Thursday, 16 January 2014

Another Week 50 - American Hustle, Gravity, Super Bowl, Oscars, Estes Park Colorado and

Prince Harry

The Dimple is the way to go

Well., because that's three pairs of shoes trainers cross-training running shoe thingies soaked through and not properly dry YET, I had to resort to wearing/using my fourth 'reserve' pair today.. and now I've developed an effing blister.. I guess I should have got ALL the same pair 'cause the others fit me perfectly..; damn the fourth pair.. Now I know why I think what I think  and feel what I feel.

Fiction Writing
E-mails., fear and etiquette
Distance., travel and etiquette
authenticity., performance and etiquette
Cliques., courage and is sincerity

Teach me
Guide me
Show me
I will learn
I can

Writers writing drivel
words making up numbers
 Minimalism, minimalistic and minimalist
'cause 'that' added word is sooo unnecessary


There are signs on the floor, there are signs on the door
 There are signs on the walls, there are signs on the posts
There are signs in the air and there are signs everEEwhere
Signs, signs and signs

Innocence and simplicity

I make my bed everyday and segueing right along wha tis punctuation Speaking of punKtuation is it a comma.. period Aren't we lucky to have pillowcases

Two lions, a palm tree and a raven
Forty Days & Forty Nights

So., this is the deal., again.. OBSERVATIONS.. 'Observations' are fact., right.? Aren't they ? Really.? I mean., if I see a car with a flat tire., does that car not have a flat tire..? If I see a guy with a can of beer., am I not seeing a guy with a can of beer.? and if I see a leaning beach hut with faded peeling paint and rotten wood., is it not there.? How about some dude sat on a bench who keeps asking me if I want to buy a Big Issue.; am I imagining it..? and if you'd like some customer service and it's simply not there., am I imagining that too..!

Lowe Alpine Packs
AirZone Pro 35:45 
Cotswolds Outdoor people are great..; well the one guy I spoke too was.. The bus experience was just that., an experience.. There was a loud telephone conversation going on behind me about the one dude making 16 pounds in the last hour selling five books and was it worth him coming 'in' for two hours.. and if he did, how many more books could he get with his 16 pounds. Apparently he could get 12, because he asked for 12 .. He ended his conversation loudly enough for one or two passengers to turn around., eventually by telling the person on the 'other' end of the line, not "thanks, bye".., but.. and I quote., "don't masturbate too much.!".. True story..; why do some folk feel they need to speak  extra loudly on a phone (?)., especially while in such a confined public space..!  I noticed that combs, brushes, make-up and a wardrobe sense isn't that much of a priority too.. This was also an observation., but accurate nonetheless.. and while I obviously can't speak of every bus journey., or passenger., this one WAS an experience.. There were walking sticks, walking frames, children's buggies., shopping buggies squeezed in.; there were lots of shopping bags, baggy sweat pants and telephone conversations.. There were lots of 'accents'., dialects.. and lots of bus passes.. There were old people, young people and people in leather.. There were lots of piercings., comb overs and staring around.. There were dogs., crying babies and farts.. Texts., arguments and complaints.. One girl on the phone was definitely gossiping about her work and a colleague who had apparently changed her 'hours'.. Many headphones, earphones and deaf aids.. a couple of books., one Kindle and lots of sandwich, crisp/chip and cookie/biscuit/choc' eating.. There was a child whistling., a wave and one person took a photo with her Blackberry... Many passengers leaving the two buses I rode on thanked the driver.; when asking the second driver about my return ticket, he immediately jumped to the wrong assumption about my, as yet 'unseen' ticket, telling me "that it was probably the wrong ticket for this bus.." - It was infact the CORRECT one., but the whole jumping to and forming of 'a negative assumption' appears par for the course., baby.. Observations uh..

I'm outta


What's everybody talking about

Thanks this week go/goes to Claire Koch - Chris Du Plessis - Mtombi - Alan Young - Eric Kunkel - Elena Shumilova and Trigger


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