Thursday, 16 October 2014

Another Week 55 - Rembrandt, Black Submarine., Allan Law., Larry Heste


Huffpost Good News

Boredom - I suppose Mr. Woy Hodgson is putting a stunningly exciting team together hell bent on entertaining us with fast, high scoring creative football., but until then, I say he's probably just showing us how he can kill a game and bore the opposition ..

Deal or no deal

do you know the way to San Jose
I wonder., when people write stuff., like me I guess., whether it's actually them or it's simply written  for effect, acknowledgement, ego, recognition, likes., or whutevaH., 'cause man o'man., there are some real  wussies/wussys/whoosys/whoosies (?)  doozies out in them thur social media land hills..

How did violins get their shape
The Black Hole

I'm going upstairs
John Lee Hooker
Blues before sunrise

If you're going to do it., do it properly., or listen to da negativity.., man. Freshly picked and home made blackberry crumble rocks.  If it's not laundry., it's still dark.. 

Blues is blues


I looked in on What's On., but diddly squat, nada, zip's what's on..; that's what#'s on.. and when ya just wanna see some even a little bit of colour, all you've got is grey, grey... and more grey.. scale., man..; I'm actually starving for primary colors, smiles., enthusiastic voices and real instruments..
I was wondering., will the 'redeveloped Pier Approach' AND Horseshoe Common, a 'key town center regeneration site set to become a more vibrant place to live, work and visit' be able to cope with the bars and chewing gum splattered sidewalks.! The aim, apparently., is to 'make the area more attractive and encourage more residents, visitors and shoppers (?, what shoppers!) to this part of town'..; but surely this part of town is full of bars, clubs and fast food places., not to mention the 'gents ?' club.!
Yep, let's put a band-aid on it AGAIN .. and guess what., it'll miraculously turn into the place naive councillors  officials  investors  ?, hold their breaths for., fingers crossed..  This is basically like having what was once a great garden that flourished, bloomed ALL year round and leaving it ;( unattended for decades, only to think that all you need in order for it to grow as it once did is to plant new seeds.. Me thinks that you've gotta dig out and remove the old crap soil lost of all it's nutrients first.. and then think about what will grow in abundance before applying the correct base . Test for proper soil ph,; a very high or low soil ph may result in plant nutrient deficiency or toxicity for example. - know your N-P-K.. and deal with that crap first., otherwise what you'll have is just new old sh*t ontop of the new sh*t to have to deal with.. I wonder whether the mankini's, chewing gum, smashed windows and trash .. magically just go away., OR respect the new road surface.. aNd I wonder just how many of those decision making dudes and dudettes ACTUALLY use that road EVAH, if at all.. Use it man, then make the decisions that will have such a positive effect for us.. This isn't a rocket science..
Look., we've still  got folk who seem to like  enjoy smashing windows., throwing and leaving stuff, like empty beer containers mere inches from trash cans, people who seem to think nothing of throwing up the remnants of last night's partying and ALL this is gonna stop., baby..? CoOlio ..!
Money and good intentions ain't going to 'whip it''  up - Devo..
Shame, shame shame..- Shirley & Co..  - Shower songs
Now, onto lighter stuff., like the light., man.. It looks like Pete and Rog' are going to hit the road.. One has to have the interior lights on in order to see.., things..   I don't think spiders like heights.. 

 "Holy crap, I just fell off a 50 ft ladder'..
..."Oh my God, are you okay?"
...'Yeah it's a good thing I fell off the first step."

It's like a party at your house

I'm off to William Hill's to see what the odds are for the Pier zip.. and taking a spare £1.50 for a little flutter..

There's an island for sale
'Move Me A Mountain'
Jack White - Lazaretto

I got one of those plasters on one of my toes
someone rode down the zigzag on her bike in her shorts
strangers kept looking at my nose today
There were a lot of frowns around
One person smiled
I stopped to retie my right boot
There was scaffolding and puddles everywhere
I screened an unknown (to me) caller
I've got a funeral to go to

Have you got any idea

'cause it's obvious


Thanks this week go/goes to Gunther Holtorf - Anna Ortiz - Caitlin Prater-Haacke - Kwibi - B.J. Novak and Pep Guardiola

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