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Image 52 - Week 47.. The Walk of Shame., Tito & Tarantula., total solar eclipse, Javier Hernandez..

Dinner for two



Respecting all

Je Suis

Jack White

I sat on a belt buckle this morning..; have you ever sat on a belt buckle and lived to tell the tale.. and why do those things know JUST where to hit the mark....! Having to turn ON the lights at 9.00a.m., and that's 9.00am in the MORNING., sucks like a motrucker..; NOT fun.. and this is the western world., isn't it.., so don't get me started with the whole electric shower nonsense..

Thinking of getting out of the way

I wonder.., just how many of those folk who lurve these long dark dreary days of a long cold season., actually have walked down this road.., if ever.., perhaps even just the once. Maybe, uh.; jus' the once...? Golden leaves fallen and laying still on a sunlight Fall path are all very well and totally work for those photo-shopped coffee table books, travel photos and scenes from a period drama., but in reality those leaves in actual fact are brown, damp and dark and hide a multitude of mysterious and unwelcome things.. and lay there for the best part of several months..; no wonder I don't see any brogues or Oxford Wingtips walking this 'picturesque' darkened avenue.. Even the foxes stop and look totally bewildered at me., almost as though they've never seen a human wandering on their territory before.. The foxes and Me..; we're best buds now of course..; I know when I'm likely to see them. and they know what kind of chocolate I like.. 

Poetic Tea Drinkers

Eyelash extensions., red lips and fingernails.., perms and Primark..; there's always Primark.. Everybody (as in a huge generalisation), is old man.. There are more shops closed now than open.. and unless you bet Fred., need your eyes testing or want to change your cell phone, you're going to have to grab a coffee or simply hang out in the check-out line of your local grocery store.., or keep that local bench warm..; I guess you can always stagger around and join in with a Carlsberg or Cider daytime crowd if that's your kinda bag though.. and..
I couldn't tell you how many times I get asked by the Big Issue 'peeps' for a contribution; you'd think they'd recognise me by now.., or the Gym membership buffs who obviously think I'm in need of a few sit-ups..

Rain., rain., go away and please come back another day..

Always time for a beer

Care Homes and Rehab Houses

Seagulls, stairs, hills, cracked windows.. and firework bursts.., aGAIN.. and did I mention that people get older than their time..! I think it's got something to do with settling., being content and contentment.. and/or never having sampled Nadi at midnight..; I guess it means pure and simple that I'm not content and that I've checked in at midnight., 'cause this walking around with a permanent frown, hands in pockets and tightly hunched shoulders is getting to me..; incase you hadn't noticed..
I passed., as you do.., in passing.,  two quite separate people, who, mumbling away, left me with the two words I overheard them uttering to themselves.. and the only word I overheard them mutter., in both instances., was the 'C' word..!.. and when you haven't chatted to anyone for a few minutes, it left quite an impression on me to hear that..  Funny how the few words you've overheard can bring you down to earth just at the time when all there is to see is a faded glory., peeling paint and concession stalls.. Makes ya think., don't it..
All this tea making and tea drinking in between all the tea making and tea drinking.. 
You go to the Zoo to see animals you wouldn't otherwise be lucky enough to see.., behind fences, in cages and you see them being fed, rolling about, even perhaps sleeping.. and here., they're in coffee shops., tucked warmly behind glass watching the world go by.; occasionally 'they' smile, or nod their heads, but for the most part, they frown and check their phones for messages in between texting the all important text "dude, I'm here already, waiting" ..

Love wearing new socks.. and being warm..; love new toothbrushes and floss that glides between my teeth.. I love light and open faces.. and photos of New York gallery exhibits.. I love soft distant sounds and the colour of a clear night..

Complaining about this and that..; it's Christmas in Bomo (and what the eff ! is bomo.?) land, it's too early., it costs to much., what shall we get for your Mum., for the Postman..?  I'll wait outside.. Can you believe there are still guys, husbands, partners, boyfriends, guys who still hang out and wait outside while the girls, women, wives, females do the shopping..?! This is 2012 dude..; go help out a little and stand in-line for a few damn minutes already will ya.. Shopping arguments are tiresome..; I hate overhearing them. So what if you don't want to walk up that way.. Is it really that important..; she wants to hang out with you, enjoy your company, have some help.. and do something as a couple.; how the heck do you think the food gets into the fridge and onto the table while you're out grabbing that tea, channel hopping your football match., or popping that beer with the boys..? Who's buying your underwear, socks and sweaters dude.! Geez.., you guys are so lucky., don't know it.. and leave me totally disappointed in you..


Class culture, cliques and crassness.. 

I've noticed that 'people' don't laugh as much... They move with a tightness in their hunch'd shoulders.., shuffling apologetically mumbling about the amount of loose change they have to live on.

Another experience since writing and including the earlier 'C' bit above..
 "Fu#king #unts., how do you think I can live off this?"., was the aggressive mumble I overheard yesterday as I scooped ALL of my loose and spare change (2.75) from my pocket to drop into the outstretched female hand..


..and I've never in my life been bumped into more times than I have here..; NEVAH.., ever.. What's with that whole deal.! But they sure know how to form cliques based on 'things'.. I'm not a clique kinda person.. Pretence is a pretentious pretence.. and that sh#t don't work with me..

Let's close the door and put the kettle on..; d'ya wan' another cuppa...?, go on, have another..; piece of cake with that.?

Impressions and effort

Let's go hide away behind the locked doors., ignore it and maybe it'll go away if we turn the other cheek..; sure, sure we want change., but someone else will surely do it and when they do., we'll jump all over supporting it., but right now we're busy putting the kettle on for yet another poetic tea..
Besides, I, we don't have time..; but when exactly did you want to meet up at the coffee shop..? No., no, I can't meet up at that time of the morning..; I'm still scrambling my eggs.. and can't get moving until the kettle's boiled.. Did I mention it's tea time..!

I love Thousand Steps Beach., Top of the World., the art scene and First Thursday Art Walks..; the Boat Parade and Ferries.. 
There is an edgy 'feeling' on the local streets and the feeling ain't a cool one..  Cracked, broken store windows still taped up after several weeks cover my National cell phone provider's prime location frontage.. Priority to fix and repair the window seems to be put on the back burner.. People are afraid, inhibited about taking a creative walk after dark.., even suggesting using camera equipment as defence weapons..
An' to think I just simply want to enjoy the fresh air, walk and say 'hi', passing pleasantries along the way..

I have nose hair., a gold frame.. and some old Beatles bubble gum cards.., not to mention a pink untitled Led Zeppelin bit of vinyl..

So., what's wrong

4.45pm and the drapes are closed., closing out the outside world.; the door's locked, lights on and that's the day done.. and that's how it's done here.. and that's what a season is for ya.. Lights on, drapes closed and door locked.. an' all before five.! Geez..,lordy, lordy, lordy..; life on the edge.. And to think I used to walk along South Bay Front with all those windows not only showing life, but loving the outside world too.. ; welcome to an Englishman's castle..
Hands up all those people who have curtains, drapes, blinds and window coverings and shut them.. 

Including the decorations

(In the Name of Love)

One man come in the name of love
One man come and go
One come he to justify
One man to overthrow

In the name of love

What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love

One man caught on a barbed wire fence

One man he resist
One man washed on an empty beach.
One man betrayed with a kiss

In the name of love

What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love

(nobody like you...)

Early morning, April 4

Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

In the name of love

What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love
In the name of love
What more in the name of love..

U2 lyrics

Who is Helen Flanagan..? BBC's crisis.. and an
Itzhak Perlman story


Brylcreem., tweeds and the Rover mentality.. come as close to tedious as it can get for me.., but then there's that whole (30's, 40's and 60's) language deal too.., man. Look., where are The Zombies when ya need 'em dude..?
It might look kinda sexy., perhaps even glamorous to some people when Scarlett Johannson (?) rolls her own cigarette and then licks.. and seals the paper before lighting up a perfectly rolled bit of tobacco., but believe me, when you see it done on the street corner by a set of chubby stained fingers and with a language to match., basically because it's cheaper to smoke roll-ups., it ain't all that dude..
.. and if your name is James Bond.., it's perhaps ok, but if you happen to be the guy down the street who's claim to fame is that you can get a seat in your local coffee shop., I'd kinda think again..  Taste.. and

I heard a snare drum that sounded just like a childs toy.. and a mix that sounded off and a little  out of wack.., but I remember Diane Keaton's chair..

  gritty, grainy 
real time 

I know diddly squat about grammar., punctuation.. and sh*t., but I do know my yours and theirs.. and it amazes me when I read stuff by folk who are out there.. and don't..

Night moves



but onto 

Make mine an In 'n' Out

"If I agree to what comes next
I would be faking"
Taste It

'After Dark'

Tito & Tarantula


 and when is it time to recognize that it's time to change
.. and make the effort



today's future


Thanks this week go/goes to Ashley Judd - Christian Drummond - Adam Dawson - The Tower of London - Cesar March - Sue Hope - Greggs and VW commercials

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