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Image 52 - Week 26.. Half Way., A World Clock and

Time 4..

Tea and titles..

52 divided by 2 equals 26., doesn’t it (?),  which means there’s a 26 and another 26 that make a total Image; so somewhere between 26 and 27., probably hump Wednesday., there’s a middle to all this.. I guess that means at some point there’s a halfway point., I’m just not sure I’m there yet ‘cause I can keep this deal going and going and going..

The Things That I Used To Do - Buddy Guy

Arc Ages., or Middle Ages - June 2012, UK .. and how it's really done..


 However., a middle kinda means there’s an average (?), to this ride.. and as I’m the nearest thing to an average that I can think of.., a middle is pretty darn appropriate..
So., let’s make this one about averages.. and little fishes., little ponds and fish bowls.. and the seemingly surreal need to drink copious amounts of tea.
it's how we do/ did it..
I hear that the only people who truly know how to make tea are the Brits., however, the only tea making I’ve ever seen made is done by typically throwing a mass produced tea bag, usually stored in the cardboard box it was bought in, into a mug, or similarly stained receptacle and pouring some boiling water over it, usually from some old electric kettle filled with scale, or water from the pipes of life that come up into a kitchen sink and followed by immediately and passionately squeezing the heck out of said tea bag on the inside of a mug using a small stained spoon..; this is done either before, or after pouring an unmeasured random helping of milk from a carton into said mug.. AND all this is again done with no thought other than to fill the container to the brim.. Heaped spoonfuls of sugar are usually added and this is all done in the name of British style, pride and qualification..  I hastily add that this is a general observation and not, I’m sure, the way it’s served in, for example, Harrods., or your kitchen - Sometimes, but not always., an old, well used chipped and cracked teapot with a blast of traditional color in the name of a tea cosy covers it.. and is enthusiastically used in order to allow the tea to stew to such strength as to stain any sensitive teeth.. Just my lame observation and average at best..

Such Pride in the Name of Love 
Thanks to U2 for that one.

So what is average.? I’ve absolutely no idea., other than when I go to buy a pair of jeans, 32’x32’ seems to work just fine for me.. and when I sit in a sports seat, my butt, back and thighs seem to fit just fine.. and the light switches seem to be at a nice and comfortable height for me to turn on and off.., although now I think of it, plug sockets do seem a little on the low side..

Just a flight..
I remember thinking (in my younger days - thanks to Junior Wells w/ Buddy Guy - 1970 live) how much the idea of being a larger fish in a small bowl appealed..;  became one and then soon learned that I wanted to swim further than to the pier and back.. I also got pretty bored with seeing the same ‘bowl’ (sic) view., so I chose instead to become a tiny, average bird flying the big ole sky of life..; the view became much clearer., for me.. I stretched my average wings and flew to the ever spectacular horizon, then another and another.., averagely., from where I enjoyed the completely different view on offer...; truly an outstanding view.. This wasn't/isn't in order to fly from, but rather to fly to and in search of
They call me THE Seeker
thanks to The Who for that one.. 

The air was clearer, there was a wind in my face, sense of freedom and I came face to face with a man who walked on the moon..- The horizon is a great place to aim for.. I  guess I could have stayed in the bowl and enjoyed the superlative Ken Dodd, or highly entertaining Bruce Forsyth., both starring locally for your entertainment., but the man on the moon appealed to me a little more..

Shoot, “hmm., outrageously and brutally opinionated, but warmly gentle and obscenely average in reality.”

I’ve written a few ly’s recently.. and then lost, what to me, was an importantly written e-mail..; damn it..

how it gets done..
Tea..? Ahh yes, ‘tea’ and average. Yeah, i can hear certain tea makers offended and wanting to challenge me., but hey., hold on, back up..; if you actually read this stuff, you’ll know that I’m the admitted average deal too.. and can live with that ..  Being able to stew a tea bag in a pot, or able to swim front crawl to the pier and back is ok if that’s what rocks your world man..; to me that’s just the equivalent of a brief nap., in the big scheme of life..

A very light house.
Ok, my phone’s ringing off the hook with complaints and they don’t even know what I’m writing yet, heck, I haven’t got a clue what I’m writing yet.. Even my inbox is full and this thing isn’t published.. I can hear it, feel it and acknowledge you, the offended Brit Brewers of the World Unite..; The Beach Brogues and Cords members. The Coastal Gardens and Bandstands Committees of the Region Against the World folk.. - the open and highly respected, yet seemingly ignored local, yet very public vocal group., The Proud and Right Honourable Chewing Gum Droppers of the Square will, I’m sure, all ride my case on this..; however.., I’ll continue to stretch my average wings and fly baby fly..

An average 9 minute piece of work in progress
I walked on a piece of Spit (?) recently, crunched a few shingles,  clambered around a few lighthouses.., found an old tire or two and commuted on the water.. I enjoyed watching an outside brush covered in paint dance over a canvas for a minute or two.. and thanks to the two artists for being so generous and entertaining.. Climbed around A cave or three, felt the mist on my face and checked out the rock.. I asked a lot of questions, sought a lot of answers.. and wandered through forts, castles and a million years.. I walked to and hung over, the edge (thanks U2, again) and a ten foot stone globe offered me a moment and none of this was shared.., sadly.
I put on, took off and confused, successfully, my average body with waterproofs, fleeces and t-shirts an' all within seconds., but kept my dark glasses close to the bridge of my nose at all times..
Italy beat an under performing Germany well., Nadal is on the bus home.. and the excitement builds as the local Food Festival hits town..

With it’s usual attention to detail, the town’s ‘people’ have approved a ‘design’ that has me wondering if they simply throw paper plans in the air on a windy day and decide where they fall is how the ‘look’ is to be developed.. Average designs and average thought, along with low to zero budget, I suspect, means old, outdated and a total lack of consistency is the accepted way forward to fill valuable traffic space and offer up mediocre and very average desires..
"Yeah., let's make an obstacle course"..
In truth, I suspect the same ‘people’ make the same, safe decisions, the same people get the tenders and the same people accept these decisions., which means obviously that there is always ‘another’ reason for the same ole average event..; using my humble and totally unqualified and very average observation..

I've got nothing to offer with attempting a memoir, but thanks., however, other than a very average story full of average adventures, enormous luck and a constant desire to push my own personally average envelope..; but half way through this 52, I know I'm sharing a ride that I've been lucky enough to be constantly inspired by.. Red carpets, a man on the moon, Bono's mike stand and spiritual leaders would only fill a sentence or two of how this gig is going so far.; I've got friends who know how to mix a colour on a palate and have generously shared that gift., friends who have stood alongside me and looked at works of art and friends who have opened their homes and hearts for me.., so yep., who know if 26 and a bit is half way.., who knows where this totally average ride goes..
This weeks misty edge..
Once I've climbed the mountain and peered over the edge once or twice,  I'll have something to say., but until then, I've got many more average observations and even more average words to share with ya....

Later dude., I'm off to grab a ray or two before the dark clouds return..; such is life.. Ya snooze, ya lose., ya miss and ya miss the moments.

To Average the world over., rock on and make that difference..; it's a fun ride..

This is again all because I lost a rambling e-mail..But when I've found my zone again., beware..; it's a comin'..

Oh.. and my last cup of tea.?, 18th June..10 days ago and I'm still alive..; nothing to be proud of, nothing to brag about., just a basic random fact..

Round and round we go and to the same old music
Finally., what happened with THAT building and it's cost is surely done..and unless you choose to stand, or set  your deck chairs up, in the middle of the road in order to take in the view., which I doubt you EVAH did., then it's all simply a basic desire to satisfy the need to be heard..
I'm intrigued with the whole clear glass suggestion because I assume in order to enjoy that idea, one has to slow down, or stop one's car, in busy traffic just to see what you can see within a dozen or so paces either way..
It appears to me as though there is a very simple solution, for all it's worth., but as yet, I haven't read it.., but hey., it's not how 'we' do it here..

Sweet dream baby - Roy Orbison

Average and just what is acceptable..?

See ya'll next week., same time, same place., till then., adios amigos

26 out

Thanks this week go/goes to NZ - 10' Stone Globes - Hidden Caves - Damp Cellars - Misty Edges - Sunflowers - Earl Grey - Plein Air Painters - Sawdust Artists and Huggers inspired by Keys - Buddy Guy - Luther Allison -  U2.. and leaf blowers the world over..


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