as night shades either

leaves his weary mark

I'm the guy who., when faced with little old ladies, they suddenly seem to find their Olympic sprinter legs
I'm the guy that causes little yappy dogs to yelp
and little children's ice cream to melt on those hot summer days
I'm the guy that's caused climate change
the guy who's to blame for all those flights to be delayed
I'm the guy who's responsible for the Daily Mail
I'm the guy who's always at the front of the queue in Boots farting around for his card
I'm the guy who always chats about the weather with a mile long line building up behind him
I'm the guy who never goes into coffee shops

I'm that guy

and bloody cold dark nights
Then there's reading stuff 'what's' written.. Then there's walking along the beach in the rain and the wet sand flicks up looking like mud's been splattered over yer kecks.. and that's why I live in outdoors gear and not a coffee shop and pastry type wardrobe..
Some folk really really try.. and some don't..
When you just wanna sit down on a bench, but it's raining and you really don't want to walk around with a wet ass.. I dunno how people manage to survive., other than they have to, in war zones., 'cause this fireworks night gig is tough to deal with now that those things are getting louder, last longer and seem to have to explode in order to 'weee'..
Google is amazing.., when you want it to be

Hmm., from those heady early days of simply exchanging photos., we're now posting from the pulpit offering  our thoughts  on  newspapers, politics and everything riveting..
Wow !, what was that.!; oh only finger nails being dragged across a chalkboard..
don't matter any..; I just drilled my foot to the floor with a big ass pneumatic drill..; ahh, that's much better
remind me not to look

wanna know what's funny.(?)., trying to clip your toe nails when you've got a bad back
a stiff neck's real funny
as interesting as this is
so are those posts
kinda like this
when you think about it

My boot lace tore/broke.. an' I'll be wearing another layer, fleecier gloves and watching out for cheese scones..  I've got this song in my head..; it always seems to hit me.., in N'Orlans., baby..  I bet that ole town's gonna be buzzing with .., with.., er with.. smokers smoking their smokes.; with walking frames and motability scooters.., indecisive shufflers.. Who doesn't struggle with indecisive shufflers.! AND people who suddenly change direction., or emergency stop., or can't seem to make their maneuver.. with purpose..: 
Or when you walk through that exhale of secondhand smoke.., or when that piece of paper sticks to your shoe., or when you walk a hundred meters and have acknowledged the (one of the four) Big Issue guy (s), the street beggar, the gym guy handing out flyers, the street preachers, the street musician, the free dental check-up tent, the Body Shop free gift., market researchers., the new restaurant flyer giver., or the street statute., or the RNLI folk., or the homeless drinker., or the penny whistler., or the empty food court., or the verbally abusive drunk.. and plethora of coffee drinkers.., you simply have to get outta dodge and find that real bit of paradise.., the bit that smells of chips and pungent blue wheelie bins.. - I mean., really., am I wrong..
The great and good points are.., that you can place a bet., anywhere in town.., you can buy a new phone anywhere in town.., you can stand in a Tescos line.., anywhere in town..; you can sit on a wall.. anywhere in town., you can see scaffolding (aNd fencing) anywhere in town., you can see the latest movie once a week., on a Thursday at 8:00pm.; you can enjoy either such aesthetic pleasures as rust, broken windows or graffiti (if that's your thing), anywhere.., but we do have solar powered trash bins AND signs JUST where you'd want 'em.. We've got dull green., brown and creatively repaired road and path surfaces.. and we've got metal coverings provided by the gas people, metal coverings provided by the electric people., metal coverings provided by the water people., metal coverings provided by the water people., metal coverings provided by the council.; we've got signs indicating that repairs are going on, but I never see the repairs., but man, have we got signs.. There are signs to park., not to park, park here, don't park here..; we've got signs to walk, not to walk., don't stand here., wait here.., cross here., don't cross here.., look left., CCTV in operation.; we've got signs that inform me there is coffee here, no loitering here, no public intoxication., out of order and no waiting.. There are red pedestrian this way signs., there are no entry signs and there are sale signs, offer signs and there are closed for lunch signs..
There are plastic bags., and railings
There's lots o' swearing' and lots of promise of  things to come


You don't read this in the daily posts.. What ya read is Louis Armstrong.. and what you read is anti certain newspapers., what you read are dinner menus., posts from one of those coffee shops.; what you read are culturally fascinating posts that leave you drained., unmotivated, uninspired..,  scratching your head .., with a wry smile on your face., ready to run in the opposite direction.. bewildered.. ; they just leave ya.. speechless and without positive thought or input..

off to find a new forest to explore
off to find some air
some calmness
off to make sense


Thanks this week go/goes to Andy Murray - Kane - Ibrahimovic - Fuji glass - visionary leaders - compassion - art - nature - spirituality and languages

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