Friday, 8 February 2013

Image 52 - Week 48.. Tea.., Abramovich., Mr.Bean and

Made for walking

and catching up

Reading 'bout pj's., onesies., being wrapped up in bed by 8.30pm.., staying in bed all morning.. and all that talk of tea.., being undercover of something that keeps us warm and dry., having to use lights in the daytime, along with the usual reasons why I don't expect to see anyone I know out and about today..; infact, I'm not sure I'm expecting anybody to be out and about today.. It's this day, it's that day. Reasons, excuses uh..!

Day job

I used to sleep before I found the internet.. I used to do a lot of things on a clear day.., but being surrounded by four walls, closed windows and inhaling man made heat wasn't any of those things I'd look forward to being imprisoned by..

Keeping busy

The wind's splattering the windows with driving rain so forceful that I'm not sure the walls aren't moving.., or maybe that's just me, climbing them.; not a cloud in the sky., just an atmosphere of uninterrupted and solid greyness.. The people silence that accompanies this stuff is overwhelmingly obvious; it's a day full of inactivity, well, unless you take away walking to the kitchen, or using your thumbs for the remote control or keyboard, or index finger for the switch on., yes, you've guessed it., THE kettle.. It reeks of the fact that people are more than likely inside, boiling yet more water to add to their stained bit of pottery.., texting, probably searching for Bridget Jones' Diary.., or some trilogy or another.. and totally unaware that there are people in this world, able to ride their bikes along a boardwalk or take a drive with their windows open.., or can you believe, a walk without being cold, blown off their feet or having to find a layer that'll keep them dry enough to reach the next sheltered spot.. There's not enough clothing, or storage space to accommodate a seasons required wardrobe here..
Feet are soaked, legs/Levis saturated, faces grimacing as a result of the torturous conditions., frowns indicating a life not happy with the day and noses as red as Rudolph's... Hands stuck firmly and deeply in pockets, shoulders hunched tighter than an electrical goods purchase..

Yep., I know where and what I'm going to do., find the baseball cap., waxed coat and fully expect to get my feet and knees soaked.; bring on today's adventure..

There aren't any smiles., there's only one direct route to where ever anybody is going.. and god help us if we get caught in the way.. Nope., no windows open today..; a day of artificial heating, unnatural lighting and the distant sounds of wet roads swishing under rubber and sirens wailing..

There's always the editing route., or counting the drips running down the glass.. Amazing what freedom really, truly is to a person.. Freedom to me is about choices and the fact that I don't particularly want to get a soaking, or have to gaze out on a ANother dreary painting of life.., but.., it looks as though while I can address the window deal by getting out and avoid having to look through one.,. I am going to get drenched.
Geez., how do folk deal with this constant creek and groan.? Ahh, yes.,  the chipped tea pot..

choices and patience
My god, how would we cope with actual choices..,  
choice to 'move' about in space and with time.. Hmm, today's view..

Hmm., one or two folk have short fuses and little patience.., damn it..!, this keyboard just got stuck, for a nano of a second..  
I sat for 15 whole minutes trying to get the thing working and ended up mentioning it to ole Ricky Head here, only for him to question my patience.. I then watched  him try to figure out the reason why the beat up piece of crap wasn't working only to see him go through a total melt down as the time clicked over one full  minute..!! and he laid into me for my lack of patience..

I drove in with someone today and now know every car park by name.. and every new building.., not to mention how busy the roads were.. and the fact that now it's a doctors surgery when it used to be a much bigger car park.. I was also made aware when driving round the flooded round-about the drains weren't working properly..; now, I know I didn't do a weather degree at college and I fully accept that I'm not the brightest spark on the block, but..

Today's the date that I passed my drivers test, all those years ago., in a brand new Model T..; thank you Mr. Henry Ford., but phew, those hill starts were a bummer and when I hit the brakes for that emergency stop, that car shook, rattled and rolled.. I remember feeling kinda sorry for my examiner., especially when I saw his feet go through the floor boards

Front line stain

I watched as a neewbie 'puter person played Solitaire on the computer for an hour (at least), at the instructions of a 'lead' who thought by playing, she would get the hang of the mouse.. I also heard the most outrageous phone rings that came in full blast.. I mean, are folk truly aware..!

I heard that big sigh and need for everyone to know how 'exhausted' and frustrated he was, just for answering his phone.. Know what I mean Harry.. He even turned to me and said, 'why does everything feel like a rush when you're in here.; jeepers.!' .. and he's been sat besides me for all of under 5 whole minutes..! so far..!.. and why do some people appear to HAVE to pound those keys., man.!
Hmm, Abramovich has done it AGAIN.., surprise, surprise..; shock horror, shock.. I mean., I can't understand and believe it.. Good ole Roman..; Mr. Consistency.. Why would anybody want that job., well other than for the huge salary and severance check they'll get.., 'cause longevity and job satisfaction ain't happening there.., that's for sure.

Week 48 out

Hi., bye

Thanks this week go/goes to Bruce Willis - Rowan Atkinson - Raul Labrador - Steven Tyler - Georgia May Jagger and Huell Howser

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