Friday, 3 January 2014

Another Week 48 - Predictions for 2014, Mean Girls, and Paragraphs

PartAY season

Tis the season to be jolly and patient..; tis the season for crowds and lines queues lines., tis the season for booze.; tis the season for extravagance and tis the season to stress., unless.. I confess., you turn up with less..
Tis the season for choirs., for bells, for overindulging and for forgetting..; forgetting the reason of the season..
Tis the season for trees., for fires and for love..; all together now..
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks.. baby

Shopping carts full of crisps chips crisp chip thingies
Shopping carts full of sugar and vino plonko
Shopping carts full of bread and toilet rolls
Shopping carts full of boxes of cookies
Shopping carts full of coat hangers

Ho ho ho

I'm traveling again.., well, immediately after my meeting.., to the world of parties, trees and sounds of gravel., to where the air is clean and the land peaceful, plentiful and generous .. Friends are getting older and the bottle bank's gonna get fuller.. It's going to be a smashing time..
There will be fires a crackling., trees a smellin'..; there's a tradition a traditioning.. Laughter., surprises  and time for reflecting., for planning and for getting rid of oodles of wrapping paper..
 Black hoodies., red vino.. 
white cars..

I'm groovin'  to the point of wearing a shirt., with an aKtual collar man..- stereotypes and vision.. Life an' friends..Sometimes it just works and today it's working it's magic., whatever it is.. Options, opportunity, adventure and change.; spontaneity., light and a new razor.. It really can be that simple sometimes.. Divas, princess' and regular funky folk.. and  irregular, unfunky folk., like moi..

What's hot
So I've got this idea., like.. ; like for da spring and 6 to eight weeks (possibly ?) baby.., but until then I'm going to listen to some music., write a little and continue placing one foot infront of the other all while taking in the moments of life..
Grow Old With Me
Tom Odell

Cheers to the great lyricists of the world., for the great artists and for gas stations.. It would be a bloody long assed walk without 'em.. and if I'm going to enjoy the arts., man, I need to get my ass there with the help of a pump and full tank...
 Today I'm feeling Pollack., Jackson Pollock .., Matisse & The Stranglers..; today I'm feeling the way new socks make me feel.., the way a bowl of cereal makes me feel and the way clean glasses make me feel..

Isy & JJ

I think I start with the same foot each time I hit a set of stairs.. I wonder who measures set the parking space space in a UK car park..! My guess is someone who rides a bike (perhaps a councilor?) and is only about 120lbs and 5'5" tall.. an'/or they haven't been changed since cars were narrower, smaller.. They simply send out the worker type folk to paint on the ground a few white lines here and there according to the 'rules' made in 1901 an' seconded by the man in the local pub.. Ok, people, gather round., lets see how many parking spaces we can paint in this space and call it a car park.; forget the size of today's cars and forget the fact that people need to actually open their car doors., let's just pack 'em in nice and tight.. Remember the good ole days when Minis were Minis.; remember the days when we had motorbikes and sidecars... and remember the days when we had to rub shoulder to shoulder in them thur vinyl/plastic front seats., well, those days aren't gone, let's pack 'em in., the little buggers, the little sods.. Let's make 'em remember that little cars were effing little.. Long live wind up windows., MG Midgets, Minis and anything that gave you cramp... Car parking spaces and local councilors that (and who) haven't evolved quite like the size of a modern car..- I'm off to pull a muscle and contort my way out of the car..


The choir and Gareth rock..

Ricky's Place

'k, so I'm back., , I've eaten lot's of choc'.; parties done, fires lit, taken in the bloody Big Issue guys ALready and stood on stage in the rain..
          So., this is the deal., baby..; The road was fast., the seat was comfortAble.., but man., man that sand is right up to the top of the.. wheelie bins.. and that fourth and fifth gear are bloody "long legged".., so if you need a car review, I'm yer man., man..
.. and what's the deal with the Chines., dude.. The beach was on the boardwalk... Some people are funny.., while some aren't.; Jock's really funny..

 The new year's started with a new year., duh.. and while Gaza Barlow is unbelievably talented., he's also really too much for me to take in anymore than about five., or six minutes of him..; the dude's kinda 'safe', a tad boring and a little 'indulgent' (maybe?)., for my tastes., but hey., the geezer's a good guy.., I think.. Which brings me onto the fact that I got me some new toothpaste..; well., it's kinda clean, sparkly and too much on the brush., makes ya sick..

Oh.. and 'yeah'.., we've had some storm type action.. Da whole beach moved baby..

I haven't had a cold yet., but man, being sick and waking up face down on the floor is as much the pits as finding out you slept on the bathroom floor....- One Passed Out old guy who left his stomach in San Francisco., baby - 

 Dry Shoes






thankyou to holiday friends
Happy New Year

Thanks this week go/goes to - Simple Minds - Pharrell Williams - AJ  - Jock - Enterprise - Heaters - January - Carlos Santana - Bing Crosby - Nat King Cole and Sammy Hagar

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