Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Another Week 73 - Pepe an' Jose., Julia, the Paralympics.,

Roald Dahl

Ramble On
Yellow leaves are beginning to 'appen., already.. and for the few months my skin don't itch., man, I now have to psych myself up for the next ten months of scratching.. I followed some geezer yesterday who was carrying a roll of Christmas paper.. while another dude was carrying a plastic Xmas shopping bag..
I did another commercial..; I'll be on the road again.. and it's car tax season.. I'm feeling Iceland., Stavanger & Finland with a lil Camino thrown in for good measure..

Race of Gentlemen

I guess I just live a different life.. I like Weetabix., but not a wet backpack.. I'd like to get the two creases on my forehead tanned.., but don't know how.. and I'd also like to de-sunlotion my dark glasses.. I'm 2 lbs over my fighting weight.. an' I don't do habits..; well, yes I do., damnit.

Life's rhythm is gonna change soon.; I can feel it in my bones.. My 50-140mm f2.8 Fuji gig is rock'n'roll ready.. There's a certain personality trait that drives me up the wall.. & my mind went there.. 

signs are everywhere

New York sounds like New York.. I throw down the gauntlet to see if you get through the first five minutes of 

See No Evil Hear No Evil without laughing.; thankyou Gene Wilder/Richard Prior..

Why does stretching feel good
summer early morning sounds are good different
really., what is it with 'those' eyebrows.. girls..

Life without sunsets
peace behind gates

I guess., I simply don't know how to 'operate' a TV..- apparently Russell Howard's funny.. and the bobtail squid's tiny.. David Moyes is 'shaping' (?) up another memorable team..

The 'epic strut' deal ad for Money Supermarket leaves me cold an' shakin' all over.. and duh., obviously I remember it.. so the ad company did their gig, (I guess)., however, I'm remembering it for ALL the wrong reasons and as a result, could never seriously 'go' with them for the epic fail and lack of 'professionalism' I'd expect from a money deal place thingy..
I mean., someone actually signed off on that deal., paid the budget and said something like..; ''Wow., agency peeps., that is bloody fantastic and a piece of TV commercial art..; nice work guys and gals..'' 
Such is the way of the world now..; let's produce gawd awful stuff..

The car's set up for another legal year..
What happened to the English high street..! It's turned into something really quite shabby and unrecognisable from a western 'power's' expectation..., or certainly this individual's idea of where we should be at.., man..
Trashy., sad.., decaying., dark., spooky and whatever feeling it is that makes my skin crawl..

Tis jus' another week's worth of experience, thought and living
done deal

... but not before I try to swallow even more of the Hilary and Donald comedy hour.. and what it throws up on my feed..

Thanks this week go/goes to - Travis Rudolph - The man known as Reid - Airbnb’s Disaster Response Program - Fidencio Sanchez - Emma Yang - Rene Neira and Alexey Romanov

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