Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Another Week 77 - Heathrow, Calais Jungle, Swing States and Importance

The A journeyman's journey., man

But then again
not the lyricist

I'm conscious about my belt.. and the notches on the belt...; I'm not 6'3"., nor 'over 250' lbs' either..; not even close.. I don't use 'product' on mah hair., or chose to wear pink satin silk ties.. I don't find the whole idea of grabbing outta 'power' a turn on..; I can shine my own shoes and can throw a sentence together without as much as a sniffle.. I can even pass a reflection and consider myself a pretty cool dude.; I've been in many a locker room and enjoyed a quality of sporting standard., but in any of those locker rooms I've had the great and lucky fortune to change in, I've never heard, discussed or overheard any kinda derogatory sexist comment.; perhaps I've been in the wrong locker rooms... I've overheard the bar chat up lines that've left me cold., but then they are offered up by guys who truly believe they're gelled up to hell in a basket..- I'm not sure quite what red blooded means., other than maybe it's a (need of) proof (?) of heterosexuality., for some..!, maybe..,; as if those of us (comfortable males) who are attracted to the soft feminine sex actually need to wander life with a big ass unnecessary title..; but if 'we' did., then I'm ok with 'oh., he's just an average kinda crazy miserable ass'd old guy.., who cares'.; I mean., who cares.., really
I guess titles must work for those who need assurances (?)..; it'll have to be a confidence/insecurity thing.., perhaps.. 'cause otherwise, I dunno..  Apparently, I'm not successful., nor powerful.; I'm just  a guy .., a guy who's not into titles., not impressed by 'em and certainly not  into manscaping., threading., or gelling..
Gimme gimme gimme 
I'm absolutely convinced., sorry., but convinced that the whole metro gig is as a result of boredom.. and time.. 'cause I just don't have the spare time to sit in a chair and get my eyebrows 'done'..  and I have time., man.. It's the balance.. and my balance is about searching for my horizon..
But., I'm not the powerful man., nor a successful one either.. I'm about climbing a mountain., trekking a coast., carrying a back-pack, a couple of lens and re-tying my gore-tex boots..  and not about blowing the hair.., man
I can go a day without 'grooming' my cough hairline.. which means that I'm obviously and certainly not red-blooded., apparently.. and I can even go a day without a garish satin silk tie.., which also means I'm sadly not 'locker room' quality.. But sadly, I have to go a life without being 6' (or over) and., so far., not over 159lbs either.., phew.. 32x32 is as bad ass as I can go., baby.., although the core is softer than it was., the wrapping is still in pretty good shape.., for a well used gift..; alas, it just ain't red-blooded, nor upto locker room standards though..: but give me a billion or two and I reckon my little black book would be overflowing with opportunities to grope..., so., it don't come down to locker room stuff., or the amount of success, but simply the account., baby... You can have a buffont., you can have lousy wardrobe taste., use lousy language., baby., but make sure you have a buck in your back pocket.., 'cause that's what counts for an excuse..

All the single ladies
don't pay her him any attention

The spiritual path is one of apparent subjectiveness., questionably.. and is journeyed on by whatever up-to-date satnav the particular user is going by at a time that works., for them..; it ain't my standard baby.. and it ain't my verse either.. Pass the vino., man.., Pretty Vegas please..
Some people I just can't imagine getting all hot an' sweaty., or hanging from the ceiling., or getting down and dirty.., or have that lady gasping moaning with the little puddle of sweat that builds up and settles right around the belly button and right there., squelching on the stomachs.. and that presidential candidate is a rather lame excuse for a real man., allegedly.. an' again, this has absolutely nada to do with any party preference, but only to do with a sportsman who apparently uses a locker room to share  his laundry.., but has little to no respect (or talent) for others..; again, allegedly..
I mean.., come on girls., let's get serious here..; really..!, seriously.. Seriously..!
I hear the clowns are out at the moment.; no kidding..
Maybe it's all a conspiracy.., theory.., baby.. and that's all it is.., a conspiracy..
Perhaps it's a Daily Mail thing., or a Sun thing.., or a Fox thing., or maybe it's a Huffington Post thing., or maybe it's a far left., or maybe it's an MSNBC thing., or maybe it's plain bias., or maybe just a simple (and basic) case of being a crock of absolute sh*t.., but hey, let's blame the media for writing about their opinion.; kinda like you/me using social media to offer up ours., uh.. - opinion and bias
What is a Snicker bar.?
a baby Marathon
In the beginning there was Genesis.., but when does English summer actually begin.? and when is social media actually sociable..
I know people.. and believe me, I know people
Have you ever known someone who actually really does look like a Picasso painting person..; I do..
Dated lives
uk Beach Huts
Radio 2
Far out
squares &
past yer sell-by-date
There are ferries out there
and have you felt the gentle 'sensation' underfoot one gets when walking on a pebble beach

for more

waking up., means actually when you open your eyes ?..; what do ya see, what do ya feel., how do ya feel.. and what about that muffled  dreary light.., dude.. - another day
town centre Square characters who busy themselves
same ole same ole 
those phone calls
early morning drilling/power tooling
electric showers
autumn sunshine
parking spaces where you want/need 'em
calm generous energy
infinite skies
good hearts
comfortable straps
new razors
eye smiles

DO you know what goes bump in the middle of the night
Things go bump in the middle of the night
What things

It's getting ever closer

women work 39 more days a year than men

Thanks this week go/goes to Norway - UK's ceramic industry - Art - Nature - Spirituality - Stone Flowers and Marshall Rosenberg

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