Sunday, 23 October 2016

Another Week 76 - Love Actually, patience and

Take That

Look., you jus' don't wanna know..
well, that is,
unless ya really., really do...
then (?)., pull up a  chair and take a listen

Once upon a time., as recently as a couple o' weeks days a go I., me., myself and eye.. sat on a bench,  facing the big bad space where a tourist thingy thing used to sit.; I mean, how long does it take to stick a band-aid on a balloon anyway.!
SO, I'm looking across at a big boring white wall type deal and beyond., a couple of floors still just about in sight belonging to a multi million dollar hotel., apparently.. The only two floors left to enjoy a view., other than the one for those at the top/roof of big ass'd white building/wall that's going to house eVen more fast food places. for our fat bellies; in-between me an' HOTel is da white thing, the empty space where a balloon once parked its ass.. and a 'stream' sorta deal.. The stream runs through THE garden and is home for anyone who simply can't seem to use any of the brand spanking state o' de art super dooper NEW magical solar bins.., which means if you have an empty can of booze., simply throw it into the stream.. and if you have finished your choc' bar, don't walk to one of the new solar jobies, just throw the sucker into the stream with the other crap that's already in there..
Ok., back to the point of this ramble Zep' on.. I'm sat there., as you seem to do when perched on a dusty., bird crapped filled wooden bench that's surrounded by a million (and one) cigarette butts and the odd empty can of cheap cider.. and I see an actual photo op'., so, when faced with a photo op' ya naturally gets ya digitalized Fuji do da out and puts it to yer eyeball..
I've got the ole viewfinder up all close an' personal ya'll., composing like and normally I just hit that frisky lil shutter baby., but this time, I'm taking time and (in my opinion) great care., just like a pop song., WHEN., out of the corner of me old left eye..; I take pics with both eyes open, so the 'other' eye notices some/any 'movement' of some/any sort.. I kinda ignore it at first, thinking it was a leaf falling from an overhead autumn tree onto my shoulder, then down my leg.. aNd (?) across my lap..! WHAT., 'LAP'.!!, did ya say..? Yep., so this leaf obviously has a mind of it's own baby.., so I'm thinking I need to take a peek at this clever lil' leafy leaf leaf.. so, I pause with the composition gig of nasty white wall, empty balloon and two floors of HOTel to digest this leaf AND, it ain't no pherooking leaf man it's a bloody mouse, yes MOUSE and not a 'puter style mouse (knehVah), but a furry little creature chappie dancing all over me, over my back pack and sitting there phooking checking ME out with all the gall a little furry  rodent has.. I naturally did the only thing a big 6'3" 267lbs red blooded presidential running dude would do.. and stood up, jumped away from the bench and waved my arms around.. and managing to do this while looking totally really real cool., baby..; oh yeah baby, as kewl as a hot tomato..- I'm no pussy grabbing Donald (allegedly)., baby, so I left the thing well alone and ran away..
That's big black rats.. and now mice in da groovy touristy spot 'they' call The fab digitally creative hipster Gardens. There's NO balloon, no view., empty cans, trash, cigarette butts, homeless, penny whistling whistling geezers, cheese sandwich eating hipsters things to take home with yer after your memorable stay/visit... , other than the groovy solar bins, yer sign posts that're arguably in the wrong place.. aNd that empty food place.., feel safe because be in the knowledge that someone somewhere is spending a whole bunch of da cash., da bread., da buck., baby.. 
The effing mouse was  running riot over me for Pete's sake.. and who's Pete anyway.!
Ok., so now, that's ONE thing I need to tell you guys about.., but, there's more..

sitting comfortably
If you know sum thin' 'bout automobiles, then you'd know that they can 'go wrong' at times.. and when they go wrong, they need stuff doin' to 'em..; mine needed stuff doing to it.. and I mean 'stuff'.. So I said to the garage/mechanic.., ''why don't ya just grab my balls and squeeze 'em while you're twisting 'em..?".. He said., ''I will after I've just hit 'em with this hammer..''.. "oh., goody.., again please..", I said.., just before being taken to the bloody cleaners.. If that bloody thing goes wrong again, I'm going straight round to pick up my white Vanquish and dumping this ole truck for a bit of V-12 and 457lbs of torque  at 5,500rpm kinda growl..

So., the third thingy that hit me right where it hurts., man.. and NOT wanting to make light of the next piece of crap., and., as soon as I take my wet finger out of the electric socket, I'll tell ya.. Youser man, that stings..; ok, let me see how emptying a tequila bottle down zee hatch in one gulp works.. Not so good as it happens., but mighty tasty., dude.. Hmm, I wonder how trying to rip my finger nails out with a pair of rusty town council tools goes..; ouch, not so pleasant.. But not to worry, I'm pretty effin' numb anyways.., so the pain isn't kicking in.. at ALL
Has anybody else out there also lost over 10 years worth of work, research material, tens of thousands of photos., documentary work ., writings., notes, books in production, interviews.,  'model' release forms.,  and managed to remain! sane.., alive and functioning properly.., 'cause I'm kinda struggling just a tad at the moment.. 
SomeONE somewhere has managed to  destroy my black plastic Japanese portable technological  thing that had my whole library/catalogue of everEthing., maN..

this ain't done., baby, yet

Not until I share with ya just how I was pettily Xcommunicated
from a pretty damn major birfday
by a shitty piece of sibling action
We only get the one chance to sit at a parents pretty huge birthday bash..
and that privilege is one I'll never be able to
..; bah, 

The sun shone today
I gotta an internet hug
a message or two
drank a Pepsi Max


scratch my bewildered head
when I think of
The Donald
an' his stylishly shiney ties

I'm all outta


Flying Scotsman


It's been quite a ****ing week

I saw
Never Go Back
Jack Reacher
this week
'cause I needed
a dark room
big speakers
and an alone type place where I didn't have to think
thanks Reacher
for reaching


Still got ma 'ealth
still got muh sanity
still got mah limbs
an' still got my functions
I think


Thanks this week go/goes to - those friends are friends, 'cause reaching out when reaching out goes a long way - you know who you are, 'cause you reached out and your reaching out reached me, touched me and made me feel warm, stronger and grateful., sincerely grateful..; thanks for all dat reaching, 'cause reaching's cool - To (and for) ALL the reachers out there

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