Monday, 6 January 2014

Another Week 49 - Michael De Beyer, "Violent Storms Batter Britain", Arctic Air and


New London Black Taxi


and where is it

Landscape., fauna and flora.., of a certain type..
living with condensation

I have a hill to meander walk venture down., which will only mean I've got to climb it back., at some point..; the question is., do I take an umbrella., or do I hug the huts..?

I can see the need to wash your car., but have no clue as to why you would attempt to dry it..; "offside" I hear you shout.. I've been trying to think if I have a blatant bias against something so trivial.. I guess the deal is that while I'm a fan, I've kinda outgrown the screaming and shouting at a couple of players mainly who play for opponents and/or perhaps referees who 'appear' to be human beings..

The Black Pearl

I kinda grew up knowing about Eusébio ., watched him.. and well remember that moment, when 'clean through', Mr. Stepney stood his ground and saved the day/night.. Mr. da Silva Ferreira's sporting tap and acknowledgement is still remembered and respected..

Animal print coats seem to be worn by the same/similar kind of hairstyles., I've noticed.; have you.? I just took a social media quiz thingy and my knuckles are dry.. Baseball caps.
Damnit., I can see rings dancing in the bloody puddles AGAIN..  and she's still drying her car off.. ART., art..; I need to see me some art today.., or at the very least., textured movement., sounds.. and.., drat.., there ain't gonna be much., if any color today..; bummer.!
So., yes.., I got drenched to the point that I just rung my gloves out..; really appealing.. Is Puma, Pooma.. or Pewma and Addidas, Addeedas or Addidas.. an' while we're at it., is Nike., Nykee or Nyke..? I like Marmite on crumpets.. and views from a tropically located verandah..

Does walking with your shoulders hunched up to your ears, your head down while exhibiting a frowned or pained  expression really work for keeping the rain off one's bod'..

I stood on the edge (today) and not only felt the spray hit my face., but my legs wobbled too., man..

Searchin'., lookin'.. an' researchin'., baby

Who said that.?

I don't need to watch Sherlock.; sorry.. I'm sure it's great., but my cup of tea ain't that flavor.. I'm kinda relieved that I've got another pair of training., running.,  hiking., outdoors type boot things, 'cause two are now soaked with little to NO indication that they will be dry anytime soon..
I watched Drive with Ryan Gosling in it.. and let me tell ya..; I watched it.. man.. I also hit the shredder too.. , but really, what is it with tea., coffee shops and potatoes., again.! Long live fresh air., sunlight and chocolate..


So., if I told you I walked  up the infamous Landsdowne Road today and saw one guy aKtually peeing on the street., front and center., a policeman book a car, two separate 'traveling' dudes.. and he hadn't reached the three who were sitting, staggering., falling over on the wet pavement in and around a doorway  while arguing and hugging their cans of Carlsberg....  I stepped over three separate 'areas' of broken bottles., passed two cracked store front windows..  and noticed two new student accommodations being built..
Welcome to the town

 Are We There Yet



A little black screw just fell out of the bottom of my laptop., which can't be a good sign., can it.!


There are moments., times


Book a ticket & Just leave

Thanks this week go/goes to Eusébio - Cheerios - Keith Hill - Plastic Jeezus - Quirky the blind kitten - Cara Delevingne -  Cheapflights and Kaiserhof Restaurant and Wunderbar

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