Monday, 21 May 2012

Image 52 - Week 21... John Terry's Shin Pads., Helter Skelter, The 2012 London Olympics., life on the road., Happy Birthday.. an' all that jazz..

  France, ferries, Brighton, Bath, London.. and Richie Havens..

Cake.., candles and cookies..

.. party time...
The amazing outdoors., pizza for two.. and

Pope John Paul ll
Frank Capra
Jack Johnson
Academy Award 1st called Oscar in print 
Grauman's Chinese Theater opens in Hollywood California 
138th day of the year 
World AIDS Vaccine Day (International)
Omar Khayyám
The Beatles released Let It Be
Apollo 10 was launched
Fred Perry
Mickey Mantle hits home run from both sides of plate for record 3rd time 

Hemingway and American literature..
.. hmm, strange decisions..

I've never seen a shooting star., although I've heard one..; I love e-mails and hand-written notes from friends - thank you.. I used to have a muse.. and I don't do excuses..; now, where's the Baskin-Robbins pralines'n cream when ya need it.?

Love Time Z0nes.., lyrics, making an effort., Maui beach words.. and road tripping photos.. Love beach group pics and thoughts that make me smile.. and I love mornings like these..

I'm off in search of today's honesty, Spring and inspiration., all without my gloves.. and did I mention the fact that I like to drive with the window open and visor permanently down..; just incase you're interested.. and I remember the words my fingerless driving instructor once said to me..

I'm also on the lookout for books., art, culture, long smooth slender legs., 70 degrees.., an instinctive smile and a sense of understated, but passionate adventure..


.. always at the cutting edge.
 I lurVe that sound when you're walking the beach and close to the waters edge when you hear the waves repeatedly and hypnotically whoosh, then crash gently behind you as the tide sweeps softly in, then out.. and in again.. and out again.. and.. well, you get the idea..

Inspiration..! Doesn't it come in any form and at any time.. I look at a leaf and think.."hmm., I haven't seen one that shape or colour before..".; so maybe I'll go in search of a 'leaf' too..; yep., a leaf and legs..

Is this what getting older is all about..?

Taking another small leap of faith..., again..
Fridges and their different contents are kinda interesting., but I still haven't hung out at an outside barbecue in the rain yet, however, I have attended an actual 130th birthday party..

Weekend plans are so different too..; it used to be something like 'hey, we're on the deck with a beer, a few friends and a guitar or two".. whereas now., it's a case of grabbing tea inside a coffee shop.. and listening to a 'whole lotta' clinking going on.. I just happen to prefer 'leaves'.., waves and open windows to the sounds of cafe clinking.. 

Ever wonder about accents, dialects.. and Jason Statham..?

Remember, someone's watching you..
.. and then again., if you want to stand out in a crowd., I guess you've just gotta wear it and carry the paper bag too..

I'm in a quandary.., but better wash my cereal bowl out first before I deal with that..; is that procrastination, or merely prioritising 'the bowl'.?

I had this dream and the door bell rang in my quite unrelated dream., but the bloody thing actually woke me up..; why is it that your heart beats so fast it feels like it's going to jump out of your body in those situations..?

Courtesy, sincerity., patience.. and lack thereof..

This week I saw a few fishermen..; they hadn't caught anything.. I also saw someone park their car into a space.. and I stood behind someone in a supermarket check-out line.. I overheard many conversations that included the price of cigarettes, someone's car issues, and a mother's impatient response and inability to buy her child an ice-cream because she 'couldn't afford' it an' all while inhaling the contents of a roll-up in her tobacco stained fingers.. I watched the Land Train drive by.. and a cute dog owner walk her dog .. and I had to wait an exaggerated eternity while another oblivious dog owner eventually reeled in the overly long and discourteous leash that stretched across the boardwalk... and not to mention the.., oops, sorry, I said "not to mention" . Oh damn it, I'm so going to mention the card I received... and thanks to the revising Olster for the great laugh..; 'classic' and fully approved sir.., although..

I suppose it's been just another week., albeit one with a slight difference.. ; I'm older.. and so my inspiration really is all about a personal life lived., lives lived.. and a private gratitude..
I've read my Taurian horoscope., I've celebrated and I've been totally overwhelmed.. and really, all I've got for you is..

 Yep., I'm inspired.. , damn sure I'm inspired  and I'm inspired because of the contents posted on a simple social page by an overwhelmingly large group of spectacularly thoughtful and generous individuals - I'm extremely fortunate to know each contributor  who all gave up their hard earned time one day last week and thought of someone and acknowledged said someone.. Different accents, different cultures., different Time Zones but one common selfless thought.. an' all I've got are a written couple of words that don't quite seem to cut it, but hey.., I know where they're coming from.. and..

thank you

it's all right there.. and as simple as that..- Art

The Proclaimers for - Letter from America., I'm Gonna Be (500 miles), I'm On My Way., Whole Wide World.., King of the Road., Sky Takes The Soul., The Light., What Makes You Cry.., Love Can Move Mountains.. AND 

Notes and Rhymes..

"Well I'm happy now
I don't need a drink to toast to our health
Now the sun is out
And the rain is falling somewhere else

There is misery somewhere
But I don't know and I don't care
Since you took it from my shoulders

I love Rock and Roll

it took my hand and it touched my soul
You do that as well
You know, you know, you know yourself
But you beat notes and rhymes
Any day, any time

When you walk in a room

you bring in joy and dispel gloom
your sunny side
it makes my smile a mile wide
you charisma is profound
true love follows you around
and lays its head upon your shoulder

I love Rock and Roll

it took my hand and it touched my soul
You do that as well
You know, you know, you know yourself
But you beat notes and rhymes
Any day, any time

I wonder why it's no good without you

Like there's a mystery
When I know the only cure for heartache
Is a woman that I long to see
Standing right in front of me

If we lived a million lives

I would love you every time
And be right there by your shoulder

I love Rock and Roll

it took my hand and it touched my soul
You do that as well
You know, you know, you know yourself
But you beat notes and rhymes
Any day, any time "

The Proclaimers 
Charlie and Craig Reid


I dunno dawg., but I think you have to put it in gear and release the emergency brake..

.. for all who believe it CAN be done..

Final mentions this week go to Ritchie Havens.., Donna Summer., Robin Gibb., Taurians and earth signs everywhere.., fashionistas., drivers (good and bad), James Bond., Jason Statham., Baskin-Robbins., Häagen-Dazs.., The 2012 London Olympics..,  Foreign Ports.. and a few ancient stones..

 ..that was Week 20 21..

 Muchas gracias

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