Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Image 52 - Week 23.. GOD., 道教..: Psalms., Prophets, poems..

., movie blockbusters.. and Marmite

Maintaining focus..

Don't ask me why I should remember right this second but, I've just recalled a dream I had many years ago..; to make it brief (which isn't my er., style)., I dreamed a movie of my life was being made... and Michael Keaton (of Batman and Betelgeuse fame) was the dude I cast to do MOI.. and if you knew me, you may understand .. and get it.., or then again, PERHAPS not.. "Hmm".; me thinks., wacky superhero or., deep nut.., introverted extrovert.., or silent clown... 
I'm not getting in thanks.., although..
 If a full, long day of rain isn't an awful surprise, it is a total (arghh) disappointment..

and what do I think of the year so far.?  Well., it's a lot cooler than the comfortably average (101F to 41C ) temperature for bath water.. but just as wet as a squid.. and heavyee., man..

Ferrari 430 Spider .. and the way to go
I have this 5.3 mile deal to take today., that, with traffic in my favour, could take about 13 minutes, forevah, but, that will depend on a particular intersection and a few dodgy signals AND whether I use amber to slow or accelerate..; hopefully I'll climb into the correct side of the car (this time)  where I'll push, pull, engage, engage the automatic gearstick into drive., hit the button, attempt to avoid quite a few potholes, while at the same time no doubt listen to some wacky local 'Julian' dude using a funky accent to discuss something tedious and occasionally attempting to distract me from the speed cameras by playing a bunch of tunes that should be long past their sell by dates.. This time it was Dr. Hook who got to me., along with the discussion on whether a blind person should pay for a soccer ticket..; the phone-in's were., as usual., kinda inneresting.., but dude., you have to actually listen to the callers... AND change that music up a bit., to at least the last century.. PLEASE.. "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman" was a single released in 1979 man.. and let's NOT mention ole "Sylvia's Mother", (1972 !).. Damn it., I mentioned it..

 Qualification.. and questions for His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.

Geez., I privately/secretly abhor micro-managers, but shh, please don't tell anyone .. and I get to spend a couple of hours in the company of one of the biggest Richard Heads I've ever had the displeasure of regularly meeting this morning.. My patience is always tested, but I'm proud to share with you.., that I keep it all together..; well, so far anyway..

If it's not blah, it's bland.. and if it's not bland, it's simply dull..- I said that once.., or maybe twice.. and especially on the beach last weekend.. 

.. and what's with the whole roots gig.(?), there are roots everywhere..; roots coming through the pavement, sidewalk, roads.,  paths.. and potholes like you wouldn't imagine.. and bends, hills and signs like you couldn't believe.. It's total overload for a mind that only needs space.. and light. 
Yo.., dude..
Effort..! I don't make nearly enough effort.. and yet.., I rarely., if ever,  say "no"., unless it's putting in an offer for that stunningly beautiful apple-green '62 Ferrari GTO made for Stirling Moss.; $35 Million was a little outta my range.. and there., I've said it...; but at 29 years of age, I'm unlikely to ever change..; what was that you said., "29 !".  However, eventually I'll instigate and test the old weak trait I admit to possessing..

Damn Batman everywhere
 You know.., it's ok when you wake up after a days rain to sunshine..; there's this great light and sense of air., but, when you wake up and it's not sunny, the ground is just plain ole darkkkk man.. and today it's that plain ole dark sh*t.. The leaves are dark and the sky is one colour of dirty white.. Not a cloud to be seen and not a spot of blue.., just plain ole dirty white.., but hang on, let me grab my glasses and check it all out in fokus.. Hmm., Nope., nada..,  but those trees are dancing and dancing to the tune of "Here We Go Again".. I'm not sure how the tune really goes, but it always sounds the bloody same to me..

There's a traffic sound that gets me too.. and hey, where does the whole 'No claiming travel during these times' come from..? First impressions DO count.. and difference should be respected..; jus' sayin'..

The first mention of Christian art is mentioned early in the second (2nd) century with Clement of Alexandria being the dude responsible..
.. and icon's first computer association was in 1982.., although as an art form it's been around for a quite a long time, while.., few centuries.. and RayBan  (created in 1936), rocks..; but that's just my humble opinion.. and really, who gives a flying eff about that anyway.?

I've noticed there is a certain personality that sniffs & coughs more than others.. and a certain personality that I generally regard as being the most unhelpful., not to mention.. there are some seats that shouldn't be sat on for any length of time.. and I'm sat on an uncomfortable, well worn blue one right now..

What about 30 mph speed limits ? Here, that means driving at a very careful 29, with speeds as low as 25 being regularly noted.. These drivers ain't The Red Rocker.. (Mr. Sammy Hagar) and that's a fact.. Ahh sigh.; the thought of a wee drop of Sammy's Beach Bar Rum, or/and a shot of some Cabo Wabo Tequila has got my taste buds workin' it now.., but, this isn't there, it's here.. and here isn't there..

I can't work out why that darn bird always finds my car (out of all the ones parked on the packed top floor), to have crapped all over the windscreen... Geez., it must have eaten the largest portion of local fish and chips, flown around with it's full insides and thought.., "hmm., there's that dude I'm after.. TOTAL basket case.; I've read his blog !".. SPLAT..

Comes right back to my dream of Michael Keaton and the whole Batman gig, doesn't it..?  Splat..!

"It looks bad, Batman. This brassy bird has us buffaloed." 

  "Holy bikini, that was close!"
Batman: One: "What has yellow skin and writes?"
Robin: "A ballpoint banana".

 Batman: "Confound it, the batteries are dead!"

Kendra..; thanks to Mr. Gibb..
See the pattern going down here..? Scripts, movies., corny dialogue, observations, images, journeys and mmm., bikinis.. Must be painting a picture for someone of a clown who rambles and is open to reveal an instinctive thought...Isn't this how the mind works., or is it just me..?

FEIST: 1234 

'k, I'm gonna wrap this thing up now.., or is that RAP it up., or perhaps even wrap it.., up..; oh for effs sake.. 
It's a wrap

Beetle (?) at the V.I. on B.I., in N.B.

 Blue Jeans - Lana Del Ray

I'm inspired.., telling 'stories', observing lives, sharing journeys and writing thoughts..

and it's just a great ride.., so I'm riding it all the way..

Special thanks for 23 goes to PJC,  playwright/director extraordinaire this week..
 and also my thanks
 to Skippy for their great Peanut Butter.,  to Marmite., and to Prophecies, Kendra Wilkinson, Paloma Faith., Lily Allen.,  Nicola Roberts, Jem., Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.., Port Vila., Baked Alaska., Seiko.., ZZ Top for Legs.., The Beatles for A Hard Day's Night.. and lastly but not least., YOU..

beginning and ending with faith

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