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Another Week 75 - Puppies., Lotto., Tate Modern and



SO., this week I have to congratulate the coolest new creative west coast first time parents.. aNd an old friend signing out.. The best kind of people embarking on new fun chapters.. Good stuff happening to good people is the best kind of journey.. Nice work guys and gals..
another sensitive mention to one
falling asleep for the last time
You know., what's kinda funny to me is that it gets read.., like it or not..; I like that.. Truth an' honesty far outweighs the insincerity that fills the pit of yer stomach with that whole sense and wave of nausea..
Visited a place and wonder why.. but think I've done it for the last time now though..

New England 3
Boscombe 0

don't confuse fall., with autumn
fall happens on the east cost while autumn happens on the south coast
both display totally different colours
Not really., but
I do think one is dark, danker and wetter

The Clown
every time someone posts a rather naive political bias mocking thingy
I childishly feel like posting something bias thingy about their post
not necessarily because I have a different political point of view
but simply because it shows there is stuff available to post
about both sides
lets make it about facts
We're talking about actually leading
and not pitching another TV series

DO we really give a monkey's do da about Brad and Angelina., or their compound..; really .. so yes., there is aN horizon 'thatta' way, but this way there's nout but man made trashy type deal things.. higgledy-piggledy stuff here., higgledy-piggledy stuff., there.. and higgledy-piggledy stuff., everywhere.. man..; roads., paths., buildings., design, repair and seemingly all managed by phd'd masters.., allegedly.., apparently.. Long live Bet Fred.., long live Bunny's Kebab.., long live Alfie's fish an' chips.. an' long live Boscombe's cash generator., long live The Bake House Patisserie .. and long live those who actually truly believe we live in a creatively cultural corner of paradise.. Have you ever tried to force a jigsaw piece from one puzzle into a completely different puzzle..(?).; well these guys are playing with several different boxes.. and to make it worse, they've opened all of 'em, scattered the pieces on the floor., saying something like.., ''hey dude., this one will go here., look..; well almost.., with a little bit of force''.. ''well, it looks like a roof and it matches the colour of the leaf.., man.''.. ''quick., give me some more hallucinogenics man.., I'm on a roll here..''.. ''dude.., I mean., let's stick another sign up at the tax payers expense.., like over here man next to the groovin' food court..''.. ''cool colours man..; jus' like my glitter ball..''... ''yeah., let's get another ice-cream, jump up and down and go to the betting shop.., Mr. Mayor..''

Do you know the way to San Jose..
I've been wondering just how long the 'netting'., scaffolding., plastic ties and signs are going to adorn the town's center stage talking point visitor visiting seaside ish crumbling bit of Arthur Askey (who) heritage like pier.. before someone has the desire to to do something about it..! Surely before minute signs., before empty hot dog courts and before another echo headline., we can do somethang.., surely shirley.. I mean., I've got a spanner and a few nuts and bolts if that's what it'll take.. I suppose though, we'd better invest in a pheruckin big ass'd zipline first before we address the foundation.. yet another bit of genius thinkin' batman.. let's build on rocky foundations because.., at least it'll look prettier while it rots away, man. rock 'n' roll baby.. and where do you work.; remind me again., an' what qualifications are you proud to have earned..; ahh, digital..?

L.A. is a great big freeway
But hey., I know..; let's stick another new thingy-me-bob., over here and people will think we're actually making loads a cool new improvements .; they'll never even notice all the crap anyways.. Nah., why address this.. when we can tear up the sidewalk, patch it up with yet another undulating square meter of different surface..   and rather than do the job correctly, we can cut corners and complete it like the piece of junk it is.. In another 15 years you'll never notice that we're playing with a different deck and hey, I'll be retired collecting my groovy government pension and sitting on my fav' beach side bench..

I've been away so long. I may go wrong and lose my way
Yep., fun new digital happenins are going down while the rot continues to rot.. Hey, walking thru da gardens baby a big ass rat sauntered across the patchwork quilt of tarmac that otherwise goes by the name of 'path'.. Jus' bloody sauntered it did..; I'm almost sure the darn thing stopped, hesitated, looked at me and thought. 'so dude (?)., are ya gonna get that damn camera out and take this shot., or not.!', before throwing me the middle finger and wandering  off.. Good thing it hides in the 'crazy golf' compound where all the tourists hang out.. That'll be nice for the visitors to enjoy some local wildlife in all it's natural outdoor glory.. an' setting.. Yep., life in the gardens.. Drunks (fact)., drug deals (allegedly)., rats (definitely).. and a missing bit of balloon summer (fact)... You couldn't make this stuff up., even if you were an Echo or hip digital writer.., an' I@m jus' some ol faded geezer with a particular specific penchant for simplicity., light an' color..

- I've always wondered why peeps go full out to over complicate stuff with long winded university type words., other than the need to perform for recognition..

Thursday's rollin'
Me and the M25.. The Head and Turbine Hall.. How do peeps manage to know what's in the papers they mock.., without readin' 'em.. I kinda fink it's like me being driven crazy reading those consistently gawd awful cringe worthy social media posts compiled and left.., or for ever wanting to cut back on choc'., or going cold turkey with Pepsi Max., every day..; I guess we just love train wrecks...  I knew I shoulda put sun screen on yesterday when striding out to the Inside..   15.2 miles of groovin' autumn sun (like action) down the right hand side of ma face., sure ain't pretty.. and my legs are thin.., baby.. No wonder me back was a lil wet..; Osprey 18 and sunshine walkin' 'll do that to an old geezer...

''There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments''

10 things we don't know last week

rave on
rage on

Dressed Up


Fujifilm XF 56mm F/1.2 R


Thanks this week go/goes to - Fast 'n' Loud - nail clippers - Arnold Palmer - Lauren Puryear - John Hunt Jr - Thomas Moore and Jason Brown

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