Sunday, 12 October 2014

Another Week 54 - St.Jean Pied de Port, Alex Ovechkin., Sign Language.


Letters., laundry an' crunches..


the Alphabet and a night time observation. Abba, Bono, Bowie, Barbra, Beatles, Cream, Celine, Doors, Doobies, Dusty, Eric and Elvis, just off the top of my head..
I just had a brain wave., then it waved back - This is NOT a forecast
Star Apartment Complex
Skid Row 
Michael Maltzan
Vaimali Hospital in need of a Doctor  
96 Buzz FM
ACP-EU approves billion vatu Pacific Coconut Factory
Tafea 2-1 Spirit

Who's Jose Enrique and who cares about his moustache..
So., really.., does ANYone really, truly like getting soaked when all you wanna do is get outside, take in the air, move your muscles, exercise, hike.. Yeah, yeh, I know we dress accordingly, those great boots, goretex, layer it up., baby., but truly, getting soaked is all fine and dandy if that's all you have planned, but what if you want to 'stop' off somewhere.? It's just plain uncomfortable.; all those wet layers no matter how dry proof they're supposed to be.. What am I supposed to do with my glasses.! rain rolls down onto the top of my socks,, soaking them and the 'waterproof boots' through ., from the inside.. squelch, squelch.. Then you've gotta put your wet hands in your pockets at some point or another, or take out the camera.. and not to mention the dressing I have right smack on my face that's NOT supposed to get wet.. 
UNLESS .. you drive..; yawn..

Soaps.. and the need for them.; is there.? Same story-lines., different decade..; maybe that's how real people actually live.. Man., that's a lot of 5.00 am rain..
Friends, Relatives an' Fashion Peeps
Wow dude., that was a few hours.; news is great when it's great news., but man oh man when it's not, the wind get's sucked right outta ya bones and trying to grab that next breath becomes really kinda tough.. I just don't get it.. , baby.. Hugs rock though

Deckchairs in the Autumn Sun
Chocolate cake, inspiration and moments wandering the sand.
Does anybody actually listen ? 
Moving.. and conversations are much more interesting when they're with someone.. 'Does anybody really know what time it is ?' ... 'Another day in the park..' - where am I ...
Sounds, more stories and cereal


Ok., so here's a thought.. and it's about 4 Non Blondes and the radio..; I don't need to listen to 'that' tune., baby.., anymore.   I THINK JAY KAY IS SITTING OPPOSITE ME.. and where are all the cuties.! Crisps, crumbs.. and scaffolding.. There's a feeling I get got when in Tescos..

Escalators and Carlsberg conversations

overheard., and I quote -

 'ah mate., I've got your vitamin C's.; do you want one.?

answer - 'sometimes you wish it were more than one-a-day.'

The horizon is a line where the sky meets the ocean., on a good day.. - originality and routine - old songs and new friends.. Coffee shops, yellow buses and wheelchairs.; there's no doubt that this is Retirement City, Arizona.. - I know there's  Art & culture here somewhere among the t-shirts and rust.. - Local VISIONARIES obviously thinking naively creatively ahead while (at the same time) recognising the foundation of it's locality; the zip-lines will no doubt be mighty long this winter.. and at £13.00 (?) a POP + 4 staff needed (two at each end), it will only be a matter of a dark cold frigid wet day in January when I fully expect to learn of the brainstormin' decision showing a welcome profit..The suits and white shirts make THE BEST decisions. - Variety, European/Art House/noir style is as cheerful, positive and welcome as rust and flames..; I'm so artistically pumped up and inspired enough.. to go light a fire and hit a piece of metal now.. Challenged - what ever happened to primary colors, light and smiles.; thanks for the hug C

Week's go by

I drove down a road to nostalgia
today was just the same as it ever was

A magical conversation with nature

until the next one

The Courage to Connect

Thanks this week go/goes to Terravision - French Lieutenant's Woman -  EE - Malala and Kailash Satyarthi - Lee Williams - El Hierro - Jaha Dukureh - Waterloo Sunset and Grover

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