Friday, 8 February 2013

Image 52 - Week 50.. SAF., The Daily Pilot., Expedia., Prophets and Facebook

Hyding in the Park

Complicated Simplicity

Sharing obvious and very public observations that are evident for everybody to see and biasedly defend is proving to be quite a hazardous past-time from what I see and read.., it appears; almost as much as settling for what is.. 
But.. and after all, where would we be now without 'the Mac', or that smartphone in your hand., or the electric windows in your air conditioned vehicle.; hey, in order to 'make a day of it'.., I too can ignore the dreary aspects of a location that I probably spend more time in 'there' than the supporters who decide to venture in only occasionally and then to lend their supportive presence to what is usually a 'tied, tried and tired' event.. Walk the streets dude..
We simply become distanced from that everyday thing when we remain close to the teabag we squeeze..; Prisouns and what really is a considered sentence..? Hanging out with routine only allows us to stay closer to safety while gradually distancing us from the Big Issue Vendors and broken/boarded up windows of everyday life..

The light, the light
Top Gun and Ice Man..
So., I got a pack of choc' digestives., took in some local art., learned a new word.. an' all before the lights and umbrellas..
Hi-De-Hi. went off the air in '88., but I heard the catchphrase repeated 25 years later for all the 'excited' cold and wet attendees either munching on hot dogs or lighting one up ..; Harry did his bit and honestly, would I., could I..?
The five event staff including the clipboarder, stood in a huddle around the tree in readiness for the official part of the official thing.. and all while looking over the barriers that hid the fallen baubles and trash that could quite easily have been picked  up to offer a slicker presentation for those of us taller than the three foot barrier separating us from the creative masterpiece and fine object d'art.. I guess it's just a different standard.. and with chewing gum stuck to the pavements and sodden diapers blowing around., why bother with little things like trash and fallen decorations on an official turn out.. and where exactly were you., 'cause I didn't see you..  Ahh, that fishbowl is indeed a comfortable size., for goldfish.., but if you want Koi., build a pond.. 

No., I don't think they've noticed yet dude

.. and I'm wrong..?
Perhaps the photos are somewhat manipulated (?), NO., nope,  they're as they are.! Sure, sure., harsh words., but true ones.. nonetheless..; there aren't enough hours in the day for me to satisfy my journey.. and certainly never enough spare ones to repeatedly stop by the plug socket..

But you'd be wrong

You could say that some certain places are motivated by a credit card, an image and shiny stuff., but when you've had experience of both, one could safely ascertain that other places appear to be inspired by wing-tips, floppy scarves, cheese sandwiches, tea and button down collared shirts..; hmm, no comparison you may offer,  but really, how can one debate a personal opinion.? The I.D. is simply a reflection of an opinion, observation and extreme naivety.., often made out of inexperience.. Speaking from experience., I prefer the actions to be ones that prove a proactivity, forward thinking., action committing originality.. and a language based on "yes, lets get this thing done."..; tea, excuses and indifference can wait for the rap party...

Hospitality and lights..; have you ever stopped and really looked at a brush stroke and marveled that it was painted on that canvas over one hundred years ago with nothing more than north light to lighten up the room/studio.?, often by a poor artist grounding their own paints.. and here we are, years and years later left speachless by the story, journey and probably in reality, just looking and thinking., "hmm, that's a pretty picture".., or worse., "I don't like it"..!

It's this simple., really

We see what we want to see.. and for most, we don't take that moment to look..; it's dark, it's town and besides, the fire's on..

Through the trash can

It's the view that's someone's proud to maintain
Real., or not real.?

So now it's down to being in development..; ideas are great and KU., nice, nice.., nice... I'm groovin' now..

If it's not there, in plain sight, it's usually a lot closer.. and if it's not that close, just reach inside and you can feel it beating against the insides of your chest..

50's finito


outta hee ah

It's just a piece of driftwood.., or is it.?

Thanks this week go/goes to the North Light - Magicians - Bosses Undercover - Hot Honey and Lemon - Sogno di Vino - Leicester Car Parks and Chievely Services

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