Monday, 8 April 2013

Another Week 1 - Send Up On Fashion., Clouds and Amusement Arcades..

Does running late count as exercise.?



Wooden floors.., large doors
and LA Fitness passes in London

I saw balloons hanging., heard announcers announcing.. and runners missing the quiet and understated call to start.. I do have to ask myself what kind of event people, people are..
.. and I think I can now start looking at my three season socks again (finally) 'cause the four are making my toes real toasty like.. 

Cloudier, breezier and cooler than yesterday for most.

Bah., that's a couple of Film Festivals I've missed.., especially when I'd have loved to celebrate and recognise a friends proud and exciting submission and screening.. and how do we successfully work out how to be in two places at the same time.? Big yeah to LA's Indie Fest', Sarasota.. and NB's Festivals

So., why would you change your manager/coach with only seven games left and you're already adrift without a paddle..

Hmm., the days are getting longer., baby.. and that extra degree or two, makes a difference..  I actually broke out the Coppertone.; for purely wind protection of course..  and hey, there really was a shadow.. and I know, I saw it move..

and what exactly does your head look like..?

Shh., the melon is speaking to me

I have plenty of energy on the way out, but the whole returning gig., is exhausting.., both mentally and physically.. 

Is modern life making us lonely?


and don't let a simple shadow come between us..


Two young local mums overheard while pushing their toddler's buggies.. "Hmm, of course you can dear..; you little git."
The other mum.. " be careful and don't run too far (while on the sandy beach).; you little shite.."
My guess is they will both grow up to be rocket scientists.., Presidents ., or soccer stars..


"What day is it.?" .. asked Pooh

"It's today." .. squeaked Piglet

"My favourite day".. said Pooh..

I just had a thought - I'm not sure who drives on the wrong side of the road anymore.; I'm totally confused..
.. f/8.. and my right forearm's itchy man..

High surf advisory.,

A paddle you say.?

Yep., I've actually heard someone mention the Christmas word..; no kidding..  and I hit another pot hole.. and where are all the Choc' digestives..?

Hawaiian Airlines, is best at sticking to schedules.,

Nostalgic adventures can prove to be., in the end., a dreary and uninspiring journey...

"if it wasn't for bad luck
you know, I wouldn't have no luck at all"
Albert King

Was Shakespeare a teacher.?


Pablo's Movement

I throw my Spanish in the air sometimes saying
"Ayyyyyoooo., no comprendooooo..."

New and latest 1

Thanks this week go/goes to Sky Living - South Bank - Oskar Zorilla - RVP - Wimbledon - Roger Ebert - Jack Hoffman - Mark Devittorio - Freaky Friday - Les Blank and all the world's a stage


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