Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Another Week 81 - Winter Adventures, Trailers, IMDb



So.., it's a done deal..; 
let's see what his legacy will be
let's see what causes ole Malaria gets her teeth into
Le9 A Seas
Apparently., everything's gonna be great., ALL over aGain
an' I for 1.. and one for all
Will B Waiting II
ride that wave

Leaves., hedges and ladders., ride on mowers, wet rubber boots and alarms.. spooky eyes, fields and ski seasons.. and being pulled out of your boots by a quadruped..! Colds.., brake lights an' how much patience must you have before its kinda ok to lose your patience..
Bling Palace

CHRISTMAS COMMERCIALS..; we all go to some places., but we don't all go to Enid, Ok.. Some even know how to pidginise English.., while many know just how to colloquialize their dining room table.. There are the local pontificate(r)s and there are the worldly mountaineers.. I'm just a paddler, but I have been to Enid., baby
check out Sunny D
you will see
Go to 11
an' live
Life ain't the Guardian and kitchen tables
it's more than.. 
It's tabloid. 
Life ain't just words., it's art.. 
It's more than on/off switches, it's more than faith.., it's interaction baby..
It's beanies an' baseball caps and it's hot lemon and honey
It really is illegal
isn't it funny how we form an impression of someone
acquaintances think they know ya
people you know., think they know you
when it comes right down to it
the people who know you are the people you know
Stay out of coffee shops when you want to get to know someone
but always simply turn up
don't hide
I know people who don't know me, have an impression of me
still think they know me
an' I know that
they don't know
of life in a pulpit

Please stay out of the jungle.. an' away from the soaps.; stay off the floor and out of the boardroom. Keep away from the stage.., stay away from Alexa..😎 an' take the time to move yer ass.; you'll notice how quickly it shrinks and your eyes widen

* times when you jus' wanna check out brush strokes *
paperback writers
I have this quandary
I have  two pairs of erm cough shoes ., both are well past their sell-by-date and I have absolutely NO need for them., but I can't seem to don't want to delete throw them away.
I much prefer my cereal
When it comes right down to it
it's just a case of how you look
oh., &
the words you use
oh and
how you dress
oh and
your job title
oh aNd
the car keys in your pocket
oH and
your height
oh anD
I'm a title
maybe I jus' need to be
if I could offer up a lyric
will that make me singer
Some people really do have a face for radio
while some have a voice designed specifically for the mute button
an' some of us really shouldn't fasten that jacket button and prance about
I'm probably really opinionated., but not at all biased
The thunder's still inside

look up
open your eyes
thank you
clean your teeth



Thanks this week go/goes to Kevin Mullins - Terry O'Neill - Walker Evans - Dorothea Lange - Tomasz Gudzowaty - Martin Parr - others and Instagram

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