Monday, 4 June 2012

Image 52 - Week 22... Roland Garros, Rio Ferdinand., cliché, corns and Florence + the Machine...

The thing is.., I don't know what the thing is.., but I do know what that is.., it's this.. and this is what that is..

Celebratory shenanigans

Sailing the seas and crossing bridges.., often under a cloud..,

First known use of foppish was in 1599.. and Pimms was first produced in 1823..; blazers on the other hand originated in 1825.. Striped blazers became popular with the Mods in the early 1960's and later, or more recently, Austin Powers.. Cad, short for caddie., goes back to 1780 ish.. and the swinging 60's are long gone.., but.., you'd never know it..
Whimsical, or rather whimsy's first known use was in 1653 ..; AOR evolved from progressive radio in the mid-1970s.. and today I could (should I have the desire, or need) fly to the south of France in under an hour and three quarters for the mere price of a nice bottle of vino..
You do the math..

appreciated ethics..
"Hi gang., 22 here and late., so let's make this quick, fast, rápido.., vite.,   단식하다 , vasten., faste., schnell.. "

the point is., exactly?
Hmm., the story is not quite what it appears.?

there is however,  a rhythmical drum on route..

that., at the right time., will,
the weatherman indicates.,
offer up a party.. - sic..
With deck chairs in place and the beautifully adorned security fencing doing it's job of containing the pulsing and energetic crowd ..; the vying (?) pressman awaits with baited breath for the arrival of.. THE Jubilee celebrations.. YEAH..; but can we dig this hole first mum.?

"It maybe just someone's toe to you, but to me it's my toe.., so would you mind awfully getting off my damn foot please..? Thank you.." - A.Corn..

All in all.., when ya got the t-shirt that says it best.., wear it..
But hey..
Let's partAY..., proudly..
and in style..
 But, can we leave the performance for the stage please.!

.No Light, No Light
Florence + the Machine
Shake It Out

beau monde..

Congratulations to Roger Federer, the Swiss Maestro for his outstanding record breaking Grand Slam achievement..; I'm inspired..

Thanks this week goes/go (?) to two bike riding folk., who both took time out and kept it real for me.. Thanks also goes to the view (and experience) an artist offered me of a surreal and peaceful forest., to Florence and her Machine..; Bruno Magli., for his/my boots.  Ryannair., Kronenbourg 1664., HTC (for returning my misplaced Desire).. The guy who fixed my ageing Sony laptop.., an Island Parade., S.F's bay...., FedEx ..and finally to the two boxes traversing the world., travel safely..

Beginning and ending in S.F. with a whole lotta distraction in the middle..


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