Friday, 19 July 2013

Another Week 19 - #Darwin Awards - Chris Froome., #Lewis Hamilton and #AlonsoFerrari..

Horatio, 1st Viscount

29 September 1758 -
21 October 1805 (aged 47)

Nelson country

I drove across some train tracks this week.., sat in heavy traffic on the road to hell and been invited to 4 BBQ's .. I've also had four additional dinners outdoors .. and dangled my feet in a pool that registered 21 degrees..I'm looking at a couple of medals, hit a few tennis balls and listened to Planet Rock.. I've been given exit info and enjoyed a honey whiskey.. I've been around runners., stretchers and driven on a newly graveled road at 20 mph with absolutely NO side effects., or loss of a windscreen..

There are still leaves on the trees
The two new cast iron radiators were bloody heavy.. man.., but I managed to drag their sorry asses into the garage..; the RS has gone .. and I bought some new lemon shower gel.. , a couple of cards and a bottle of spray stuff..

It's a good idea to work out which way the sprinkler is facing before...

Busy with thoughts

I stopped at a new different motorway service thingy to try and wake myself up.. ; I also walked through a low tide in order to take a closer look at a wreck.. There were a handful of kids crabbing.. and the quadruped went for a swim.. The two cars following me had a coming together but I was untroubled, unscathed and continued on my way oblivious..

There was  a cool looking vapor trail crossing the sunset last night while I enjoyed dinner and vino outside and I have 'this' friend who made it onto a (positive, exciting and very proud) list in the Sunday  Times last weekend..; infact Da friend came in at numbero fourO..

Just had a 40g 9 bar original., scratched my right knee., watched the gates open and close and walked up a slight hill - There's a breeze today too.., not to mention the butterfly that just flew in through the open door..

I don't have a funky ringtone..

Paper shredders are a cool thing..., as are ride on lawn mowers...The pool temp. is now up to 24 and a bit.., in new money.. and I have absolutely NO clue why I popped open a can of Coke 'cause I'm now urgh....


I've made plans baby..  and had a good chat about 'stuff' the other evening.. I was asked the kind of questions I love getting my teeth into.., or something like that.. Life up HE AH is so different ; the wardrobe, life's uniform, opinion., dreams, style., sense of reason., choice of cocktail and whole response offers up a completely novel direction.. AND there's no sign of an amusement arcade in sight..  I guess if you supply  offer fish and chips, amusement arcades and rehab houses., there's a pretty good chance that your general attendee is not only NOT coming in for cultural reasons.., but they're probably going to leave their daily souvenirs scattered all over the sand..BUT., I could be wrong and totally way off the mark., as is my total lack of qualification on the subject.. A mere three hour flying visit this time proved my inexperienced case., sadly.. Rock The Big Issue and ice cream dude..

Something's are a long way from home

Walking Back To Happiness

Just read a script., checked in on some lyrics and turned a page or two of musical notes.. and did this while actually doing what people regard as multi-tasking..; I aktually looked out of the study window.. & as a bona fide man, I consider that to be quite an achievement.

My feet are hot., but given the opposite, I can live with that.. It'll only be another day week month or so when 'things' get back to inconsistently normal.; the leaves will start to change, and the healthy and very cute soft skin will be hidden away for another 9 months.. SO, for right NOW., the roses are looking healthy and the bottled beer is stocked and cold..


I walked through a lot of stiles., squeeze stiles and kissing gates.; I also came across some old village stocks.., strangely enough, in an old English village.. GO figure eh..  I also stumbled by some rusted out old fishing gear too..

Wasps., hedgehogs and rabbits..,
dunes., wrecks.. and fishing boats..
Coastal cottages.,
Bricks and stone
Bricks an' stone

C'est la chose

Distanced.. Aspects of the English language is dated.., old chap..- Tweed.. Deary me.. There's a Bright Golden Haze On The Meadow..  I sat under the midnight blue sky last night with a glass bottle of 'the ole' red stuff., watched a plane fly low in the distance and eventually the stars begin to do their thang.. The music did it's thing, the fleece did it's thing., the candles did their thing and the gently nostalgic chat did it's thing.. and before I knew it, it was a new day.., but not before huge thanks too to Hilary Lister for completing the evening..

There's a place for us., somewhere a place..

Zero in the fast lane

Back In Control
 and looking

Barefoot in the boardroom., the Open., why Detroit is in debt and Moyes says "no".. The phone's plugged in and charging up a storm.., in a teacup.. and the sunrise has risen.. A la Johnny Rotten.. John Lydon..

The man who smiled
Life in transit., the race to create green energy.. and "phew., that was close".. Early starts.., Skype and sharing.. I saw into a wardrobe/closet and the two sides of a face that revealed a story.. I enjoyed a smile., a moment in Fiji  and checking the pool temperature out..

13 days to go

A Bee reading

Birthdays., photo shoots.... and lunches.. - 13 days., birds of prey.. and card readers... - I  came across.. and discovered, exactly what a library chair is and now love those little suckers..

Sausage rolls., Pimms & Painters.. Sprinklers, Pilates, and potted plants.

Cracked iPhone glass., excited voices and cars wrapped with red ribbon..

The Test., The Open and my right foot..

Oreo's., Magnums and Vegas baby Vegas.

Walk This Way






The left window

"Special mention to anyone who's taken an ocean front Real Estate photo in the last day or so.. and who knows something about  time zones, hemispheres., chandeliers and clawfooted bath tubs ."

Thanks this week go/goes to Mak Gilchrist - Margaretta Wolf - Hilary Lister - Porsche - 25 degrees - eBay - Dolores Greer and Asianya Jones

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