Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Another Week 53 - Autumnal Beauty., Blue Moon., Ben Affleck..


The Final Conference

Tainted Love

and coathangers

Tweed, red trousers and Englishisms.. Green wellies., ties and THAT language..  I can't even tell you.., but.. Nails on a chalkboard, cold tea and there's an age for spaghetti straps.. Old songs., old radio., old milk and old thoughts.. Thunder said it best..
Five floors ., full cars..  and crumbles.. University Challenge., Simon says.,  and let's be honest... Hot lemon and honey and a lifetime of coats, cold feet and artificial heat. Can you close the window please...

on Wednesday

I just wanna wake up
an' I'm supposed to be impressed

Road trippin'
Midnight in Harlem

Sometimes time needs to stand still long enough.. I'm thinking.. Going Down.. Turning it up.. Who is Roy Keane.. and why would 'we' read him..
Fires., Floods and family photos.. Who makes good jeans.., anybody.. Lord give me strength, a little courage and some relief., please.; thankyou. Amen.

Blue sky                                                                                                    Pompous (ness)
Light clear nights                                                                                                 rudeness
Fresh air                                                                                    long cold dark wet nights
Choice                                                                                                           dark mornings
Truth                                                                                                                    wine snobs
Trust                                                                                                      combative richards
Open windows                                                                                       me, myself and I's
Smiles                                                                                                                                bias
Enthusiastic conversation                                                                                         smoke
Patience                                                                                                          abrasive(ness)

Phony fake eccentric language is as funny, cute irritating as that place in Thailand.; Phuket.! Cute can sometimes cause me to wanna throw up., man..; sic., sick, sic..
Has anybody actually been there.?  Tweezers are cool.., but a warm bed isn't., man.. I like words like confidently., tentatively.., understated., calm., humble.. adventurous, generous.. and creative.; they conjure up images of people I like to hang out with.. as opposed to loud, heavy, inconsiderate, unreliable..
Vineyards, valleys, lakes, mountains and nature.; throw in the odd city not forgetting a beach, river, island and the ability to take in the moon, stars, sit outside., walk in peace, art, culture., traditional/contemporary architecture.; trees that never lose their leaves., , giant sunflowers., smooth olive skin, long legs and natural bouncy hair., Pure color, , , warm sand, history., stories., live music.... and a partridge in a pear tree..

'because life is more fun without walls'

does anybody care Jeremy.. I need me a gallery to wander in.. and one with some good sh*t in it.. A new road to experience..  Poverty, beach huts and a ball of confusion.. I'm going to miss out on a world of ALL those 80 something's who will be wandering the streets collecting their pensions, walking sticks in hand, struggling to get on and off buses..  covered in taOOHS.. - imagine the photo ops..
I need to find a new baseball cap, put a bag in my car and work out what's going on with the whole edit program thingy


At some point there will be a point to all this ride, life, journey do da.. Power & windows.; the dollar, euro and passports.. My dad went to Manchester United's first match after the Munich disaster.. ALL those years ago.. ; a lion jumped over us in Africa, there's a whole story about Kilimanjaro, I got a coral cut (on my right foot) when in Vanuatu., dolphins in Monkey Mia.. and today I'm going to check out rows and rows of faded beach huts..., tiny/narrow plastic front doors and people (more than likely) sitting down..- I'm sooo excited..- Yep..
'Is she getting over her hip..'
Old (er) people have the most trying conversations.. The countdown's on.. Charity stores, coffee shops and tattoo studios..; am I wrong here.. What to pack., when to go..
Today I'm going to sleep for about 50 minutes., apparently, hopefully.. and maybe that's why I'm researching that trip again.. Something's you've just gotta go do.., otherwise it'd simply suck.. and besides., who needs stuff.

 I missed my final meal time., the cut's been done and the lights turned out..; what's a hole in your nose and a few bandaids anyway.. There's always chocolate...
Wenger's shove and leadership qualities
Hodgson's really going to get me smiling at the way he's shaping the national side., but for all the wrong reasons..
What's on and where
I feel like crossing a border
The Beatles
.. and I'm singing (in my head) 'there are places I remember..'
Award winning journalism
Halley's comet
God only knows
anaesthetic rocks

If spring's weather is good
if Autumn's weather is good
there isn't a better time to visit ., enjoy and vacation

Well., don't you ever have any thoughts

for another week

Happy Birthday

Thanks this week go/goes to Billy Connolly - Kim - NHS - Grace - Wingers - 
San Gabriel Mountains - burgers and California stories

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