Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Another Week 74 - Birtherism, National Parks, Pacific Crest Trail and

The Edge

Ab Initio


Wow., well the local creative force is addressing homelessness., apparently..; expect the grove's bakery, tesco express and pedestrian crossing to be at the forefront of this exciting news.. Big changes afoot., like (?) ., erm.., well., er..(?);  jus' expect plenty of social media posts anyway.. Ok., well, just expect a couple of posts then..

The team's flyin' baby.. and let us not forget the festival..! There will be the two clowns stuck in a cardboard world to understand., man..; there's an open call for those groovers and shakers who can't normally get in or who respond late to deadlines..- expect that standard to be high, high though..
if you're an intrepid roving reporter., you'll no doubt already have assignments., however if you're not and have not., then you're in luck.. lots of free shows to crash access..but hang on., you have to pay for the privalege, privelige..., privelage.., privilege..yeah., privilege..; damnit, I'm too old.; there's an ageist age thingy deal type action going down.. I'm too old to understand the whole gig anyway.. Straight over my heady head head it all goes.., sadly..

Now., if you're likely to be circumnavigating the globe., or merely crossing international date-lines., dealing with time zones or hemispheres., or hitch-hiking continents..., or most likely, jus' walking from the bus stop travelling specifically for this week (?) long memorable extravaganza., accommodation is easy to find., as is food and drink. There are such culinary delights as a Mickey Dees., there are fish and chip shops., pizza 'land'. and enough coffee shops to sink the titanic.; oh wait.., the titanic., hmm. Pack your goretex and jus' follow the noisy., spark and flame throwing inferno outfit.. and be a part of it.., for nothing.. even..

Make sure you're over 18
under 30
sorry if you're not
by being either too young.,,
past it
too bloody old

10:20 a.m.

For the fab., hip., groovy groovesters get your trendy brown gear out the closet., dry those espadrilles., brush up on yer lingo., say the right things., shake the right hands., smile when you're in certain company., but ignore the peons.., dodge the old folk., hit those parties., baby.. and may the creative force be with you..
There will be nobody here you'll have ever heard of., creatively speaking., unless you live within a few hundred yards of base camp., but that's not the point .., there will be work to make you think and work that will make you scratch your head.. There will be shit  stuff that'll cause your jaw to fall in total amazement and as the cultural devotees will tell ya., this week will be full of positive gag reflex quotes that'll fill the local social media pages with awe inspiring breaking flowery sentences..

all bollocks
august breakfasts
Aboriginal Australian
abdominal breathing
abhorrent biscuit
Abukir Bay
Abyssinian banana

I mean., really..; what's with the whole british bake off move that appears to NEED to head the headline news..! With ALL that's going on in the world., this story is taking center stage.. and frankly., I jus' don't get it.., man..
I think there are people who simply just get out of their cars and leave 'em where they want.. As long as there appears to be a free space, just hit that spot, turn off the engine and lock that puppy up before walking away.. Wait., is that a drive way., is that a  car (?) that will obviously be blocked in., does it look like that's a drive thru kinda place to someone's house., or garage..; are those specifically painted lines to park between.. Holy cow baby.. There are six acres to park and you leave a car 'right' there.. That's not stupidity., or carelessness., but just plain selfish ignorance.. Is there such a thing as 'selfish ignorance'.?

One day it's the end of summer., the next it's kinda mild and autumnal., then the next it's effing winter.. The light's changed in a nano of a flee's heartbeat and the temps have dropped in a nano of a bee sting.. aNd the precipitation chances have increased by the scaffolding truck load.; I don't do dark, dank., dreary very well., if at all.., so., I'm not a happy chappy. - Inconsiderate parking mixed with rain on a dark early weekend morning on top of those combative presidential appearances.. just aren't workin' for me..
Give me Arizona
give me Nevada
give me southern California
but keep your
 80,823 sq mi
 αἱ Πρεττανικαὶ νῆσοι

with its
crappy football team
maritime climate
quite narrow temperature differences between seasons
(what an understatement)
and shove it 'archaically' speaking., where the sun don't shine
Oh., wait
someone already did

winter's a long ass'd year.., unless you're a fab hipster groovester.. but if you're not., it is.. linguistically speaking..

I just wasted 3:18 minutes of my life watching Cory Feldman's Today gig that I'll never get back..

The Realist


Thanks this week go/goes to Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas - Diego - Natalie Hampton - Jessika Baldwin - Shop Rite and  cabins with a view

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