Saturday, 10 November 2012

Image 52 - Week 46.. Black Friday Sales., Thanksgiving turkeys., Christmas., Disneyland., Old Trafford and

Index fingers and thumbs


there's jus'
Doing It

Coo., bloody coo.. to you too..

Waking up to sunshine.., notes and messages this morning after a weekend..
Look, I'm a driver (I know I am).. and have been since there were Ford Cortinas on the road.., but trying to get a new fangled car to move, proved more of a challenge than I anticipated.. Yes, yes, I know you're supposed to just move and the handbrake will go off (!)., but something in my psyche tells me I'm supposed to disengage the thing first... AND trying to reverse also proved to be a fun filled hour.. It would have all happened so much faster if I'd put my darn seat belt on., apparently..  Nothing happens 'til you click da belt.., but at least now I know.. I love German engineering and especially those four rings..

A big yellow bus

I just got back from an alone, lonesome rural walk.. and taking a walk along the side of an English country road requires nerves of steel and ice water running through your veins, 'cause when those speedy  and revvy 4 cylindered wheels whizzed by me, there was a momentary thought that entered the old head that went over my last will and testament.. I left my worldly possessions, a biro (with ink in it) to my favourite person and a spare camera battery to another, my old shoes to the homeless guy I see around.. and that about did it for my will.. Next time I go, I'll take my hedge shearers with me to trim the wild hedge back a little..; scary man, scary.. I guess not a lot of people chose to 'wandered as lonely as a cloud'.., where as I'm all over the idea of checking out just how much litter is thrown out from passing cars..; it's truly unbelievable just what you see and step over while taking in an English countryside lane..

Why does the skin round the edge of your finger and nails around the cuticles crack.? and why do we get overgrown cuticles..? and really., I don't get off on single digit temperatures.. AT ALL..

I like paper shredders.. I just picked a few pumpkins from the veggie garden in the dying light., before wheelbarrowing the monsters 'down' the gentle grassy slope, stopping off to check on the berry bushes., before the well earned opportunity to sample a couple of 'stollens' and a look through a catalogue..

Looking out of the window I can see smoke in the distance.., a leafless tree and long assed shadows..; the sun's dropping faster than Felix did and I ran up the stairs to take in the chilly sunset..

something for someone local to be proud of

The 10 Best of Everything
Wish List
Leica M8
London Underground Map
 La Mamounia's Swimming Pool
The sands of Anse Source d'Argent
Tahiti as Paul Gauguin saw it
Chateau DE Versailles
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
Venice and it's Lagoon
Le Louvre
Pacific Highway 1


The Next 10

St.Paul's Cathedral
The walk from Pall Mall to Buckingham Palace
Ride a Cable Car on the Powell Lines
Lunch on the Rocks between Sydney Cove and Darling Harbour
In-N-Out Burger
Amalfi Coast
Great  Barrier Reef
Raffles Hotel, Singapore
The Fox & Hounds, Passmore Street
Augusta National Golf Club

The approach

SO., laying in bed, gazing out of the darkened window.; I seem to look out of a lot of windows.,  I can see fireworks lighting up the distant horizon and there's a fly stuck in the lamp shade going absolutely nuts.. I can hear it hitting the sides of the shade, buzzing around., leaving me wondering what I should do with it.. Why doesn't it simply fly upwards., or downwards.. and how many times will it hit the sides before it realises it ain't going to fly through the shade..? duh..

I've got to pack my stuff into my travel case for tomorrow's return to yesterday's wettest place in the UK.; yippee.., diddly dee..; damn fly..

today's inspiration

Ed Ruscha

Just wondering what kind of music I want to listen to and am favouring Miles Davis., but sooo know I'll end up listening to some blues.., man..

I'm going to squish that bloody fly..; damn thing..

A Facebook message just came in at the same time as a 'really' interesting post leaving me on the edge of my emotional seat..

Had pasta and red vino, followed by some dessert and choc'..; watched a little highbrow quiz stuff, managing to get only one sporting answer correct.. and now hearing the distant bangs and firework explosions mixed in with the bloody crazy fly..; I'm going to blast the damn thing..

I hope it's not really a man's world., 'cause I like women in my world

 I'm thinking of doing my usual sit-ups and crunches.., but only thinking about them as the er.,'second', cough, er, glass of red vino and all that choc's gently persuading me of my options.. and sitting in bed watching the fireworks seems like a more relaxing option..; oops, another entertaining Facebook post has come in..

shh., it's kinda private

I  visited an ATM today.. and the sun made it difficult to read the screen.., then walked over a narrow  bridge, checked out an old water mill.., before navigating the electronic gate and 150 meter gravel drive..

Thinking of a few friends and wondering what they're up to..; the fly is caught.., trapped and will be dealt with..

San Francisco.., my friends make me laugh.. and my wardrobe's consistent..

You see this badly done on purpose ., but the badly-done-on-purpose thing was done so well that it just becomes., let's say., profound.. - Ed Ruschda

- I love knowing something I'm not supposed to know -

Onto 47, otherwise
this one's never going to end

as done as the day

46's done


 Later dude.. and dudettes

The Black Keys
Black Door

Thanks this week go/goes to Cameron Diaz - Diane Sawyer - 
Jennifer Hoffman - Marisa Gallegos - Sam Gordon - The Cocoon 1 - Ed Ruscha -  Robert Frank - Bruce Davidson - Garry Winogrand and friends who make me think, smile and wanna be around them more

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