Friday, 13 December 2013

Another Week 46 - 2013, Christmas Boat Parades, #Camino De Santiago., The Go Outdoors Team and

Let's bring it into the
21st Century



Por favor
if you don't mind


I can't tell you just how dreary and miserable an English light can be is.., but it's bloody dreary and bloody miserable., so if you're a 'light' kinda person

Be warned..

If you like., love., enjoy color., colour  & change too., then I may have another warning for ya..

However., if you like the past., you're in luck 'cause we have plenty of that


Effort & Pride
or not
Sometimes you've just gotta scratch your head, wonder and scratch some more

Incidentally., I'm available
inexpensive., as in cheap
as in
A sandwich, weak black Early Grey with honey and lemon
Jus' requires enthusiastic 'different' people to be around
who are willing and eager to take on
a refreshing new approach to the same ole

I have the correct and necessary experience., but lets face it., who hasn't when one takes a look.!, however., I actually do
Call me., e-mail me., bump into me., let me know
I'll be there in the time it takes to blink an eye


An Interested and Concerned Visionary

"The current century of the Anno Domini era or the Common Era, in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.
It began on January 1, 2001"


 Apparently there's a new Poet Laureate (in town) that isn't 'Google-able', who isn't photo'd., or even known (?)..; I just hope 'he' hasn't produced the one an' only  'poem' for the competition (?) to be named honored honoured.., but hey, congrats to the poetic dude gentleman.; seriously, sincerely man..
In your own time, but can we get a bio, photo and some basic info 'up there'.., and out there, so we can all jump on the bandwagon and congratulate, support and enjoy.., innit dude..

We do what we do best and we do it., eventually., maybe., if we're lucky
Take our town Christmas Tree


 So., ceci est l'accord.; I heard "me, myself and I" again, sadly.. and disappointingly.. I'm not a me, myself and I kinda guy.. and my insides sorta cringe when I hear it, especially when it should be a case of, if absolutely necessary, which it wasn't in this case., a "we., us and the 'team'.."

Did the laundry., was sick and lost (quite) a bit of weight as a result.. I have a plan.. and my taste buds have been turned off of the beer and choc deal gig as a result of said sick thingy do da..  I'm on a culture fix after returning to the land of care homes, rehab and Big Issue sales..

I thought for a moment last night when asked where the Angel was..; she was cute and smiled with her eyes.. I don't get asked too many times, but when I do, it's ALWAYS when I'm not wearing my disguise dark glasses..
I hate others hiding behind barriers... and yet, I'm totally responsible for doing exactly what I hate.. BooHoo..- dang it..

Hmm., I have a room., but no room
okay, it's time.., but it's always time..
Gotta move., gotta groove
Action., fraction and reaction.., abstraction

To where.?

it makes sense

My feet are cold.; where are my socks.. Osprey backpacks., hydrate and layers..  I've got my buff on., the phone's charged and I'm remembering a flight and the particular moment the wheels left the runway..







headless, mindless wonder




Thanks this week go/goes to - Duck Dynasty - Stocking Stuffers - Madison Square Garden - Christmas Trees - David Thibault -  Selfies - Dilbert and Smart Watches


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