Friday, 8 February 2013

Image 52 - Week 52.. Last One., Argo and Courage.., an' now you know..

'cause it's all an adventure anyway

The Final One

it's all personal
a reveal 

Take Courage

I wandered the coast today on the way to where I was going., a long time ago., or at least, many weeks ago and totally wrote this final effort in my head.., then.. Infact this is actually somewhere around weeks 32-37, but I’m sure I’ll ‘tweak’ it over the coming weeks when the time is right and certainly just before I sign off for the last time.."maybe the last time., I don't know..., oh no.."

If I can just remember where my mind was at that late morning in Fall..

So., Image 52 fell into my lap last year and without any plan or specific ideas, I jumped.. and now..?, well I know exactly what it’s all about of course and have known from an early part of this reveal.., but you probably have no idea.., so let me share where my mind has been..

Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be an inspirational blog and one offering up Images for you to consider inspiring., however..I’ve treated it as a selfish project with one very clear journey..; “hmm., clear you say.!” - “but of course, I say”.. Yeah., yeah.; I know you're shaking your head., totally bewildered., but really.., it's very, very simple..

I start at the very beginning when I meet someone, or more importantly, when I introduce myself to a stranger.. and through the course of the introduction, I’m present and show up.. I’m totally happy to reveal myself, which, in most cases totally turns people off, however, if you’re one of my closest friends, you’d know that I’m always there..; so, I did this for myself, to show I had some courage and enable me to look back and know I actually turned up, was present and shared stuff with ya'll.. and that, to me, is inspiring in a person.. Now, perhaps to you, it’s wacky, weird and confusing., but, what I’ve done for the past year has been to show how a person (perhaps a stranger), or piece of music, lyric and/or image has influenced my thought and year as a whole.. and simply attempted to share that by injecting some humour, sarcasm, anger, frustration, frankness and every emotion known to me.. I’m sure, that to perhaps one of the few readers , according to my blog stats, who’s stopped by, they’ve understood and hopefully got that.. and if just one person understands, then I’ve shared my journey with that one person.. and that’s inspiring to me.., perhaps inspired them., you too..

SO, I’ve shared things, moments, famous names.. and the not so famous., people I know and people I don't., but people, who at that precise moment have impacted my thought.. and I’ve simply responded by including them.. They may have come into my thoughts as a result of a negative moment, or more likely, I’ve been moved by them..
I’ve shared the mundane routines that ‘we’ all deal with and the wonderful high’s too.; there's been birthdays, a summer, fireworks, rain and so on, but through it all, every word has come from that place before it gets edited by the brain and shared by the fingers..; the place that beats with a passion for the simplicity of life.. and like me, with an instinctive rhythm ..; my heart.. and the le truth..

Yep, it’s probably read like a wacky, high and troubled piece of confusing ramblings., which at times, it was.., kinda like me., yet I’ve shared the year because I’ve been inspired to.. and perhaps you may be inspired to turn up, show up and be present too.

It's been about personal
choices and contrasts., passion, setting a pace and sharing a voice..
For me on a journey

In truth., I've enjoyed the whole 52 gig.. and can't imagine going cold turkey.. I'm sure I need to 'fine tune' and up the quality quite a bit., but who knows.., perhaps by the time this posts, I'll have a clearer idea of how to do that.. 

Ahh, the journey., the personal journey of comparisons., of highs, good fortune and from where I walked on my personal moon, where I climbed mountains and experienced the desert's powerful energy.; where I raced, wrote and read.., where I painted, photographed., learned and understood.. and where I learned to 'think' as an individual who has a voice.. I met the future, the tomorrow, I understood the need for solutions, answers and improvement, of teamwork, collaborations and of open doors; I can't lose that.., I can't go back to All Our Yesterdays where balloons deflate, color fades and paint peels.., nor where the mind slows and actions are met with suspicion.., where doors are closed., attitudes hide behind walls and high hedge rows.., from where canvas' divide strangers on the sand.. and where chewing gum lines the streets.., nor where organs, TV soaps and roads show little change.; yep, it's been a personal journey of courage, challenge and reveal.. and done so with nothing more than an honesty.. and courage


 The Rolling Stones

"Well this could be the last time
This could be the last time
Maybe the last time
I don't know. oh no. oh no"


and what ya don't know, you don't know.. and what you don't know., ain't worth knowing anyway..

Courage to say what you mean, mean what you say., do what you mean, mean what you do., turn up, notice and notice when you turn up..; courage to share and courage to 'be'.. A year of courage, a year of journeying.. and a year of reveal..



Thank you

  Image 52
 Week 52

To those I Know., I just know.., but.. Special thanks go/goes to those friends who are thought of with every breathing minute of my day, who're loved., missed and..

Hey guys.,

It's Margarita time

and as always
with minimal editing

Happy New Year

for those
Courage to share
courage to reveal
courage to turn up
courage to follow your instincts


Make sense now.?

Leaving footprints

Thanks this final week go/goes to courage., those I've seen, photo'd, walked by, overheard, observed - The tunes, paintings and moments that have impacted my year - an' ALL the other stuff too..

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