Monday, 6 October 2014

Another Week 52 - Camino de Santiago., Cyanide & Happiness., GeeKitt..

Seasons., hope.. and dreams
Hounds., darker nights and a lil bit of tree cutting
Absence., Firenze and a long weekend Euro driving


I broke my glasses, discovered that I needed to go under the knife and learned.. something... 
That light IS different.; better different
Streets are different..; better different
Roads are better
Art and culture is different
Style is better
Opinions are personal
facts are facts

high streets are sad - people are defensive - foreign roundabouts are funky., baby.. and I'm doin' rather than thinking.. The hills are alive with the sound of music., accents rock  and adventure is most certainly an adventure
Some folk obviously feel the need to control while others are comfortable
German cars
Toll Booths., French Sunflower fields., Italian tunnels and Chianti
Rooftop pools., daddy longlegs., trains, planes and automobiles
Tuscan villas., equestrian centers and picturesque detours
summer ski runs., mountains and euros
More anaesthetic., Gogglebox and rural life.., just isn't cricket.. but laughing is
Frasier was so well written
Media City
and economy
Late nights are late nights.. and leaves are falling all around..

Design and garages.; what's with size and how are we supposed to park a car AND open it's doors in these 'spaces'.. Minis aren't quite a Mini.. and really, what's with those funky hanging thingies that folk 'put' on their rear view mirrors. ! Man, they're distracting.., not to mention 'why' do some drivers seem to think that by putting the heater on full blast and maxing the ole 'blower' that it's actually PLEASANT in there..

Rant - It's a simple case of being back where the cans litter the street, Big Issue sales are taking up the peace and thought  trail., gaudy flashing neon signs and zip lines interrupt a pier legacy..; attempts to cover up a disease with a band-aid.; frump., college art and just plain weird fringe tries to distract., Pound rules... along with retirement routines.. Someone (?)'s REALLY missing the point, the boat and the natural amphitheater.. Doesn't ANYbody simply look, feel and geddit.., with expertise, authority and balance without just spasmodic throwing up and the odd freebie here and there.. Come on., pretty please.. You've gotta go get someone who's got an idea of how IT all works in there., man.., ease on down the road baby.. Son of a preacher man.. AXL.. I'm really., disappointed, frustrated, let down, bored., exasperated.. and shruggin' my shoulders, rolling my eyes and cussing like a mo..

fer real.. dude..

.. and who's Draclia

Pop, pop., pop

Waking up is hard to do., when you're tired.. and if all yeyboards were the same,, I wouldn't be making typo mistakes.. Shower pressure IS important.., tea isn't.. and why do you end up sliding when sitting up... and it's over a year now..


surprises and welcomed company makes me smile
from the insides

Fear & Effort

It's funny just how far far is when you make an effort
rainy drives and garment bags
Genesis., Toronto and time
How much is enough
My leg's itching and my back's bloody sore

You know what.?
I'm done for this one
my best to BB

seven days a week

Thanks this week go/goes to Arm & Hammer - Angel Di Maria - David De Gea - Katy- Henry - Toshiba - Saloman - Blackberries and Berghaus 

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