Thursday, 18 April 2013

Another Week 2 - Boston Marathon., Baroness Thatcher and The Transporter

Today's Lesson

Keeping it clean

Assessment programs have a serious flaw.; they're hosted by 'distant individuals' carrying clip boards who then disappear at the time when they shouldn't - break time.. and therefore, are so far removed from the engineer (who couldn't make the spaceship that was leaving to form the new world as a result of the florist and builder claiming the two final spare places)...

Ageism, persuasiveness.. and role playing were this weeks reasons for the cut., but the racecourse was a fascinating first..

Depleted energy., spring flowers.. and rabbit fencing..; views of swings blowing in the wind, longer days and double digits..
New road bikes, Aston Martin and Pink..

Several solo midweek hours in a black S-Line Recaro with a few early morning hours watching the wipers working their intermittent magic., while navigating The Road To Hell and taking in Planet Rock., offered up the day's accompanying distractions.. 

I don't think the bench is level

Sitting on an old wooden bench for 80 minutes under an age old corrugated roof provided the day's shelter from the spot of rain bouncing off the exposed umbrellas. The choral frustrations from a few thousand folk who all found moments to question the part-time official with varying literary contributions rang around the local ground.. and my ears - just a typical Saturday afternoon for those English people following their routines.. Out of context, the comments for said official to visit Spec Savers don't seem funny at all..

I managed to spray a bucket of balls left and right avoiding the pins, markers and place they were supposed to at some point.. I also fought with a couple of low flying branches attached to an angry tree that must've dated back to the 1800's in order to both climb and duck..
My trail shoes proved to be of no challenge for negotiating Sunday's muddy field..; what I knew once as being a New Balance logo, now looked more like (and felt like) a pair of muddy bricks.., but hey.., I dismantled a king..

Enjoyed the special, totally free and unique therapy that visiting a bottle bank brings to the equation.. I can't help but put a little extra help into the action..

The front door

I also visited a piece of nostalgia on route., saw my name from another life time and the photo hanging immediately by the great hall.; noting the new Theater and old balcony over looking it., I then wandered off and crunched out a few steps on the damp gravel - I'll be back.., he said..

I lifted the pool cover, aired my arms for the first time in months and felt the floor bounce.. I've pumped out a phew sit-ups, climbed a 7 gradient (in socks) at a speed of 6.. and kicked out a bunch of reps that have my biceps bulging against my sleeves.. 

Erm., an e-mail here.., an e-mail there, here an e-mail, there an e-mail, everywhere an e-mail.. and not to mention 60,000 photos..; damn it, I mentioned them..
Lot's of laughter, train station platform scenes and Sky..  and if you weren't old enough to vote for Baroness Thatcher in '79, you would have missed the 70's altogether, along with the bleak three day working weeks, violent picket lines, candles, powercuts., long dark weeks with piles of uncollected trash piling up and angry and combative union leaders leading each and every news program that preceded her first term.., but I'm sure you've read what you've read and perhaps even viewed a couple of YouTube videos to help fudge and cloud your romanticized opinion of those heady dark Labour/union days that she changed.. AND if you were just old enough to vote for the first time then., you'd be around 10 years old, full of a unique expertize and the kind of knowledge and memory of just how the 3 day working week and power cuts and news coverage depicting the images of angry, violent picket lines truly affected you.. and the nation.. , although I'm sure your idea of an ice-cream flavor would be an opinion I'd consider taking..- Seriously., come on.!

Coming across a bike registration document from 1925, I see the cost of the annual fee was 1.10.. and the top of my head is cut.. and I need to charge up my phone..

New blades are much more efficient for shaving with than old ones..  and satin floss much more comfortable.., and when it comes right down to it., chocolate rocks..

I had a dream., while I was dreaming..; I tapped my foot this evening to a tune I hadn't heard in a while..  and where do all these flies come from.?

I like smoked cheese.., late nights., clear night skies.. and the prospect of a September visit..

Keith Richards is 69 dude.., Vienna and Tesco to pull out of America..

Front and center
Back to it

. oh and yes., 'we're' still  unable to deal with snow.. and if anyone mentions the weather and "it's too hot" - it may break 50 (if we're lucky !).., so help me.. Da English uh..; weather conversations and tea..

Back to the land of artistically and strategically placed flapping balloons casually tied to rusting railings, where 'hankies' get knotted., and the gloriously stunning pieces of historically valued bits of local architecture (otherwise known as the YMCA and uber picturesque back of the Pavilion) are finally seen from the approach road..  - stylin' baby..; sic..

Yeah., I can see it now

Oh yeah

KFC's ousted

Just another done deal and week
of sorts

and finally, mentioning the Boston Marathon with a warm and emotional respect., 'cause I know how that makes me feel..

Thanks this week go/goes to Susie Wolf - G12 - Nicole Gross - Nick Hayward -  Ricky van Wolfswinkel - Susanna Reid and Brampton Racecourse

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