Saturday, 29 October 2016

Another Week 78 - Stereotypes, Analysis, Pirates and


Prospects - Waking up to/with condensation on the inside of your window and ye ole camera in the shop kinda day.. Cooler air and careful footsteps..; to paths full of horse chestnuts & conkers., to Weetabix, blueberries and absolute total fat free milk.., to ideas and strength.., to a different backpack
Lots o' pOlitical fudging going down., apparently.. ; I guess that means the 'truth' is difficult to share and difficult to take digest.. There's a wee bit of fog., or sea mist around right now, so I need to grab my bonnet and Primark's and git my act together.. Gonna pack my Air and head on out the highway heading west., baby.
Church pews seem to demand a certain kind of posture, they also seem to command a certain type of attention too.. and they also appear to house a certain 'frame'..; they also seem to welcome a certain kind of personality., a certain kind of wardrobe and certain kinds of 'movements' . Lives of their own.. and the Vicars have their own language, tone .. and gesticulations.. Basically., people sit in church a totally different kinda way than they would elsewhere..; check it out..

Limiting Beliefs

Fall leaves look great in the sun., otherwise they're just  wet soft, brown and dead
The real reason the local coffee shop's seductive is.., I think., there simply isnN'T anything else to do..
You're unemployed., you want prefer to sit down for long periods of time and watch the world go round without you., you have nowhere else to go., you're a watcher who likes to talk and gossip lots., you wanna be close to other like minded cappuccino sitters., you have to appear hip with coffee knowledge., they're on bus routes and destinations., you like your name shouted out in public places.., you have something about hanging out close to a bathroom used by lots of other people..., you like shaking those sugar stalk thingies out of habit, routine and nervousness.., they're usually close to vapor holes.., for every accent you recognize., there will be three you won't be quite sure of.., you'll be able to meet someone to talk to  about the weather and politics., or eventually manage to get a half decent wifi signal in order to check (and post) your latest tweet and/or other social media masterpieces.., you'll be able to answer your phone and tell the caller that you're really 'working'., or in a 'meeting' while lamely trying to chat up the cute tattoo'd barista..; you'll be able to share with the world just how busy you've been., all while waiting inline for your second cappuccino and pastry.., you'll be able to wear that shirt that makes you look and appear really, really hip.., or get the sense you 'belong' cause someone recognizes you.. - local coffee shop mentality.; hip, cool., safe and routine.; go there and groove your next project out., baby

popularity contests
if you need to
wear and style to be noticed

If your opponent is far more important than you, then sure., put 'em down., if that makes you feel a lil more confident., otherwise., fess up, grow up and work on the things a little closer to home

I can see what that dude's looking at on his 'puter.. and believe me, that guy's really into that young blonde and her webcam.; library and public computer time uh.. 
HotRadio are blasting the Triangle and the two older than middle aged trans are grooving to 'inside out..'.. and 'that beat'.. The guy over there really should be wearing glasses otherwise his screen's gonna get his nose hairs all over it.. That's two Facebookers I can see on library time..
At one time we all loved
Bill Cosby
Who knew.. Nothing dries.., space is a luxury, unless you're outside. People really are prepared to walk into ya., innit.. We know what you look like., we just don't have a clue who you are.., anymore..
Whadya do when you can't get your socks dry
90 day visa - It's good to get out, once in a while.. It's good to walk a few miles along the beach., walk into a store and bump into a friendly warm hug., then walk out that door., go next door and leave your phone on the counter and go next door for a beer with a whole lotta new faces.. It's good to chat about adventures., the roads we're all on, that you'll be going on.; man, I've been on some pretty cool roads.. , you will too.. Jus' get off that bus once in awhile., stand in the middle of that road.. and feel it.., listen to it, really listen, then think of a lyric.. and look out at the horizon..; it'll all make more sense and the more sense it makes, the more confused you'll become, the more  questions you'll have to try and answer.. Horizons once clear move further away when you dip your feet into spring water., when you wander mountains and when you sleep under the stars.. Tescos becomes a memory., Coffee shops become a memory, The Triangle slides into the background and those digitally groovy water features become memories..; you gain new ones and with new ones., that horizon shifts..; changed forever.. an' that's why I love horizons..
Go watch a movie.., enjoy someone's writing, go watch a movie and watch someone's magical camera work.., go watch a movie and marvel at the colorist., go watch a movie and enjoy someone's magical vision and direction., go watch a movie and enjoy someone's stunning editing., go watch a movie and admire a collaboration..; go watch a movie and honor someone's work..  Go watch a movie and be transported.. Just go watch a movie
and next time., stay away from  eccentric attention seekers., stay away from menus
stay away from tedious
Rude & Racial Combative Ignorance

Strange days have found us
Strange days have tracked us down
the doors
Which is the right side of the street to walk on., which is the right newspaper, the correct radio station, the best TV channel., the most unbiased coverage, which is the best car., which is the best restaurant., the best beach., which is the best airline., the best beer..; which is the best pair of jeans, the best dentist., which is the best  wine..Which is right, which thing is clearly the best. Perhaps the media is biased when reporting which candy bar is the most popular, which is the best coffee.. Maybe they're all wrong, maybe we need computers to write the stories and do away with personal opinion.. Oh wait, you offer up yours.. and that's ok, even if it differs .. Ahh., opinions., they all differ; maybe its yours that's biased., maybe  we simply have to accept the differences and take note of those opinions
for realz baby
cute is what cute is and cute is only as cute can be
before it gets ugly
subjectiveness v subjectivity

and choices
I feel guilty if I don't clean my teeth when I'm supposed to clean 'em..  BBQ's.. I can yawn without moaning.. Why do people have to clatter around.. an' what is it about theorists.. I suppose it's all a conspiracy.. Now., where are my slippers., dear

Lights Out

you look cute in your shorts
by the way

Thanks this week go/goes to Mental Help volunteers - African elephants - M25 - hot water - hiking socks - Osprey - headphone jacks and battery chargers

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