Monday, 14 May 2012

Image 52 - Week 20 .. David Beckham., tattoos.. and How the Other Half Lives..

but that depends who the other half are..
.. and who is the other half.; or., who are the other half .. and come to think of it., who's this half..?

The shattered mind uh..!
I turned out the lights at 12.35 a.m. and opened my eyes at 4.53 a.m..; well., according to my cell.. and I hate., yuck., anchovies..

.. but I love the 'balance'..

Ferris.: "Hey., Cameron.. You realise if we played by the rules right now we'd be in gym?"


    D                       A     Aadd6
I walked by three cameras this week., all pointing at me... and I can tell ya., I didn't like it.

"Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine." -  Byron.

It's much better walking with your back to the wind and rain than the other way round, but then you have to see all those frowns and hunched shoulders walking towards you.. and at some point I have to remove my dark glasses when out and about (for a few minutes., at least) as I've got the whole Panda/ski goggle action going on with my eyes and nose..

I've always wondered why...

 .. but, I guess it's simply to get to the other side of the road.., or perhaps.,  busk in, for others.., or even, shelter ..; but whatever the reason, the whole energy changes when you're down there..; like elevators..

.. Lines..; are we supposed to stay within them..? and when 'we' write their., or your, do we stop, think and wonder if we've got the right one, then check and correct it.? Or perhaps we just don't care..! 

I could tell you which side of the water is the worst culprit.., but..

first., I need to stop by Boots., or somewhere where I can grab some Gillette products.., like replacement Sensor 3 Triple-bladed cartridges.., 'cause I've had enough of shaving with blunt blades...; oh and a can of

Gillette Series Conditioning Shave Gel., 'cause I'm out..

.. and Gillette's Cool Wave anti perspirant clear gel thingy that contains Advanced Odour-Fighting Micro capsules.; such is the treat my sensitive face and body is in for.. Come to think of it, I better find some

Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion, 16-Ounce Bottles, made with aloe vera and Vitamin E to relieve peeling and dryness; it's great all year round AND is NON-greasy.., but that may be an thing

Commercials are great.. and while I'm out and about, I need to check up on any new Ray-Ban, Maui Jim and Oakley frames too..

 So., inspiration for this week's 20, is, as usual, confusing (?), or not.. Just how DO other halves live.. and how do 'we' perceive other halves anyway..? And come to think of it, who are these OTHER halves..? What is an other half..? and which half am I..? Drat., all these darn questions..

I'm sure I'm going to see a few frowns again today.. and let's not forget the zillions of folk who seem to walk with their heads and shoulders slumped over, looking at the ground, unable to offer up any eye contact.. I suspect they're mentally working on their bills.., or imagining a croissant..
The power of an e-mail., or three coincidences (?) while listening to Billy Preston's "Will it go round in circles" brings up a few questions.. and it's 10 weeks, or two and half months to be exact..; NOT ONE/1..! Isn't that almost 20%, or a fifth, of the year.? but appreciatively, I acknowledge that's a mere minor detail 'cause the rest verged on the  spectacularly awesome..

The Other Half.. and consequences..; so, which half am I.?

.. and that's what my Week 20 is about..; 'halves'..  and Billy Preston's Circles.. - Will it go round in circles..? and in order for me to maintain my inspiration, will it fly high like a bird up in the sky..?

If you wanna fly like a bird., then fly like a bird..

But we all know that will, at some point, require jumping off a cliff.., or the very least., walking off one..; albeit supported by a few lines, a piece of fabric, a helmet cam.. and a giant leap of faith..


Without them, I suppose we can accept the path already well trodden and leave posters for all to see.. and accept.. while safely keeping our feet, erm, closer to the ground..

This week, I am reminded to fly, to want to fly and to look to the sky AND place my trust in what appears to be a few lines, a bit of colourful nylon fabric and take a giant leap of trained faith..

SO with thanks to Billy Preston, a few paragliders, three e-mails., an awful error .. and a partridge in a pear tree.., I'm inspired to continue with my quest to fly.. and hopefully always be.,  among the other half...; whoever they are..
Have a great week..; 20's preach and sermon is now done.., adios..

 .. and where is Edingborough anyway..?

Profiling.. processing and Pelargonium sidoides

Thanks to David Beckham., Lord Byron, Ferris Bueller., Peter Green., the bunny rabbit, flying strangers, Mr. Preston., Audi., Canon.. and buskers everywhere..



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